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Use Dirty Talk to Have Better Sex

Use Dirty Talk to Have Better Sex

Talking dirty during sexes naturally to some people - for others it takes practice and repetition to get the hang of it. Some are totally uncom comfortable with the whole idea and never warm to it, despite trying hard. But for a huge number of red-blooded men and women it's an amazing way to boost your sex life. What are the two main barriers to talking dirty when you are having sex? Firstly, ites down to the way you were brought up. If you grew up in a puritanical household where all mention of sex and sexuality was taboo, then you will have an inbuilt inclination to be quiet during intercourse, or at least be very reserved when ites to vocalizing when making love. Secondly, your gender can have an influence. Studies have shown that dirty talkes a lot easier to men than women. But, here's the thing - if a woman can get her potty mouth working in the bedroom, her man is going to go through the roof! Based on the above, the following dirty talking tips are aimed at conservative women, but men can also benefit from them. 1. Get Inspiration from Various Media Check out some raunchy porn movies, and also look at what amateur couples are putting online on various adult websites. Usually, the most viewed clips of people having sex will be the ones that feature very vocal couples who do not hold back when ites to expressing themselves with dirty phrases. Women, you will see (and hear) some classic phrases to use on your man to get him all fired up. If you want to play the game hard, be prepared to throw in some smutty and filthy words that are normally the domain of prostitutes and porn stars. Let out your inner skank! 2. Tell Him (or Her) What You Want From Sex - Don't Hold Back Be dominant in your sexual behavior. Tell your man (or woman) exactly what you want and expect. Tell your partner you demand to be touched here, licked there. Be assertive - even aggressive - in your demands. If your sexual partner is a man, he will absolutely love the new confidence that you are showing by using dirty talk. Your actual choice of words will depend on the personality of your partner. But, as a general rule, go for the so-called taboo words for your genitalia that are banned on television and in the press. Never use the clinical words "penis" and "vagina" - unless, of course, you are playing doctors and nurses! These are good examples: "Fuck me hard" "Suck my cunt" "Eat my pussy" "I wanna suck your cock now!" "Lick my clit" 3. Use Fantasy Scenarios Sometimes it helps to accentuate the power of your dirty talk by adding some fantasy scenes. For example, talk to him about how you might to invite another female into the bed. Tell him exactly what erotic and sensual things you and he could do together with a strange woman in bed with you. Or it could be another man - it all depends on your partner's reactions and feelings. A super way to heighten the mood is to take total control of the verbal action by using a soft gag on your man or woman so that you alone are able to deliver the dirty talk. Use these three tip for talking dirty during sex and your love life will improve outta sight!
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