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Pleasing Rain

Pleasing Rain

By Stoneypoint - Apr 27, 2010 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 8157 It had finally started to rain. More like a light rain it was my sister’s first day as a high school referee. I knew she was good. I knew she was ready. I wondered how long this rain would go on. It got a little worse. Still I got ready for that game. I wanted to see how good my sister was in her first game. I knew I’d go to more of them. I know. A girl, a female, refereeing a baseball game you say? No, this was a softball game and I should have made that distinction.
Cool. It had slowed down. As I drove over I watched how it had slowed, virtually stopping before the game, and only spit here and there throughout it all. Good enough for me because I always liked playing in the rain. Nevertheless, the game was crowded. Parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and others watching, I walked up looking for a place to sit. There it was as my eyes stared it down from 50 feet away. Slowly I eased over. “Oh, sorry sir… I was holding this for someone…sorry” he said. I said it was okay and walked on. There, ahead of me, was another seat. I walked diligently for it hoping I wouldn’t be turned away again. I was, I thought, a perfect seat. I began to look at it as her eyes turned towards me, and then turned towards the open area next to her. She looked at me, smiled, and scooted a little ways a way so I could sit. We sat waiting.
“Nice day, huh?” I heard. I looked over and these brilliant white teeth gazed upon me. The eyes were blue and beautiful too. I nodded and smiled back and said yes that it was a great day. I didn’t even think that people could rip into my sister, but she was out in the middle and not on a sideline or worse yet, behind the plate. “Which one is yours?” she said. I told her. “Oh” is all I heard.
“What can I tell you…she’s my sister…and she’s good too?” I replied.
“Cecelia Baxter” she said as her beautiful fingertips, like her eyes and well you know where this story is going, reached out to shake my hand said. I looked into her eyes. Mesmerizing is one word. “And your name?” she asked.
I told her. She said it was a pleasure to meet me. I said the same while thinking yes, mesmerizing is one word while another word or words is will you marry me? “So which one is yours?” I asked her. She told me. It wasn’t hers per se. The girl was the catcher. A great position, I think. I told her too. Finally we shook hands and I exploded with…with something unrecognizable inside me. I wanted to take her to dinner. I wanted to take her to theatre. I wanted to take her home. I wanted to take her home and make mad passionate love to this woman…all…night…long. That’s what I wished I could do.
“What did you just say?” she said, and almost angrily.
“Huh, pardon me?” I intoned.
“Didn’t you tell me ‘make mad passionate love to this woman…all night long?’ Is that what I just heard out of your mouth?”
I blinked and I blinked again. It began to spit rain as I shook my head. I looked at her but it was not Cecelia Baxter I was gazing at any longer. It had to be another woman. It had to be because I wondered where her smile and brilliant eyes lofted off too. There wasn’t any such look of that nature on this woman and she took her eyes off me. She turned away. I spoke aloud and said what I was thinking about her so she could hear it? Did I do that? Did I actually say those words so that she heard them? Oh my fucking god, I told myself. Oh my lord. Am I an idiot or what?
The game got underway. It was fine. Tracey, my sister, got to make a couple calls. Good calls too and I heard Cecelia scream. Nice lungs, I told myself… Nice, nice lungs. Keep your mouth shut I insisted I tell myself too. The sun broke through the clouds finally and we had ourselves a nice game going. Tight, close, nice hits, good steals, a couple of homers, and best yet of course was my sister had to make some other close calls. Cecelia, so involved in the game turned towards me and she practically hugged me she was so happy with some calls. She stopped short of doing it, but I enjoyed the opportunity of being offered a possible hug by her. I knew then, afterward, what I was going to do. The game ran on and as it ended, she waited for her niece. She spoke to her. I spoke with my sister. We both left, almost at the same time, and headed for our cars. Interesting as it was we both drove Beamers. More interesting then that is they were parked two down from one another.
As I began to unlock mine, I looked up. “Hey Cecelia?” I said, “I want to tell you I am very, very…very sorry about that remark. I never meant-”
“Noooo…noooo it’s alright” she told me. I suppose I understand. “Umm would you” and she stopped and looked away. I wondered what she was about to tell me. She looked back and looked at me directly in the eyes. “Wanna go and get a beer and a burger this after noon? I mean that’s if you…if you don’t have any other plans on a Saturday afternoon?”
Oh shit, oh…my…god. I exploded inside. That…explosion of…of arousal cascaded throughout me. I hoped it didn’t show. I hoped I didn’t look like a little boy on Christmas and I knew one thing for sure. I wanted to do all those things I thought of earlier with her. This time though I kept my mouth shut, tight. “Sure, I’d love that” I replied. I asked her where. I asked her when. And for some reason I asked her for how long. She laughed. Her face lit up as I did. And I told her “I’ll see you there in a few minutes?”
“Yep… That’ll be fine, great” she told me and we drove off.
I saw her car. It was whizzing through traffic much faster then I would have. It was then I wished I could have seen her real behind. Her real ass…what’s it look like I wondered? She pulled in as I was driving up. She walked around her car towards the new restaurant-bar. It was a great place to eat and to drink as well. It wasn’t very crowded yet and we found a spot where no one else was seated. A booth, we sat facing one another. She was divine looking. Her dark and thick, thick hair waved and gushed silkily down past her shoulders. Her eyes still lit up the area around us as did her teeth. How could I be so lucky I asked myself? How lucky can I be?
“What…what?” she said.
“Nothing” I told her. I watched her face, intensely. I loved it. I couldn’t get over how… How powerful it seemed. “Noooo, not nothing, but... But you have to know something which you probably already know.” She asked what as her smiling glow abruptly changed. “Oh don’t do that. I’d always look at you, regardless of anything that becomes of this” and maybe that was the wrong choice of words but I finished by saying “and I see a wonderfully gorgeous woman before me with your eyes and teeth and hair and…and” and the waitress came over. She asked what we’d like to drink. She, Cecelia, ordered a pitcher of beer for us. “Sounds good” I said.
“So, two pitchers of beer” the dumb ass waitress said.
“No, just one for now” Cecelia said. The waitress walked away. “Dumb, huh?” she said.
I laughed, Cecelia did too and we went about talking about everything. We’d been there almost an hour and a half before we realized we were starving. We both ordered burgers. They were almost the same kind too except she liked hers well done and I liked mine medium well. We talked on and on and found we liked a lot of the same things. Then we realized how compatible we were, even though it started off all wrong. Before I knew it we’d drunk almost two pitchers and gulfed down a full two large plates of French fries. We were drunk. We were drunker then drunk. Now, get this. I live just about two miles from there. She didn’t know how far she lived. So get this. I got to drive. Get this. Guess where we went to? To my place and I had a nice spread along a golf course and I even had a good size sauna out back on my over the hill size patio.
“Where we going?” she said sloppily.
Her tongue couldn’t stay in her mouth. I didn’t mind. Even her tongue was cute. “You know sumpin?” I told her. “You even got a nice ass tongue. You know that?”
“Really? Yous think so?” I nodded and we drove on over to my house. “Uhhh, what’s your name…oh yeah Ben, right?”
For now it was Ben. I didn’t care. She was drunk. I was with her. She could drink. I was with her. I was drinking with her. I was with her. “Yeah, Ben…that’s right” I said. I guess it is, for now I told myself. I pulled in to my driveway.
“W-o-o-o-o-w-w-w” she said loudly. “This…your place?” I said yes it was. “Wow, man oh man…what a…a place you have? Got a beer in there?” she asked. I told her I’d see. But I knew what I wanted. I wanted to lie down with her. I wanted all the fixings with her. “Can I see it…I mean all of your place?”
“Yeah sure…everything, you mean? ”
“Everything, I guess…why not?”
We went inside and as soon as I did I turned around. “May I ask a favor?” She said yes. “May I kiss you…endlessly?”
“That’s all you want?”
“No, but a kiss will do. In fact, if you’re into it… I’d love to kiss you forever today.”
“Really, honestly…you mean it?”
I nodded my head. Then I took off my jacket. Hers too and then I embraced her. She took hold of me and…and…Ohhhhhhh wow…wow… Did we kiss or did we kiss. This woman, Cecelia loved kissing. She kissed and she kissed and she kissed and it went on forever, I thought because twenty five minutes later, our lips were still tangled up in a fest of sorts.
“Wowie” I told her as my eyes popped out and my chest filled with air. “Wanna look at my house especially the upstairs?”
She was as excited as me as we walked, and tripped, upstairs. We were drunk but it didn’t stop me. I looked up. I saw her ass, for the very first time. And talk about a set of curves on each side of her lower body. They each went wide, wider then I’d thought, but her whole body was long and longer then I realized. And when her hips began to splay, to curve outward, they took sharp rounded turns in both directions. I wanted to slap my hands on her hips and I wanted to squeeze them, forever.
“Wow, you have…the most…incredibly…sexy…hips…in the world” I told her.
“Yeah, I hear that a lot” she said as if it wasn’t anything at all.
“Do you like your hips…‘cause I do…a lot.”
“Yeah, I suppose I do” she said as if it was nothing. “So you like ‘em? Wanna touch em I bet, right…feel them in the flesh, right? Show me the upstairs and they are yours…all day long, alright?”
Nothing more, nothing else…nothing whatsoever… “Just show you the upstairs?” I said.
“Yup and they are yours…my love… They are all yours” and she turned around and planted one slippery, slobbery kiss on my lips as her hands leaped around my neck.
“All yours…baby cakes…all yours…all day long.”
“Wow…here’s my…bathroom. My Master Bathroom” I said first as we passed through my bedroom.
She cut me off and stopped. She looked at the huge bed. She looked around the room. “And you have nobody to share all this with…no one at all?”
“Nope, not lately I don’t. And it wasn’t like this morning I said ‘I gotta find a bed mate for this thing.’” And I hadn’t either. “But let me show ya something first.”
She said okay. I took her hand as it fell naturally into mine. It felt soft, satiny, and flourished in mine. We squeezed hands. She told me she liked my soft hand. I exploded all over inside, again. I walked into the bathroom and showed her the shower. “It’s one of the neatest things about this house, or so I think. I can do, well I can put so much into it.”
I don’t know why but that came out wrong I think. “Like me?” she said.
For some reason I said to her “Like us.”
“Ooooooohh now that sounds… Coooool. Undress me. We’ll shower together? Mmmmm” she told me. “Showering with a man… I’ve always wanted to do that…always” she told me. “And with you, a very handsome, very nice gentleman I think you are, ooooooohh yes…yes...undress me.”
So I took off my sweater. I took off hers. Her breasts, which were covered by another shirt, shone through the blousy top. My eyes closed. My heart beat hard. Again, I was exploding as my cock tingled, heavily. I undid my shirt and took it off. She whistled for some reason and looked upon my chest along with my tight stomach, which I was proud of. It’s a good body. She undid her own jeans. Oh shit! What legs she had. Long and thin, they were tanned all the way down. And she wore some pink laced underwear. Arousing. I looked up. She was smiling but it wasn’t a proud smile, rather a happy smile, and that was it. I asked her why she was happy. She said because she was enjoying herself and she was here, at my house, with me, and about to do something she’d never done in her life.
“Have sex with a man?” I asked.
“No… Have sex with a man in a man’s shower, or so I assume, right?”
“I hope so” I said.
“Me too” she said, “me too.”
With my top undone and hers still buttoned up, I undid my jeans and dropped them to the floor. She looked down and she smiled. I wore silk boxers which I wear often. I made nothing of it. She did. She stepped forward as her hands came over them. And Cecelia closed her eyes as her hands ran up and down them. “Mmmmmm, I like these” she said. I told her I like them too. We laughed lightly and I went and began undoing her buttons on her blousy top. Her eyes were closed. “Is this enjoyable?” she said. I told her it was great. I told her something she said years later which blew my mind. “This is nice isn’t it?”
I told her I couldn’t remember a time I enjoyed being with any woman who was as enjoyable to be with as her. As her top hung open she leaned into me. We kissed. We hugged as the water warmed up. “Ready?” I asked. We stepped into the shower. Her pink lace panties were still on her oddly. “Don’t you want to take those off?” I said.
“Why… And ruin all the fun?” she came back.
She laughed. I smiled. And beneath the water rimming us, we kissed and we kissed and we kissed as my shoulders, her shoulders, her hair, and my hair got wetter and wetter by the moment. Then we stopped. She looked around me, around the shower.
“Wow” she said. She looked at the makeup of the granite walls and floor. She looked at a shelf which was pocketed for shampoo and conditioners and soap. “Wow” she said again as I held her close. “What a place this is. I mean look at all this. Look at this” as she pointed out the granite pockets for all my shampoos. All I had was my shampoo and conditioner and soap. No one else’s stuff was in it. She even looked. “I love this place” she told me. “I love this.” She turned and looked at me. She turned and looked into my eyes. “I like you a lot. Do you like me?” she asked.
I nodded wanting only to kiss her lips and more, but for now only to kiss and hold her. She felt soft. She felt cuddly as hell. She had those boobs which dangled nicely against me when we kissed, but it wasn’t only that. It was more then that. When we kissed I could feel my hands sliding and twisting around down by her hips and ass. I felt an energy I never felt with anyone else, ever. When I held this woman I knew from that very moment she would be my wife some day. Can you believe that? We didn’t need to soap up so we sat and kissed and hugged and felt one another’s flesh as we stood under the mighty spray of the shower. And for 35 minutes, maybe 40, we enjoyed the beauty of my shower.
As we dried off, I offered her a panoramic view of the course. She asked where and I showed her as I walked over to the bed. I lay down, naked, my cock not erect, but it was half hard. She stood there watching me, or my body, and I told her to come over and lay down with me. Finally she did come over with that damn towel wrapped around her. To hell with that towel, I wanted her body, next to mine, and I’d do anything to have it too.
“So Cecelia… What will it take to get you over here? What” I asked her.
“Oh I don’t know” she told me coyly.
“Maybe I do” I said.
“What?” she replied.
“Do you like to be” and then I paused. “Well, I do something very well, or so I’ve been told. We looked at one another. “I love eating women out. I mean that’s if you’d enjoy it?” Her head went erect as her eyes popped out of her head and she behaved as if she’d never been eaten out before in her life. “What” I said. “Haven’t you ever been eaten out before? Oh honey” I told her “pussy’s can be some of the most delicious things in the world some days. I mean it.”
She was intrigued by my remark as if I was incredibly outrageous but was there truth to it all. Are pussy’s tasty? Well they can be so she said yes. And I ate her out. And she loved it as I gnawed at it and brought her down on me. Her legs shattered. She collapsed. She tumbled down on me. And I brought her to her knees. And from that moment, that day forward we were in love with one another. We never lay down with each other, but I did get her a robe to wear and she and I spent a day hanging together. We sat and ate and played a little here and there in robes, but get this.
That next morning, she was still there. And we sexed it up and we sexed it up hard. And I could not shake the woman if I tried and I didn’t want to try. I was in love. She was in love only because we sat and watched the pleasing rain all day Saturday… and a few other things too.

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