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Raven Hotel Room

Raven's Hotel Room

By Raven Moon - Nov 5, 2010 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 17859 I lay there for a while as he slept. My face flushed, my pussy dripping from the orgasm that riddled me when he made passionate love to my body. If only he knew how my heart felt. I could still smell his skin on mine. I closed my eyes and rubbed at my still hard clit and in my mind he was there again. I kissed him tasting his tongue as his hands tugged at my nipples. My legs felt weak I wrapped them around him pulling him closer. Feeling him slide into me. My body tingled from end to end. I dug my fingernails into his back as I moaned into his ear, "Stoneypoint... please harder."
I could feel him stiffening as he thrust harder, more of his weight into me, more of his hard cock into me. I wanted to scream, wanted to beg him to pull my hair and fuck me. Wanted him to spank me and talk dirty to me. I rolled ontop of him and rode him slowly, up and down, my hips went back and forth. I looked at his face, his eyes were clouded with pleasure and he held onto my hips pulling me down as he thrust up. He was an animal, filled with a desire that seemed to never vanish. I wanted him to be mine. "I need you, " I whispered "So badly."He looked at me then, his mouth slightly open as if words were to escape and before I could stop myself I said it. Something I shouldn't have. It just spilled out."I am falling in love with you."I shuddered as an orgasm moved me faster and faster, I was squirting onto his hips, moaning and yelping like a bitch in heat. He moaned then too as he held on I could feel him swelling inside of me. He felt so big, so deep, so strong and all mine for a few moments today. He came deep inside of me. Hot pools of seed as I pulsed around him. We lay there panting and kissing, rolling around and laughing like old lovers. But I felt afraid inside. Afraid he'd never come again. I was so stupid to say what I was feeling to a man who only wanted what I possessed between my chocolate thighs.
I opened my eyes slowly. My fantasy left my fingers wet and sticky with my cum. I licked at them gently. I looked to see if I had woke him our eyes met and I could see that he was hard again. He kissed me nibbling my lips, going lower to my tits... my oh my God. His mouth was on my pussy and he was licking up my cum. I grabbed at him gasping at the pleasure of it all."Please Stoney... please I'm going to..." I couldnt think, my mind was elsewhere. I tensed up, my thighs closed over his head and I screamed as turrets of cum squirted out of me. He didnt stop just kept lapping at me. I whimpered trying to pull away but he held on and kept eating my cunt like he needed it. I came over and over again before he let me go. I didn't know he could be like that. I lay there breathing heavily my body still shaking from the delicious abuse."You were talking while you were rubbing your clit, did you know that?" He asked me.I shook my head slowly as he rubbed my breasts, kneeded them gently then more roughly. He was smiling at me, devilishly. I was trying to hard not to cum again. I bite my lip and arch my back as I cum again. He pulls my nipple hard and I moan out loud."How does he know I like it rough" I asked myselfHe told me to get on my knees on the bed, I turned over and felt him rubbing my ass, spanking and pinching until I squirmed. I felt something warm on my asshole, felt it pushing felt the amazingly wonderful pain. I felt my pussy becoming wetter as he inched into me. He thrust deeper pulling my hair with one hand spanking me with the other. I moaned his name pushing back to meet him. I ached in my pussy I wanted to rub it wanted to finger it until I came again. I slid my hand between my thighs and fingered my pussy as he fucked my ass. He thrust harder and harder. I wanted him to cum on me, on my body on my face I didn't care. I needed it. I could hear his breath becoming shallow I begged him to cum on me on my face but he kept thrusting into me. His hand squeezing my ass. I moaned loudly as another orgasm shook me, he shuddered and came deep inside of me.We lay there breathing heavily. Looking into each other's eyes. I lay there as he got dressed to leave. I didnt cry, I wanted to. I already missed him. But it was what it was. Great sex. I watched him drive away from the window. I showered slowly and left in my own car, back to my lonely home.

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