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How Prostitutes Make Their Money One country that cherish prostitution is Germany where the trade has been legal for ages and has about 400, 000 registered practitioners. These people are not just hookers, they are commercial sex workers who charge about $80 for a half-hour service and pay taxes and receive social benefits like every other worker. While some citizens argued that the government is fueling immorality, the authorities claimed: "It is a pragmatic response to demand."
German prostitutes are preparing for the World Cup fiesta this June that will attract about 2 million people. They are renovating their brothels, toilets, and ordering condom vending machines. They are also planning to cut down fees and improve their services. Some said they would give money back guarantee. They also plan to use pimps since most visitors cannot locate the brothels. The pimps will hang around stadiums and drinking bars and solicit clients.
But these prostitutes are not just preparing for clients; they are fighting against competition. About 60, 000 prostitutes from poor Eastern European countries are expected to invade Germany during the game. So it is going to be a dog eat dog race. One woman said, "Some of us have worked a long time at this job in Germany and if all this girls come here like they did in Greece for the Olympics, it will be bad for business."
Like every money making venture, it is not about the demand, it is all about the supply. There is money in every business but legions of people want it. The pioneers could make money, but it is soon flooded and the profit margin is deflated. Millions of people want your business. How do you survive? Download "Evil ways of making money--what the rich won't tell you" free at [oxcheck] and learn how to introduce immoral and unethical survival tactics into your business.
To make it big, whether in prostitution, or in any other business, offline or online, you have to play tough otherwise it will be bad for business.

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