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List of Cities that Look after Gay Rights and Endorse Gay Marriage and Adoption

List of Cities that Look after Gay Rights and Endorse Gay Marriage and Adoption

Although gay rights activism is important, it's often a annoying experience to be gay in the US. With all the hard work we've com completed, and with as much acceptance as we've gained, we still are the constant victims of prejudice and discrimination. While we carry on to fight to receive basic rights and civil liberties, there are many more progressive cities and countries that have granted equal rights to homosexuals. For those of you who may be contemplating relocating to a more accommodating environment, here are some of the top pro-gay cities and countries in the world, with the most progressive anti-discriminatory legislation. Netherlands - We need very little explantion for this place, the first country to permit gay marriage. The Netherlands, especially Amsterdam, has always been a progressive and open-minded society. Apart from this, the country also approved multiple laws to protect discriminations against the gay community. They also have sanction gay adoption and gays serving in the military. Other countries in the region such as Norway, Sweden and Belgium have followed suit, also legalizing gay marriage, making the entire region a very gay-friendly place. Barcelona - This city has always been famous for its tolerance of homosexuality, and now the rest of Spain is finally following suit. Recently they have approved legislation legalizing same-sex marriage including same-sex adoption. With all the good work put in, Balcelona is considered to be one of the most progressive cities in the world for gays and lesbians to set up their family. Buenos Aires - For those who know the country, it is consider to be quite religious, nonetheless they have also moved forward in allowing gay marriage recently. Add to that a recent law decriminalizing marijuana, and you have a very liberal and progressive city. Buenos Aires has always been a hotspot for gay tourists, with lots of clubs and a wide variety of nightlife. Now with these newly passed laws, it is even more appealing as a potential city to settle down in. London - This capital boasts one of the largest and most vocal gay communities in the world. Not too long ago, gays are given the rights to start a civil partnership and adopt children. Of course, in addition to this, London has always been at the forefront of the gay cultural scene, and is a popular gay tourist destination. Canada - Our neighbor to the north has not only legalized gay marriage, but they have also legalized gay adoption and now even allow gays to serve in the military. Considering the proximity to the U.S., It_s an astonishing contrast to our society that is still so hung up on discriminating against homosexuals. It is not shocking to find plenty of gays and lesbians immigrating to Canada in order to start a family. Mexico City - Most of you are almost certainly bemused why Mexico is on the list especially when it comes to civil rights and liberties. But even within the fairly conservative country, their capital city has proved progressive enough to permit gay marriage. Of course the rest of the country has not authorized gay marriage yet, but it_s certainly a good start.
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