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Prroject Amanda

Project Amanda

By Sizzling Sarah - Dec 8, 2008 - From lesbian-erotic- stories. Lesbian stories - Views - 70814 It had been a good night out good food good wine and great company. Scott & Amanda, Amanda a fiery red head with green eyes 23 years 5’5” 110lbs 34C a UK size 8 or 10 had been my best friend since primary school (1st grade) and Scott 24 years 6’ 195lbs, since High School (8th Grade) they married when they were 19 and now the relationship was near breaking, I had been Amanda’s sounding block and unknown to her Scott had also talked with me at length about their problem.
As newly weds their sex life was uncom comfortable at best and avoided if possible, sex was something neither one enjoyed it soon became easier to not even bother with it, Amanda admitted that if she never had sex again it would not worry her in the least. Scott, confirmed all Amanda had told me, when I pressed him he admitted to masturbating, but only once every 3 or 4 months, and he denied having an affair, sex was something that did not matter to him. Now being a slut I found this had to understand and I made them my special project after all they were two of my best friends.It only took me a couple of weeks till I found out their problem, it was physical. They were both virgins when they married and had no idea what they were doing or how to achieve satisfaction, so began a master class into achieving orgasms.
I invited Amanda over on a beautiful bright Monday morning, we sat and had coffee and I led the conversation to sex, Amanda said she didn’t want to talk about it. So I took her hand and led her up stairs to my bedroom and closed the door, sat Amanda on a chair and opened my drawer with my toys in it. Her eyes grew to the size of dinner plates, as I laid a few on the bed, then I pulled my vest top off shimmied my skirt off and stood in red half bra and t-back panties in front of Amanda, I turned slowly allowing Amanda to see every inch of my body, then I laid back on the bed facing Amanda and began touching my breast outside my bra long sweeping motion, watching Amanda as I stroked, her eyes never strayed they followed my hand movements. I let my fingers move down, down to my tummy where with a feather like touch I traced round my tummy button, round and round, then moving further down I ran my finger along the waistband of my panties, watching her intently, Amanda was com completely enthralled, I saw her take a sharp intake of breath as my fingers slid into my panties and opening my legs I allowed Amanda to see my fingers working under my panties, I flung my head back and worked my fingers on my clit and inside my pussy, stabbing my finger in and out, till I suddenly became aware of hands on my thighs and pulling my panties down to expose my pussy and my fingers the panties hit the floor and Amanda’s hands slid up my thighs again this time she was pushing them further apart, she sat on the floor beside the bed and her finger brushed along my labia slick from my ministration she laid her head on my thigh and began tracing my pussy up down, I slipped my finger out and freed my pussy for her, she obliged and her finger circled my clit then dipped into my open pussy two fingers squeezed inside and Amanda pumped them in and out twisting driving deeper, her thumb bumping against my pink nub making me moan out loud, I wanted to feel her tongue on my lips but I knew she was not ready for that and this hand job was the best I would get today.
As she worked me my hips began to thrust to meet her fingers, as I squeezed and pinched my nipples, I felt my face flush which spread to my chest as I reached my peak I arched my back off the bed and strived to stop myself but the fingers in my pussy took me over the top and I came hard on Amanda’s fingers, my legs clamped closed my whole body tensed as I came. As the first wave of my orgasm abated, my body crashed on the bed, I was a floppy doll, my head felt like cotton wool and then the next wave pulsed through me, every nerve tense, muscles taut, then abated as Amanda lay next to me she pulled me to her and held me as my fingers gently played on my pussy, more waves of pleasure rhythmically ran through my body.
As I recovered from my orgasm I lifted my face to Amanda and kissed her neck, she shuddered at my touch, and began to get up, but I held her and kissed her again this time she did not try to get up she relaxed and allowed me to continue, I licked and bit her ear, my hand on her leg moving in a figure of eight, sliding higher a little at a time, she was wearing tights (pantyhose) and panties under her conservative skirt. I stopped everything and sat up and slid off the bed, un hooked my bra and stood naked, I held my hand out and Amanda took it I pulled her off the bed and began unbuttoning the white blouse she was wearing and slid it off her shoulders, my lips kissed her shoulders and along to her throat, I kissed and licked the soft skin, she sighed at my touch, I slid the zip on the skirt down and slipped the hooked the top, freeing the skirt and I pushed it down over her hips, I turned Amanda and pinged her bra open, my hands slid under the cups and held her C sized breast her nipples were already erect and I pinched one between finger and thumb as I kissed her neck, she shrugged the bra down her arms and on to the floor, after a few minutes teasing and toying with her, I ran my finger nails down her sides and along the top of her tights (pantyhose), she shivered and goose bumps rose on her skin. I knelt and kissed her back, as my fingers hooked the tights (pantyhose) and pulled them down over her firm ass and down her long legs, I kissed each firm globe and licked down her thighs, as I lifted each foot and removed her tights (pantyhose).
Amanda naked except for her panties turned and sat on the bed, she pointed for me to sit on the chair, I did and watched as Amanda began to masturbate, she copied my earlier moves, and as she opened her legs I saw her panties were wet, she moved her hand under the panties, her eyes closed, I flung my leg over the arm of the chair and my fingers slid along my slick lips and rubbed rapidly on my clit, every so often then dipped into the pool of lube seeping from my pussy. Amanda stopped masturbating lifted her legs up in the air hooked her panties and pulled them up her legs and off her legs down she spread them really wide and I saw her pussy for the first time, a thick patch of red pubic hair forming a triangle over her mons, she had only trimmed to just under the leg of her panties, her entire sex was covered in red hair, sodden from her masturbation, her labia coral coloured pouted out from the tangle of hair contrasted against the glistening pink opening, she moved her finger into the entrance and with extreme difficulty she pushed it in but only to the first knuckle, she rocked the finger putting pressure on her pink clit which stood guard at the apex of her sex, she moaned quietly and then stopped laid back on the bed and panted her breast rising and falling she covered her face with her arm.
I had three fingers plunging in and out as I watched her, when she stopped I ceased my own masturbating and walked over to the bed. Amanda, lay sobbing, when I sat on the bed she turned away curled into a ball. It took me twenty minutes to get her to look at me, and a further ten before she spoke, she said it was the first time she had masturbated in front of anyone, we both dressed and went down stairs Amanda wanted to go home but I persuaded her to stay and chat. Over several cups of tea her story came out.
Amanda had faked her orgasm by masturbating, she wept as she told me how she had been a virgin before marrying Scott, Amanda was the only daughter of a very strict church going father and mother, who preached almost daily about sins of the flesh. Scott the only son of parents went to the same church , outwardly both looked normal at school but they were never allowed to attend any school functions or the usual birthday parties of school friends. Amanda had never ever masturbated while she grew up, I had only been to her family house once and although her parents were way wealthier than mine the house was almost bare, they never spent money, I remembered how cold the house had been. I chatted to Amanda and invited her round the next day, my intention was to give her an orgasm and free her inhibitions.
I discussed my project with Liz and she offered to help, I thanked her by lying between her legs and licking, sucking and fingering her to a loud satisfying orgasm
My tongue trails into her tummy button, I gently suck and probe, my tongue leaves a glistening trail as it moves down to her thick ginger bush, lifting her lower body up against me, my arms round her waist, my tongue slips between her thighs and her outer lips slowly nibbling and sucking moving down biting the soft flesh of her inner thighs before moving back to her pussy, passing over her wet matted pubes and pouty lips and down her other warm, soft, thigh. My tongue slips between her inner and outer lips, occasionally sucking on the swollen lips, savouring her tasty pussy juices. I spread her open and lap the pink flesh, swirling and dipping inside. She is very wet now, my tongue moves to her pink clit peeking out from its protective hood, rolling my tongue I slip it over the bud and suckle, her hips buck as I cause her clit to become sexually charged and every movement causes the charge to fire through her driving her to an even higher orgasmic peak.
Leaving her clit of a moment I move down to her pussy lips, sucking them into my mouth and running my tongue along the hot puffy lips. I slip my tongue into the entrance of her vagina, it thrusts deep inside, the feeling and taste of the tight, wet pussy, excites me I tense and relax my own pussy muscles. I feel Amanda working her pussy muscles, on my tongue, I suck on two fingers wetting them and replacing my tongue with my fingers in her pussy I encircle her clit with my tongue and suck. My fingers slid easily into her pussy which pulses on them I slowly withdraw my fingers from her wet pussy, and let her down so as she is laid flat on the bed, sliding my fingers back inside Amanda I lifted myself over her to allow my fingers to move freely pumping and twisting deep inside as Amanda moaned and lifted her hips to meet my fingers as I pushed them inside her hot wet pussy, my lips enclosed on her erect nipple as my wet tongue fluttered on it, then sucking and pulling on the hard nub. Amanda’s hand moved and touched my wet pussy she nervously ran her finger along the wetness, I encouraged her to let her finger enter me. She entered my pussy with her middle finger, my pussy pulsed on her finger which she began moving in and out. I ground down on her hand, pressing my clit against her palm, as I rode on her finger.
I figured that now was the time to introduce Amanda to pussy sucking, I sat up and moved up the bed and straddled Amanda’s head, lowering my wet pulsing pussy and throbbing clit to her mouth and tongue, I had judged it correctly and Amanda began to eat my pussy, even before I could dip my head between her thighs and eat hers. I flatten my tongue and with a long sweep I lick along her wet pussy then back up to her clit. It is peeking out of its hood longing for my attention. Glistening in the sunlight streaming through the windows. I lightly kiss her clitoris, before gently but firmly suckling on it I move my tongue round the trapped bud and left, right up and down, as I spread her labia and slip three fingers into her wet pussy. I feel her moaning against my own wet pussy, as she pulls my pussy down towards her face, shaking her head from side to side, lapping all the juices seeping from my pussy. Amanda stiffens releasing me her hands clasp on the bed cover as she arches her back, she stops breathing and her entire body shakes and then relaxes, from my position I can see her pussy pouting and a stream of girlie cum runs down from her pussy to wet the bed sheet, I climb off her and move to hold her as she is now experiencing her very first orgasm.
I take her in my arms holding her against me, then the next wave hits and she stiffens and shakes, her hand clasps between her legs as she cums.
She cums several more times each wave lessening over the next ten minutes. Tears run from her eyes as she realises just what she has been suppressing sex is good, very good, and something to enjoy, the wet patch under her bottom continues to spread.
I woke and entered the shower. After showering I wrapped myself in a towel, I dried and applied Johnson’s baby oil, all over, I was so horny. I wanted nothing more than to lay on the bed open the drawer and use my new remote controlled vibrating egg (Ultra 7), but it was not there! I consoled myself that I was waiting for Amanda, so I put on an emerald green satin babydoll nightie & wrap and when down stairs to make breakfast, I thought about wearing panties but in the end, I decided against it.
Half an hour after I had breakfast the door bell rang, I opened the door, Amanda stood looking stunning her long red hair in a loose ponytail, wearing a black skater skirt, a white blouse with popper fastening under a black linen jacket, and on her feet flat black sling backs, fence net thigh high stockings.
The first thing she did was hand me a tissue, opening the tissue revealed my missing vibrator she smiled. I traced a finger down Amanda's cheek and over her lips. I watched as she opened her mouth and sucked on my finger slowly, sensually, seconds later I removed my finger and put it into my own mouth and suckled on it, looking directly into Amanda’s eyes. She moved closer and kissed me, her tongue darted into my mouth, I kicked the door closed, and after some more kissing, we separated. Amanda removed her jacket she was a different person to the woman who came for coffee yesterday.
Amanda followed me into the kitchen, we sat at the table and I poured us both a coffee, Amanda, apologised for taking the vibrator, but she did not have anything at home and she was desperate to have more orgasms. I ordered Amanda to come round the table to me, when she stood beside me, I ran my hand up the back of her leg, my fingers reach the top of her sexy stockings her skin hot to the touch, moving higher my hand passes over her tight panty clad bum before slipping down between her thighs. I felt her pussy under her panties she was quite wet and as my fingers ran over the panties, she squirmed and ground herself against my fingers, trying to manoeuvre me to rub her clit, as she spread her legs wider, and her hands on the table steadying her. I traced along her vaginal crease, Amanda gasped as I moved my fingers to slide under the panties, my finger touching the hot flesh and crinkly hairs covering her pussy. I teased her running my finger between her plump lips squeezing and rubbing, using my fingernails I scraped over her clit, she danced
I turned in my chair, lifted her black skirt, and planted a kiss on her taut ass cheek she wore red semi-sheer booty shorts, which covered most of her bottom in a sheer mesh. The red contrasted with her pale flesh had my pussy flooding she looked so hot. I removed my fingers, I slipped from my chair and knelt behind her, I hooked my fingers in her panties and slowly pulled the tight material down over her hips down to the floor, she stepped out and I spread her white cheeks apart and licked her wet lips, tasting the juices seeping from her inner core. Without prompting Amanda reached back and pulled her cheeks open, with my hands now free I reached for her clit, it seemed much bigger than yesterday; I ground my thumb on the exposed nub, making small circular motions, leant in and lashed her pussy with my tongue. She shuddered as I moved my tongue round her anal bud and back to her hot wet pussy, she almost danced on my tongue. I pressed two fingers into Amanda’s pussy, she was tight and I felt the soft inner folds gripping my fingers, I spat on her pussy and my fingers as they appeared and disappeared into her. I It was only a minute of so before Amanda grabbed my hand to stop me pumping as she threw back her head and uttered one word, ‘Fuck’, before slapping her legs closed then relaxing held up only by her body on the table.
I reached for her and pulled her onto my lap and began kissing her, we were both still dressed except for Amanda’s panties which lay on the table, I picked them up and gently coaxed Amanda’s legs open and I pushed her red panties between her puffy pussy lips and into her vagina. She was still having small waves of pleasure, and let me push all but a tiny piece of the material inside.
Once Amanda recovered, I stood her up and taking her hand I lead her up stairs to the shower and spread out on the counter was four disposable razors, an aerosol can of shaving foam and several clean towels. I undressed Amanda slowly sensually taking my time and savouring every inch of naked skin.
I popped the studs of her white blouse, under the blouse she wore a red semi-sheer under wired bra and matched her booty shorts, which were still stuffed inside her hot love tunnel. I reached behind her and unhooked her bra, slowly revealing the soft white orbs with the stiff nipples standing erect and inviting, so I nipped each nipple in turn, Amanda moaned softly, she involuntarily drew in her slightly bulging tummy, as I sucked on the hard buds. I unzipped her skirt letting it fall, I bent to lift it as she stepped out of it, this brought me close up with her full bush of pubic hair, matted down with girlie cum, and the tiny scrap of her red panties peeking out from her soft puffy folds. I leant further and bit on to the material and slowly pulled the material out, as I guessed it was soaking wet, sniffed the panties the sexy aroma of a woman filled my nose and made my mouth water, but I had another task to perform.
I removed my nightie & wrap, standing in front of Amanda naked my mons nude and my pussy lips pouting. Amanda gave a cheeky wolf whistle, and I curtseyed, and twirled giving her a full 360 view..
I filled the wash basin with warm water and picked up the scissors and comb, I combed Amanda pubic hair and snipped, I continued until I had trimmed as much as I could, then I laid a towel down and Amanda lay on it legs open. I took a wash cloth and wet Amanda’s trimmed pubic hair and sprayed some shaving foam onto my hand and I spread it over her mons and down the sides of her pussy lips, Amanda squirmed when I applied it and closed her eyes, as I lifted the disposable razor and began shaving her mons. Rinsing the razor I moved quickly and purposefully, removing all the small hairs, (my nursing training, good for some things) covering her mons. I took the wash cloth and rinsed and using finger tips I moved over the soft newly shaven mons looking for any missed hairs, then with a new razor I spread more foam and shave again, finally satisfied I asked Amanda to spread her legs wider and with a generous spray I rub foam, along either side of her labia, I begin shaving the razor moves easily as I pull on the soft skin, stretching it taut, my fingers move over her lips Amanda’s juices are flowing from her as her breathing begins to race imperceptibly at first but as I continue shaving it and touching she becomes more turned on. Once I finish I rinse her labia and again my fingers move up and down the newly shaven pussy, and a second shave follows, till I am satisfied. Now I have her kneel her head down and that sweet ass in the air, I spray the foam on my hand and using my fingers I spread it over her bottom crease, as I move over her crinkled butt opening Amanda sighs and I can see her labia opening slightly as they puff up even more. Finally I finish and helping Amanda up I led her into the shower and with the shower on pulse I use the hot water on her freshly shaven pussy. Amanda’s hand immediately moved to stroke her nude pussy, she clearly loved it and began masturbating, rubbing her fingers over her clit, as I increased the water pulsing, I had woken her libido, she was a sexual dynamo, and within five minutes she had cum and sunk onto the floor of the shower, as I turned the water off, tears were running down her face, Amanda realised just what she had been suppressing and she was going to enjoy catching up.
Once I got her out of the shower we moved into the bedroom and Amanda, pushed me down and lay on top of me her legs between mine as she began kissing licking and moving, breast, nipple she rapidly moved down till her mouth was inches from my pussy, I was on heat now and desperately wanted her mouth on me and her fingers in me, she hesitated and asked me what I wanted her to do, she was making me beg, I was not too proud I begged and she finally planted a light kiss over my clit, slipping her tongue through her lips to tease my pink nub. My already wet pussy gushed, as my pussy generated more girlie cum, mmmmmmm this would be Amanda’s sex oral final exam, I had a feeling deep in my tummy, that she was well underway to a first class pass with honours.
The end or is it just the start?

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