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Pool Side - Annies Story Part1

Poolside - Annies Story Part 1

By Joe Long - May 11, 2009 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 73452 The middle aged man reclined on the lawn chair by the edge of the pool, listening to the afternoon baseball game. At the far end of the pool, the two teenage girls stood in waist deep water, standing close, giggling and trading whispers.
His daughter Annie was 18 now. Attractive enough, as she grew into puberty her Dad thought her ass was her best feature, and had stolen more than a few peeks over the years. Annie frequently brought her friends over to the house, and Joe couldn't remember the last one that wasn't well built. Annie seemed to always hang around with younger girls, and Brittany was no exception. Joe first met Brittany two years ago, and his first thought was that hers were the best looking tits he had ever seen.
Brittany was about 40 feet away, bouncing up and down in the pool, her wet bikini top highlighting those breasts. He had been daydreaming for a little while when the two girls got out of the pool and started walking over towards his chair. At first, he looked away and tried to ignore their approach, but as they got closer, he looked up, trying to maintain eye contact with Annie.
"Dad, we've been noticing"..."yeah?"..."that you can't seem to keep your eyes off Brittany's tits." Caught off guard, he stammered and struggled for words. "C'mon Dad, don't deny it, you've been checking her out for a long time". Joe was blushing "Shit, I'm sorry, please don't tell your mother!" "Dad, don't worry, you're not in trouble. We thought since you liked them so much you might want to see them up close". Brittany reached behind and untied her top, pulling it off and exposing her bare breasts dangling above his face. She ran her fingers over her nipples and then held both tits up, "What do you think?" "Uh, they’re very nice" he said, still feeling embarrassed. At this point, he had no way of hiding the growing erection inside his trunks. Brittany knelt down beside him, running her left hand over his belly while she lightly ran her tongue over his nipple. "What are you two doing?" "It's OK Mr. Miller, we want to do this for you". He arched his back and closed his eyes when her hand began to rub his penis through the fabric of his trunks. When his butt lifted up, Brittany reached her hands underneath and pulled the trunks down and then off, leaving him laying naked on the lawn chair. She cupped his balls in her hand, and lowered her mouth over his penis. After a minute, Brittany stood to slip off her bikini bottom, and threw her leg over him, lowering herself straight down onto his hard penis. The cock-sucking had gotten her wet, and he slid inside fairly smoothly. Slowly at first, and then more forcefully, she bounced up and down on his cock.
As Annie watched Brittany sucking off her father, she stood with her hand between her own legs, rubbing her clit and sliding her middle finger in as far as it would go. She was no virgin, but had never watched anyone having sex before, and here she was with her best friend and her father. When Brittany moved to sit on his cock, Annie slid in behind Brittany, kneeling between her father’s knees where she could see him slamming into the young girl’s pussy. Leaning forward to get even closer, Annie began running her hand over her father’s hairy thigh. She hesitated for a few seconds, then reached out to cup his balls in her hand, gently squeezing them and running his pubic hairs through her fingers. Finally she couldn't take it any more, as she stood and nudged Brittany shoulders "My turn". Brittany slid off and Annie quickly replaced her, feeling the head of her Dad's cock, wet with her friend's juices pushing into her own pussy. Joe froze, and felt as if a bolt of electricity passéd through his body when he realized it was his daughter sliding onto his cock. As Annie lowered herself into it, she could see the look of concern on her father's face. "Dad, I want to do this. I want you to fuck me." He grabbed her hips and pulled her down harder on his cock. Annie leaned forward, allowing him to suck on one and then the other nipple. It wasn't long until he groaned and stiffened, unloading his cum deep inside Annie. She kept riding hard for another few moments until she too stiffened in orgasm. As he went limp on the chair, Annie just laid on top of him, his dick still inside her, her breasts pressed against his chest. After a minute she lifted herself off and then down between his legs. His penis had softened some, but Annie took it into her mouth and licked it clean of the mixture of his cum and her and Brittany's pussy juices. Brittany, a little frustrated at being interrupted, had enjoyed the show, and now maneuvered herself into position to drop her pussy down onto Mr. Miller’s face. He could feel himself hardening again inside Annie's mouth while he ate her friend's pussy.
He had fantasized about threesomes, even unsuccessfully checking out some of the adult websites that promised young horny girls, but all were either overweight, looking for true love, not interested in any guys over 40, or all of the above. Although he had stolen glances for years, and more than a few times locked himself in the bathroom to masturbate with their images dancing in his mind, he had never thought that there was any possibility that it could, or that he would really want it to actually come true. But here he was, his daughter deep throating his cock while her 19 year old friend was coming to orgasm sitting on his face. He didn't want to think about how many laws he'd just broken as he came again. There wasn't much left, but Annie gently sucked until she had swallowed every drop of cum from his dick.
Brittany climbed off, and leaned over to give him a peck on the cheek before heading off to look for her clothes. Annie lay between her Dad's legs, half on the chair, her knees on the deck while her cheek rested on his thigh. She appeared deep in thought as she gazed at his now limp penis, inches from her face, her hand continuing to stroke his pubic hair. "Daddy, I love you" As he ran his hand through her hair, he answered "I love you too, sweetie. Now you better go get some clothes on too before your Mom gets home.

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