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Playmates - Part 7

Playmates - Part 7

By - Aug 31, 2008 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 26412 Tommy was sitting at the breakfast table daydreaming about a way to seduce Jeanie, Deana's mother. He didn't notice that his mother had just come into the room and jumped when she sat down next to him and started speaking.
'Sorry baby, I didn't mean to startle you. I needed to talk to you about this coming weekend. I'm not sure if you know this or not but it's your dad's and my anniversary and he wants to take me out of town for the whole weekend. However, there is a bit of a dilemma, because we feel you shouldn't be here all by yourself and I cannot find anyone to stay with you yet."
He swallowed hard and tried to maintain his excitement. 'Mom, I have an idea.
She smiled and asked, 'What's that dear, I'm open to any suggestions?
His mind was reeling as his cock began to swell and he suggested, 'Maybe I can stay over at Deana's. I know they'd keep a good eye on me!
His mom looked at him as she thought about his suggestion. 'You know, that's a pretty good idea, let me call Jeanie and ask.
She left the room to make the call and Tommy ran his fingers down his cock and whispered, Down boy, there will be plenty of time to get excited if my plan works out.
You see ever since he got back from the camping trip Tommy had tried to devise a way to sneak up on Jeanie and entice her into having sex with him. He knew it was only a matter of time, because every time he visited she looked at him with lust in her eyes.
He was daydreaming about it again when his mom's voice brought him back to reality. 'Tommy you will be happy to know I just talked to Richard. He said they'd be glad to have you over for this weekend."
His face turned red, his heart pounding so loud he wondered if his mom could hear it. 'That's great Mom, maybe Deana's dad will take me fishing again."
His mom went over to the counter, poured herself a cup of coffee and answered, 'Why don't you go pack an overnight bag, dear, while I call your father about the good news?"
Tommy ran out of the kitchen so fast it made his mom smile, because it had been awhile since she saw her son this happy.
Tommy grabbed his duffle bag and threw in some clean clothes along with his swim-trunks. After all there was also a big in-ground pool in Deana's back yard and that would be a good place to begin his seduction of Jeanie.
After packing he ran down to the kitchen and yelled, 'Hey Mom, can I go over to Deana's for awhile?"
His mom was still talking on the phone and looked up at him, 'Hang on dear, Tommy is asking me something."
She then glanced up at Tommy and asked, 'What in the world are you mumbling about honey?"
Tommy blushed and answered, 'I was asking you if I could go over to Deana's for a little while?"
His mom replied, 'Sure honey, just be home around six for supper."
Tommy yelled back at her as he ran out the door toward Deana's. 'Okay Mom, see you later!"
He ran so fast to Deana's house he was out of breath when he knocked on the door. He almost passed out from excitement when Jeanie opened the door. 'Oh hello Tommy, if you're looking for Deana, she's in the back yard swimming."
He grinned, licked his lips, took a deep breath and said, 'Okay, thanks!"
He rushed off the porch so fast Deana's mother didn't have time to ask him what he wanted.
When Tommy got to the back yard he saw Deana at the edge of the pool teasing her father.
'Bet you can't, I can hold my breath longer than you Daddy, " she squealed.
She was just about to prove that fact when she caught a glimpse of Tommy running into the backyard. He stood there for a moment at the edge of the pool ogling her sexy, hot-pink bikini.
Deana gave her dad a puzzled look before glancing up at Tommy asking, 'Tommy what's the hurry?"
He sat down on the edge of the pool, removed his shoes and socks, then dangled his feet in the cool water. Tommy took a deep breath and confessed, 'You won't believe what just happened to me."
Richard smiled and admitted, 'Bet I can, but I'll let you tell her Tommy."
Tommy blushed as a look of excitement beamed all over his face. 'My parents will be gone this whole weekend and I get to stay at your house."
Deana couldn't contain her excitement and shouted, 'You're kidding me right?"
Richard spoke up and answered, 'No he isn't dear, his mother called about an hour ago and I spoke with your mom and we agreed that he could stay here. I didn't say anything because I wanted Tommy to tell you the news."
Deana yelled, 'Yippee!" Then all of a sudden her surprise faded and she frowned, 'Oh poo, I bet Mom will be watching me like a hawk and we won't be able to have any real fun!"
Her dad moved closer to her, put his arms around Deana, looked around to make sure they were still alone, and then whispered, 'I'll make sure I keep momma busy, okay."
Deana threw her arms around her father and exclaimed, 'Thanks Dad."
He watched her get out of the pool, walk over to the chairs and sit down next to Tommy. They began to speak in a low tone and he was wondering what they were saying.
That was until he heard Deana shriek, 'If anyone can you can!"
It was then Richard knew that Tommy was telling Deana about his plans to seduce her mother, Jeanie.
Richard got out of the pool, starting to dry off as he walked toward the two teens. When he got near the table he patted her on the back and suggested, 'I'm going to see what your mom's up to. You two have some fun and, honey; you can fill me in on Tommy's plan later."
She looked up at him and admitted, 'I know you'll like his idea. Love yah Daddy!"
'I love you too baby." He then walked toward the house to keep Jeanie out of the back yard for awhile.
Richard walked into the kitchen toward his wife who was sitting at the table sipping on a soda. 'Hi honey, what have you been up to?"
She licked her lips and replied, 'I was just sitting her relaxing before I cook dinner. Why don't you go change and I'll bring you a soda."
He leaned over, kissed her lips and suggested, 'Can I have a sexy pussy with that soda?"
She grinned and replied, 'Richard, we don't have time to fool around because the kids might catch us."
He frowned and answered, 'So what, Jeanie! They won't think anything about it. Mainly because they are too love struck to notice what anyone is doing these days."
He didn't give her time to reply and hurried off toward the bedroom. He stopped only long enough to remove his trunks, turn around, and wiggle his semi-hard cock at her.
Jeanie tried to remain calm, cool and collected, but her pussy screamed, 'Oh yeah, I want that stiff cock inside me."
She grabbed a soda, looked out the back door to see if the teens were still busy, then scurried off toward the bedroom.
When she opened the door her mouth went dry and her whole body trembled with desire. There was Richard lying naked on the bed, slowly stroking his cock.
She quickly shut the door and squealed, 'Oh God, you really know how to turn me on. Should we be doing this now?"
Richard flashed a seductive grin and ordered, 'Jeanie, will you lock the damn door and quit worrying about the kids? I need you hot cunt on this dick of mine, NOW!"
She loved it when he ordered her around, and knew that when he talked like that Richard got what he wanted from her. She answered, 'Yes dear."
With trembling fingers she set the soda on the dresser next to her, turned and locked the door, removed her clothing, and climbed on the bed next to him.
He pulled her into his arms and kissed her deep and hard as his fingers slipped into the folds of her drenched cunt. He knew she wanted him as much as he wanted her and he hoped for once, she would treat him like a man.
Just as things were getting hot and heavy, Jeanie confessed, 'I think I should be checking on those teens instead of doing this."
Richard's cock and mind deflated worse than a balloon bursting when someone stuck a pin in it. He bellowed, 'Goddamn it Jeanie, why can't we just fuck for a change without worrying about the kids? They're just fine, Bryan is probably still napping and Deana is probably sitting with Tommy by the pool."
Jeanie frowned and snapped, 'Well the kids come first. Sex can wait until later tonight!"
Richard felt like slapping the crap out of her and taking what he wanted but knew Jeanie would grumble the whole time, so he let her be for now. 'That's it, go check on the kids. I can jack off and have some fun without your ass!"
Jeanie got up with tears in her eyes and put her clothing back on. She walked toward the door, turned toward Richard and shouted, 'I wish you would quit being selfish! You're not the only one is this house. I hate your attitude too, and because of it I won't have sex with you tonight either!"
Richard yelled as she walked out the door, 'That's nothing new; I never get any pussy from you nowadays!"
She ran down the hallway in tears, not watching where she was going and ran right into Tommy. Trying to act calm and hide her emotions, Jeanie gathered up the courage to speak.
However, before she could say anything, Tommy reached out, touched her arm and asked, 'What's wrong Mrs. D?"
She swallowed hard and answered, 'Oh, nothing you should worry about dear."
Tommy took the opportunity to put his arms around Jeanie and whispered, 'Now don't tell me nothing is wrong, let's go sit somewhere and talk. After all, I'm a good listener."
He led her into the den, sat her down on the sofa and then joined her. He took her hand in his and wiped the tears from her eyes. 'Now tell me what is making you cry?"
Jeanie swallowed hard and felt a calm come over her, after all Richard never talked to her like this. She hesitated, looked around the room nervously and then admitted, 'I just had a disagreement with Richard. Sometimes he is so thoughtless and selfish."
Tommy chose his words carefully now. 'I know some men are so clueless about what a woman's needs. I'm sure deep down he loves you very much."
Tommy was right. Jeanie knew that Richard loved her, but somehow they had drifted apart over the years. Her mind went back to the times when they would throw caution to the wind and make love like love-struck teens. She remembered one time when they decided to go skinny-dipping by the lake on old man Ruston's farm. It was a wonder they didn't get caught. Her nipples began to swell and her clit was throbbing as she recalled how hot the sex was back then.
She almost jumped out of her skin when Tommy asked, 'Are you okay?"
She blushed and replied, 'Yes dear, I was thinking about something that happened years ago, between Richard and I."
Tommy didn't want to miss this opportunity and asked, 'Bet you two had some hot sex back then huh?"Jeanie blushed then snapped, 'That is none of your business, Tommy."
He didn't give into her and suggested, 'Don't shout at me! I was just trying to calm you down by helping you think of something more exciting."
Jeanie knew she had no real reason to shout at Tommy, after all he wasn't the reason she was upset. She put her arms out and hugged him as she apologized, 'I'm sorry honey, I know you were just trying to help."
Tommy leaned over and kissed her lips and hugged her tight. Then stopped and confessed, 'Oh sorry, I shouldn't have done that."
Jeanie responded by kissing Tommy back and felt his kiss tingle all the way to her clit. She broke the hug and tried to answer calmly, 'That's okay dear, no harm done, but let's keep this between you and I. Okay?"
Tommy gave her a devilish grin and answered, 'Sure Mrs. D, I'm not telling anyone, especially Deana, she'd slap me silly."
Jeanie looked at Tommy and said, 'You can call me Jeanie if you want. Mrs. D sounds too formal. After all, I feel we are becoming friends too."
Tommy chuckled. Little did she realize they would soon be more than friends. 'I like the idea of being friends with you, Jeanie. Are you okay now?"
She replied, 'Yes, thanks for talking to me. I'd better go check on Bryan and then start dinner."
Tommy got off the sofa, helped her up, tried not to look aroused, kissed her check and said, 'Okay. Anytime you need to talk, I'll be free to listen."
He stood there watching her walk out of the room and ran his hand down his swelling dick while whispering, 'Ooooh God, what an ass!"
Tommy hurried off toward Deana's room to inform her that he just launched his plan.
He knocked on her door and asked, 'Can I come in for a minute?"
Deana opened the door and answered, 'Sure what's on your mind?"
Tommy entered, closed the door, and ran his hand down his hard dick, 'I think you should be asking me why my cock is hard right now?"
Deana looked him over from head to toe; she had never seen his cock that hard, unless she was tempting him. She blushed and squealed, 'Oh my God, what happened?"
Tommy smirked and replied, 'I just ran into your mom, she was crying and I took the opportunity to talk to her and set my plan in motion." He then paused to watch Deana's reaction.
Her eyes lit up and she squealed, 'Don't stop now! Tell me baby what she did to make your cock hard!"
Tommy confessed, 'It's not what she did, I kissed her right on the lips hard and she responded to it. Afterwards she told me to call her Jeanie and then keep what happened between us quiet. Hot-damn that hot kiss made my dick hard!"
Deana licked her lips, went over and locked the door, then ordered, 'Well we can't have you walking out of my room like that. Come here lover, I'm hungry for a dick steak with cream sauce."
He laughed, walked over to Deana and unzipped his pants then took out his hard cock and commanded, 'Suck me off woman!"
Deana loved it when Tommy ordered her around. She took off her shorts and panties then engulfed his throbbing member. After all it was no fun to just suck him without rubbing her pussy at the same time.
Tommy watched her swallow his member and then moaned when he saw her begin to rub her pussy. 'That's it baby, suck me, and rub that cunt of yours. Ooooooh fuck, you know how to turn me on. Harder, yeah, keep this up and I'm going to cum down your throat!"
Deana stopped sucking long enough to squeal, 'Fuck my mouth baby!"
Tommy grabbed her head and fucked her mouth deep and hard. All of a sudden she trembled all over hard and he knew she just climaxed, and that drove him over the edge, he exploded his seed deep in her mouth.
Deana eagerly swallowed Tommy's sweet cum as she continued to tremble from her first climax. She then licked her lips and whispered, 'I cannot wait until you're here for the night!"
Tommy zipped his pants, looked at his watch and admitted, 'Me either doll. However, I need to get home for supper, if I am late Momma will kick my butt."
They kissed deep and Tommy told her good-bye. As he headed out the door, he made a special effort to walk into the kitchen. When he saw Deana's mom there, he patted her ass and chirped, 'See yah tomorrow Jeanie!"
Jeanie just stared at him and blushed all over hoping Tommy would not see how aroused he made her. Under her breath she uttered, 'Oh God, I wonder if he thinks I'm sexy too."
As he walked home Tommy began to think about Jeanie and wondered what would the woman do if she saw his cock?
He tabled his thoughts for now and walked into his house yelling, 'I'm starved, what's for supper Mom?"
While eating supper, Jeanie tried to hide her emotions about how she felt about Tommy. After all he's just a teen, and she shouldn't have these kinds of feeling for him.
Her thoughts were interrupted when Richard began to speak, 'Ah, honey, I'm sorry for acting rude earlier, I hope you can forgive me."
Jeanie glared at him and asked, 'We can talk about this later if you don't mind."
He replied, 'Sure love. You made a great supper by the way."
Deana chirped in and said, 'Yeah, it's delicious!"
Jeanie answered, 'Thanks."
After supper Deana excused herself to go finish her homework, which was a lie. She wanted to give her mom and dad some space to talk.
Her dad volunteered to help with the dishes, that way the two could talk.
When they were sure that Deana was out of the room, Jeanie accepted Richard's apology. However, all she could really thing about was Tommy's kiss. She hid her emotions until she was alone in her room preparing for bed.
Once in her bedroom she began to strip and put on her nightgown. However, she couldn't stop thinking of Tommy's kiss. She ran her hands across her nipples and then down to the wet folds of her pussy while whispering, 'Oooooh Tommy, turn me on baby."
She almost passed out when Richard entered the room. ‘Oh God, he'll notice I'm turned on. What will I do?' She asked herself.
When Richard saw her hard nipples he licked his lips and exclaimed, 'Ahhhh, baby, I'll bet you're thinking about what you saw earlier. God I wish you'd watch me jack off sometime, it turns me on so much!"
She lied, 'Yeah, I love catching you naked like that. I'm sorry I got mad. Richard, make love to me!"
Richard blinked with excitement and thought, is this my wife or an imposter? However, he didn't waste any time. He stripped, pulled Jeanie on the bed, and began toying with her hot cunt. It didn't take long until he was ramming his cock home.
Unknown to him, Jeanie couldn't think of anything but Tommy's cock in her pussy. She didn't dare let on either as Richard wouldn't approve of it at all. So she kept it to herself and when she was about to climax, screamed, 'Fuck me Richard! Fill me with you hot cum!"
Richard didn't know what came over Jeanie, but didn't care; he kissed her hard as his seed exploded deep inside her.
For the first time in years they fell asleep in each other's arms. They made love twice that night and Richard wondered why all of a sudden Jeanie was hot, not frigid.
However, that morning it dawned on him while he was taking a shower and under his breath he whispered, ‘Tommy, you ole rascal!"Deana woke up in a sexy mood and decided not to do anything for now, and save her energy for later on when Tommy was in the house.
She went down for breakfast and discovered that her parents were in a great mood. It must have been because her dad had sex with her mom because she couldn't help but hear it last night.
However, she didn't say anything about it, just greeted them with a hug and a kiss and sat down to breakfast.
Afterwards, while she was helping with the dishes her mom asked, 'Deana, do you know what time Tommy is suppose to be here?"
She answered excitedly, 'Sometime after lunch. I'll probably be in the pool when he gets here. Tell him he can join me for a swim, will you?"
Jeanie thought for a moment and then said, 'I'll probably join you two after I lay Bryan down for his nap. Maybe your dad can watch him for me." Pausing to see Deana's reaction she then asked, 'If that's okay with you."
Deana couldn't believe her ears; Momma was for once joining her in the pool for some afternoon fun. Maybe daddy should fuck her more often, she thought.
She grinned mischievously and answered, 'Sure, I love to play in the pool with you, Mom.

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