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Professors Job

Professors Job

By stoneypoint - Nov 11, 2008 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 23268 “It’s so nice that you came over” she told him.
He wasn’t the prototypical student. He looked at her, his professor, and she was not dressed in the typical attire one might expect. She was married, but he was out of town. She was strict, but not on that night. She was professional, but she wouldn’t allow that. This had all the rumblings of more then a tutoring session. He should have known. He should have suspected it from the beginning.
She wore a long apron. It was extremely long for a teaching session. But behind it lie flesh and lingerie. Behind it lie the drooling desires a woman like her never satiates often enough. She even wore that one blouse he liked and even though he didn’t notice there was no skirt, her bare wide curvy ass was visible, and if he was good he would get to see it too.
“You… you smell nice tonight” she told him. That was an unusual smile. She never smiles in class. Why doesn’t she? “Those jeans… where’d you get those at?” she asked. “I like them… I like them a lot.”
He looked at her inquisitively. She peered down over him while he sat on her couched relaxed. “So do you like my class? Do you think I’m too harsh on you all?” she said. He didn’t know how to answer her. Of course she was a hard teacher. He said no. “Bullshit Thomas, I know better. You all think I’m a class A, number one bitch. Don’t you? Don’t they, Thomas?”
He smiled. He knew better. At 30 he knew the woman was playing him. She may be 37 or 38, but she wasn’t playing with an idiot here. He knew what she was after and he was going to let her have her way if it made her feel better. That’s what he was going to do.
“You know professor… something is different about you, something peculiar actually. I can’t… I can’t put my finger on it, but… but you look so different and different in a good way.” She smiled and thanked him.
Then he noticed it. It wasn’t a short skirt she had on behind that apron. It wasn’t shorts either. No, it wasn’t either of those. The Professor was wearing nothing but bikini underwear. He didn’t turn to his left. He didn’t turn to his right either. He didn’t make sudden movements to distinguish that he was trying to find out exactly what she was wearing behind that long wrap around apron she had on.
But she knew and she knew damn well he knew she didn’t have anything on underneath. Maybe she even knew he was the only one of any of her students who truly appreciated her figure during class. She always, always wore slacks. Every time she did it was riveting to him. Because in addition to an attractive face and figure, Professor Giles had some of the nicest set of hips a man, his age, could ever appreciate. She kept in shape. She wasn’t fat. She had nice bosoms. But she had a trim waistline and in contrast to her widening hips and gentle mature thighs, Professor Giles was one woman to appreciate if there ever was one.
“I should tell you something” she told me quietly. He liked her tone of voice. She hadn’t smiled, but something in her eyes said everything else for her. “I do notice things amongst all my students.” She paused looking down at him as she held her drink. It was a cocktail; he wasn’t sure what she was drinking. Him, he was holding a simple beer. “Most of them sit there, acting as if they are listening when only half are. But not you, Bern, no not you” she went on to say. You listen and you listen well, but you do something else… very well. You do it better then anyone too.” He asked what. He thought he knew and he felt guilty too. “You like studying me. Not from a psychological angle, but you like looking at my body and you do that well, very well too. That Bern makes most women conscientious, but not me Bern and that is why I have offered you the opportunity to come over.”
He felt his body tingle. Something was about to be explored, pursued and he was sure he was a major part of that exploration or endeavor. But that tingling he felt, he felt it inside his pants, underneath his zipper, and he felt its power within his thighs. It tingled and it coursed quickly through his body.
She undid it. She untied it. She swiped it away from her body. And he saw them. Two nicely toned, perfectly manicured thighs, and mature ones at that, and he loved staring at each of them. He didn't know if she liked him looking at them, but he didn’t see or hear her say anything to the contrary. She stepped closer. She asked if he needed another beer. But her blouse was long enough that it carried down far enough allowing it to cover up her bikini briefs. They were tight. They wrapped carefully around her waist and upper most thighs and he wondered exactly how far in they hugged her ass cheeks too.
“Mind if I have you turn for me, Professor, and all the way too?” he wanted to say.
She acted as if nothing happened as she approached him and she casually sat on him, her legs spread apart, one thigh bent back on one side; the other bent back on the other side. She took his hands, placed them against her blouse. He felt them. She watched his eyes, studying them as he felt them. She didn’t ask “Do you like my breasts?” No, she didn’t ask him anything. She just knelt there, perched on top of him and her couch with her knees bent backwards letting him feel her round maure breasts. She had some awesome round, perfectly matured boobs too as if they were 22 year olds' tits.
“Are they real?” he asked. It was a bold question, but she smiled. She winked. She actually nodded. “Cool as hell” he said. She put a finger to her lips hushing him. “Okay” he said in a whisper.
She’d kiss his neck, his ears, and he wanted to feel her lower ass cheeks where her everything came together. But instead he left his hands on her breasts, feeling and enjoying the fruits of her labor. She smiled, closed her eyes, and took it all in as he felt her incredible tits. He felt his cock stiffen. He wondered if she could too. Seeing as he wore jeans he figured she didn’t. She caressed his upper body. She kissed his neck again, still mounted over his body.
Finally she let him feel them. He eased his hands down. Down past her breasts, over her soft tummy, and around her back so he could feel her warm thighs, feel her gentle butt cheeks. It all turned him on. She was smiling while he felt them. Feeling her sexy thighs, feeling her sexy ass cheeks. It was a gift for him. She riveted him, tantalized him, and in her own way she taunted him with her natural physical appearance. He wanted this woman. He wanted her horribly. He’d do anything she wanted. He’d do anything she’d ask him to do for her, to her.
Finally she climbed off him and undid his pants. Pulling them off slowly she watched his eyes as she pulled them down. Never did a smile break away from her face. She was undaunted. She was beautiful. She was sexy. He wanted to tell her he could eat her all over.
On her knees, she took hold of his cock, pulled herself over it, and she looked into his face wearing that smile. She tilted it, placing it over his cock directly, and before his eyes he saw her tongue come swirling around the tip of his stiffened penis. He almost collapsed it was painfully enjoyable. His head swung back, his shoulders caved in, and her tongue swirled and swirled around his cock while her hand rubbed his leg up and down and down and up continuously. It was magnificent and he moaned in chorus.
She looked up and she smiled. Her mouth swallowed the tip of his cock, but she tongued its tip and the slit as well, taunting him flawlessly. He moaned again. She smiled and winked again. She continued playing with the tip of it and tingled and panged with intensity. And his back arched with great force. His legs stiffened, his ass lifted off the couch, and she settled him back down, never once letting her tongue leave the cock’s side. Still at it, her tongue meticulously played with the upper half of his pinging cock, tantalizing the tip all the while. Hard and thundering, all he wanted to do was pound her flesh, fuck her tits, and bang her horny cunt, if in fact she was that horny.
But she knelt there, sucking and licking and licking and sucking, mainly the tip of it looking sexy as ever and wearing her cream tight blouse and red lace bikini underwear. She tantalized him, taunted him, and all he had to show for it was one unspent cock. No cumming, nothing... only desire, more desire.
“There is that better now?” she said as she stood up. Turning and walking towards another chair, she bent down one more time to taunt him. He watched her two sexy cheeks expand in front of him. As she leaned over and grabbed her dark slacks, her ass expanded beautifully for him.
“What, what huh why… what the hell?” he exclaimed.
She turned quickly. That mean and ugly look he knew from class was on her face. As soon as he saw it he knew exactly what he did wrong. He quickly apologized. He thanked her just as quickly. She walked over, caressed his still hardened shaft, and she whispered something.
“There’s going to be time for everything Bern, everything, but not tonight. My husband is expected home in about ten minutes. Do you want to be caught? I don’t” and she kissed his cheek, thanked him for letting her do his cock, and led him to her door. Before opening it up she told him “I do love your cock so Bern, don’t damage it anywhere okay sweetheart?”

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