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Raven Moon Is Here

Raven Moon is Here

By Stoneypoint - Apr 30, 2010 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 3750 “She’s here, ” I said to myself. Raven Moon… This is crazy.” Get a hold of yourself, I thought. This is where she’s staying at for a few days. I knew I wanted to meet her. And I did. I was crazy about the idea. To like, get down and get dirty with her…most likely. To actually be face to face with her, to look at her eyes, her hair, her body, and every feature she beholds…and in the flesh too?
It did not matter any more to me. I now wanted her, to meet this woman called RavenMoon. “Raven, I want you” I said as I went up in the elevator. My body shivered. I wanted her body. No, I wanted her. When I arrived on her floor I walked left as her instructions from my email stated. “Go up to the third floor. Turn left. Go to room 309. The door will be open, a little. I’ll be waiting for you. Please come. I want you” the email read. And so I did. I walked until I got to the room. The door was cracked open. I stopped and I looked at the door and then I pushed it open. “Wow, am I nuts or what? ” I said.
“Hiiiiiiii… Stoneypoint?”
“Hi… Raven?” I said.
She was absolutely beautiful. I mean beautiful, perfect in every sense of the definition. Dark, dark black hair with dark eyes, and thick luscious lips she was tall too. Her hair shimmered as it trailed down over her shoulders, she seemed initially sad, and scared as well. She was shapely. But she had curves from one end to the other. She was thick. Still the young woman was beautiful. I could see something odd in her look. Was she happy I looked like I did? I hope so. I mean I’m not the best looking guy, physically, but other then that I’m a good looking guy.
“Nice to meet you” I said.
“You too” she said, her eyes gazing up and down my body.
I told her my real name. She told me hers. Ravyn. That’s a nice name. It’s different. But she looked like she was a Ravyn. “You’re as pretty as I hoped you’d be. May I hug you? A lot, a long time?” I asked, saying please to myself. She smiled. She has a great smile. I hugged her gently, but for a long while as my hands caressed her thick back.
“Wow, now that’s a hug” she said quietly.
We sat and talked, about the website. It never criticized me or my writing style so I went to work writing and posting to it. This was the very first time I’d met anyone who wrote about me I had told her. She said the same, but felt she had to. I reached out and took her hands in mine. She let me. God, I wanted to be naked with her. I wanted to touch her breasts, her body, her hips, and her ass. It was bigger. It was a feathery, pear shaped ass, but I told myself I had to feel it…taste it too. I had to at some point.
“Well, let’s go to the bedroom” she said.
“Okay” I exclaimed.
She walked ahead of me. I watched her ass in her jeans. Mmmmmm, it was a nice ass as I had hoped it would be. Shapely, large, and…yes, I know…shapely as ever. I could picture my hands all over it. I told her too. She, I hoped, smiled, but I didn’t see anything remote indicating it.
“May I?” she said.
I wasn’t sure what she meant and said yes. She walked towards me and took hold of my sweater. She lifted it off my head. I stood in front of her, half naked, but for some reason, with this woman I didn’t care at all. She smiled. I undid her top, button by button. Her alabaster flesh opened up to me. Oh crap…oh god…yes. She was…is terrific, I told myself. Finally, once I undid the buttons. I removed her top. Nice boobs. Nice upper body. Nice over all figure too. All I hadn’t seen, yet, was the rest of her. I had to see that. I had to. I knew it. So did she. She undid her jeans. I took them off. We didn’t speak as we removed our clothes. She didn’t undo her bra. Not yet she didn’t. In only her bra and panties, she had a little belly, wider then wide hips, and a nice rounded ass I couldn’t get my eyes off of. She asked if she fit my expectations. I said more then that. She said good and I suddenly felt her hand stroke an already hardening cock inside my underwear.
“Mmmmmm, I can already feel its pulse” she told me.
“Huh?” I said.
“Your…your cock is already becoming hard for me.”
“I want you…you know it, right?” I said.
“Yes and I want you too. Can I tell you something?” I said yes. “I like when my tits are the focus of a mans attention. I love that about a man…that’s not to say I don’t like my pussy being done over too. How’s that sound?”
“Good” I told her as I kissed her lips.
She kissed me back and I slowly tried taking off her underwear. I lowered her bra strings. I kissed her shoulders. I kissed down her chest but not her boobs. I kissed her arms. I kissed the sides around her boobs. I reached around her and tried, yes, tried to undo her bra. I couldn’t do that part and so she did it for me. But we were off to the races as we danced about one another even though neither of us knew anything about one another, we cradled one another. I felt her softness. She was collapsible she was so soft. I wanted to ball her up and take her home with me. I did. I really wanted her in my bed, at home, but knew it was unreal. She had to know it too. Still lying there, pecking at her breasts, calmly tenderizing them with my fingers, it felt wonderful, and relaxing and I felt young again with her. I’m not that old. But I am old enough, I thought. She seemed to like it. I know I did.
Before I knew it she was on me, jazzing it up, as her body moved everywhere. Her dark black hair was dancing in the skies for me. She was having sex with me as I lay on the mattress under her. It looked as if she was doing some kind of formal Indian tribal dance on my body. As I watched, she swirled and humped and fucked me up and down, up and down repeatedly. Me, I was having a great, great time.
She collapsed, on top of me. Breathing hard, she said something quietly. “I haven’t done that…fuck a man like I fucked you in so long Stoneypoint” and I almost interrupted her to tell her my real name, but she knew it already, and she continued to say “but this was incredibly worthwhile. Can we do this again soon?” she asked.
“I’d love to… when?” I asked her.
“Later...tonight…tomorrow morning?” she said. “Which would work for you?”
“I don’t think so, but I’ll see…okay?”
“Okay.” We kissed and held hands. I asked if she lived in town. She said nearby. I asked if she was married. She said yes. I told her I was too. We stared at one another. We stared for a long while. “I want you. I want to read more and more stories about you too” she said. I told her she was a fantastic woman. She seemed to know. “I simply want sex with you…that’s all…that’s all I want.”
“Me too” I told her. “Where have you been all this time? Why haven’t we hooked up before this?” I asked.
“Because it wasn’t the right time yet? ”
We lay together, holding the others warm flesh. A woman who wanted me like that and she held me, cuddled me, and I let her do it all. “So do you like kinky stuff too?” I said.
“No, just sex…that’s all…and you did it perfectly” she said.
An hour later, I woke up. Was it real. Damn…no…nooooooo, I thought. It was a dream. That’s all…a dream, but she was… you are so real in my thoughts. I wish I knew you for real I told her in my thoughts. “I wish I knew you for real” I said aloud. Then, I put on pants and went downstairs. I had to take care of some unusual business. By the time I was downstairs, my hand was playing on my crotch, and I thought only of you.

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