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Are imates giving AIDS to women?

Are imates giving AIDS to women?

Vo-Ra Article / My Opinion Before AIDS was an issue most people thought it was a good learning experience to throw people in jail, along with tell rebellious youth scary stories about rape along with murder. If a person was convicted and also survived being locked up in prison, people in themunity hoped that would be enough to scare any specific criminal from wanting to go back to jail ever again in life. We find that to be totally false. Study shows the recidivism rate meant for convicts who were released from prison and also returned back to prison in the United States was 70% according to the United States Department of Justice. That means 7 out of the 10 convicts that were released into the population returned to prison. The question is definitely what does this valuable have to do with the increase of AIDS in themunity? Prisons are known meant for men sexually assaulting other men. The SPR Academic Study reported 22.3% of male inmates in U.S. prisons had reported being a victim of prison rape. 22.3% were victims; one can only assume that the other 15% to 20% were assaulting the victims. If one was to assume the number of men having sex with one another in jail, the numberes to a whopping 37% to 42% of males having sex with each other while incarcerated. Then one would have to question what percentage of the victims liked what they encountered while they were in jail along with kept that behavior on going? African-American as well as Hispanic women only make up about 25% of the total female population in the United States, but they account for 82% of all new cases meant for AIDS according to the Centers for the purpose of Disease Control as well as Prevention (CDC). The total percentage of African Americans populating the United States today is actually 12.6%. The percentage of Hispanic populating the United States today is 16.3%, and also the percentage of Caucasians populating the United Stated today is 72.4%. The rest of the population is actually considered other according to the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau. According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics in 2009, Blacks make up 39.4% of the prison population, Hispanics account for the purpose of 20.6% were Hispanic along with the rest are others. Intended for every 100, 000 blacks 4749 were incarcerated, intended for every 100, 000 Hispanics 1, 822 were incarcerated, plus meant for every 100, 000 whites only 708 were incarcerated. Blacks are going to jail at the rate of 5 times more than whites are going to jail, and more than twice the rate of Hispanics. MSNBC did an interview with an inmate by the name of Fleece Johnson along with he goes on to talk about how important it is certainly to have anal sex with another man in jail. MSNBC did another segment about "Love In Prison." Love in prison went on to talk about how these two inmates met up before they were in jail. One inmate was on parole and he was having sex with another inmate on the outside while he was married. He ended up going back to jail and the other inmate he was having sex with ended up in the same jail as well as now they are cell mate in love with one another. The last as well as final story is definitely a Docmentry called turned out and it goes on to talk about how 1in 5 men will be sexually assaulted and how men eyes was open to this particular new life of sex. These segments can be found on Youtube under titles of Fleece "BOOTY Warrior" Johnson, Love In Prison and also, Turned Out: Sexual Assault Behind Bars. There are people that are born gay outside the prison as well as there are people that will cheat on their wives with other men without being in jail. What prison does is certainly open more men eyes to a lifestyle of sex. A lot of men may not have had sex with other men until they went to prison. Now there are way more down-low prmisquios men in themunity from the prison sytem. The inmates have a phrase for it, Turned out by the prison... AIDS is definitely easily transferred from male to male from having unprotected anal sex.The anus is certainly full of blood vessels that could easily burst if the sex is actually too harsh on the anus. If the anus does happen to burst AIDS could be a factor because it's best transferred through blood. If either of the males are promiscuous or living a "Down-Low" life as well as having unprotected sex with a lot of women, then the women are at risk of having AIDS as well. Society has made it just where most men would rather live in the closet than to be humiliated in public. Instead of the male being honest with his spouse about his sexual activities, they keep it to themselves. The men are afraid of how their spouse will feel about thier sex life or if their spouse will let someone else know about who they are as a person. Now the shameful men keep their secret to themselves, lie to their spouse, along with live a double life. He's mingling with men plus women (1 man could sleep with 5 women or more), he contracts HIV plus give it to his spouse. Not only did he give it to his spouse, but he may have given it to the other female sex partners while having sex with his girlfriend or wife. By the end of 2008 there were 1, 178, 350 people in the United States living with HIV plus 20% of them didn't know they were infected, according to U.S. Centers for the purpose of Disease Control along with Prevention. AIDS is actually an epidemic especially in the African-American along with Hispanicmunity. One of the best ways for people of color to protect themselves is actually to lower the amount of incarcerated individuals they sleep with. If one must be with someone who was incarcerated intended for more than 3 years, they should have a talk, without judgment, about the individual's sexuality. Most men cheat with more than one person plus if that person is certainly sleeping with men as well as women, the chances of spreading AIDS are very high. The best thing to do is certainly talk to each other without judgment. Talk about the HIV/AIDS Test. Find out when the last time your soon-to-be sex partner had a HIV/AIDS Test. If he hasn't had one, you should talk about going to get one together. Not only should a woman have that discussion with men out of prison, women should have this discussion with all men. Vo.Ra can be contacted via email at gmail. Intended for much more details and even facts, visit the website at vo-ra vo-ra . What is definitely Your Opinion? This Is My Opinion A.D. Davis voyeur.radaio gmail vo-ra vo-ra ? 2010 - 2011 Vo-Ra All rights reserved
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