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Honduras Article

Sesso Saporito

Sesso Saporito

By Mz xxx - Mar 17, 2008 3406 Like usual we spent the majority of the week slaving away at work. And since the weekend was usually the only time we had to rest, we always spent them sleeping or just at home watching T.V. But this weekend I had something else in mind I was tired of our dull lifestyle so I cooked up a little at home adventure so that we could still be fun and sexy but also rest at home.
You pulled up in front of my work building to pick me up like every Friday. You sat in the car listening to a CD of your favorite rap songs. As I waved by to one of my colleagues I couldn’t help but smile because of what I had planned for that weekend. I strutted to the car my curvaceous hips, thighs and ass swayed to the beat escaping from the car. You got out and opened the door showing off you dark chocolate features in the now dulling sun light.
“Hey baby how was work?” You asked your deep voice booming in my ear, “Were you busy, I called to see what you wanted for dinner.
I cut the radio down because I hated talking over the music. “It was no busy than any other day and I think I was at lunch when you called but what did you decide.”
You words grew into incoherent babbling as I stared you up in down, lingering on all my favor features of you handsome dark brown face. You were dressed very nice considering that you didn’t work today so I had to infer you were taking me somewhere nice in hopes of wining and dining me, and then retreating to a lusty night of hot sex. But you were so wrong, I thought as a stared at your ears gleaming from two diamond studded earrings.
Somewhere in-between my thoughts you must have noticed that I wasn’t listening because you were repeating my name.
“Umm Yes… Sorry I must have dozed off or something”
“What the fuck ever you was daydreaming again...” before you could finish you sentence I had started rubbing you dick through you jeans. I didn’t want to ruin my plans with a petty argument so I did what any girl would do in this situation. My small strokes grew in to deep groping stokes and overcome from the anticipation of the nights events I pulled your now hard dick out of you pants.
The whole time I was working my magic you kept your eyes on the road. The deeper I took your dick into my throat I felt the car jerk a bit. I didn’t let that lose my focus. I ran my tongue over the head of your dick licking it quickly, and then I put my whole face into your lap. I could hear you suppressing a moan.
I moaned instead because my pussy was dampening my lacey underwear. I was thrusting your dick deeply in to my mouth rolling my tongue over every inch of it. I was getting so hot by this I started to touch myself too.
The whole while you stayed hypnotized, I don’t know if it was from me sucking your dick so hard that you burst in my mouth splashing my tongue and throat with your cum or was it the fact that I too was now cumming all over the 3 fingers I had jammed in my pussy. Whatever the case was your eyes stayed transfixed on the road. As I licked the last drops of remaining cum from you semi erect dick I noticed we were stopping. We had pulled in to a quaint little Italian restaurant Sesso Saporito.
We walked in and a very exotic looking hostess led us to our table, which was far off in a private room filled with rows and rows of wine and mirrors everywhere. It also had what looked like a medium sized bed like sofa. The hostess gave you a nod as if to signal something but I brushed it off because I needed to go to the ladies room to make sure my friend had set up everything for tonight. I told you my drink order and then exited our private boudoir like dining room. As I entered the hallway of what I thought was where the restrooms must be I could here muffled moans and gasps of pleasures. I thought to myself someone definitely couldn’t wait until they got home. I laughed to myself as I ventured further into what I thought was the direction of the ladies room. I began to notice that the whole restaurant was filled with this boudoir like dining rooms and each one had its own set of moans and gasps escaping the cracks of the door.
Realizing I was lost I saw a woman who was dressed like the hostess that lead us in and ask her if she could escort me to the ladies room.
“’Es of c’orse.” She answered in some thick Latin accent.
“Thank you, ” I said following her in the opposite direction of what I had been traveling. “What is this place if you don’t mind me asking?”
She gave a faint laugh and answered, “You soon see.”
I followed her for what seemed like an eternity; all the while I was admiring her sensuality. She was very beautiful she had nice round breast that might as well lit up because they caught even my attention. Her ass was about the same as mind but the tight dress pants she wore made it look very tasty. Every so often she would glance over her shoulder, catching me admiring her nice ass and give me a sexy wink and a smile.
We finally reached our destination, she open the door for me and led me in to what was the biggest bathroom I had ever seen in a restaurant. It was a pale pink color with lots of floral prints and patterns decorating the room. In the center of the wall was a large vintage styled vanity with lights around the mirror to the left of the vanity was a draped archway. The archway led to a large closet filled of all kinds of lingerie and also had a vintage style privacy shade for changing.
“Uhh...Umm...What is this?” I managed to say taken aback by the mere shock of the scene.
“Pick sum tin to war and we go bak to you tabell.” She said leading me into the wardrobe.
Com completely unsure about what this whole thing was I thought that I would just pick something and then get back to the table and ask you what the fuck was going on. So I began to skim through the multiple racks of lingerie and costumes. There were so many varieties that it was difficult for me to choose. As I rummaged through continuing to look, I wonder were you going through the same thing.
Little did I know that you were back in our boudoir like room but you were not alone. Inside you were sitting on the bed like sofa but an Asian girl was keeping you company. She was about 5’3 not a pound over 100 and she was very sexy. She moved like liquid in front of you dancing long enough to keep you enticed until I returned or until I gave her the go ahead to do something a little bit more.
After searching through the racks I decided on a red corset with black lacey bows and sexy black and red ruffled bowed panties that let my ass fall out in a manner that turned me on. I let me hair fall over my back and face to get a little more com comfortable. After choosing my outfit the exotic Latin hostess led me back to where you were being well entertained. As I knocked on the door the little Asian girl who had been dancing for you open the door and let me in as she exited.
I sat down with so many questions in my head but I was so turned on. “Baby where the hell are we, I thought this was a restaurant or something.”
You stood up from the sofa where you had been sitting and grabbed my hand and led me into your lap. “Baby… just go with it… It is a restaurant but with a little… twist to it…”
You said these words to me pausing in between to kiss my neck and caress my thighs. You were turning me on so much I couldn’t keep resisting you but I had to I wanted answers.
“Baby… so is this like a place where you have dinner…and…and ...and, ” I couldn’t say the last word because you were rolling you big wet tongue up and down my neck and rubbing me in all the right places. “SEX!!!” I screamed as you pushed me down on the sofa.
Your deep voice whispered some of the nastiest things you had ever said to me but I enjoyed every moment of. You were slowly unbuttoning your dress shirt, each button gave me a peek -a -boo of you sexy dark chocolate chest. Just as you had gotten to the last button there was a knock at our door. In my head I was pissed who the fuck was this ruining our moment, I sat up straighten my robe. You told the unknown visitor to come in. It was the sexy hostess who led me to the ladies room and she was caring a tray of something I could not see sitting down. You greeted her and she sat her tray down but did not leave. She closed the door and slowly walked over to me her sexy thick ass swaying behind her.
She grabbed my hand and pulled me up to her she was a few inches taller than me maybe like 5’9 or so but she was so beautiful. Now I stood facing her our breast touching her ample supple breast almost bursting out of her white blouse. She looked so sexy, so exotic in the dim light. She gave me a stare this quick flash in her eye telling me that she wanted me just as much as I secretly wanted her. All the while you took a seat around the table and sipped champagne with you shirt fully open exposing your sexy chiseled chest.
I made a motion to take a step back and to say something, but she wrapped her arm around my waist and pulled me closer and tighter. With her other hand she put her finger to my lip to shush me. This was driving me crazy I felt all of my juices dripping down my thighs. It was so sexy to have this thick curvaceous exotic woman breast to breast with me while all the while you were watching. She lifted her well manicured hand to my shoulder and pushed the robe down so that it was now resting on my elbow. She started to kiss my now exposed shoulder and neck, the weird part was I didn’t stop her. I ran my fingers through her jet black sheet of hair as I did this I felt her body tremble next to mine. She stopped and looked at me a brief moment then at you who was wearing a grin and now you hard dick starting to bulge in your pants.
Taking her lead I unbuttoned her blouse causing her hot pink and white lacey bra to reveal itself. They looked so tempting. I took one of them into my hand and began to squeeze gently using my thumb to glide over her hard nipples. She then repeated what she just did to the other side of my neck and shoulder. In a matter of minutes my robe had dropped to our feet. She only stood there in her lacey bra and black dress pants. I let her take the lead because it just felt so right. She pushed me back until I stumbled and fell against the soft cushions of the bed like sofa. She leaned over me letting her long hair tickle my skin. She knelt down and started to kiss my inner thighs. And you know how that drives me crazy so you got up and dragged the chair a little closer. Not to disturb us just enough so that you would have a better view.
She teased me by rubbing her hand over my luscious pussy. She then unhooked her bra and placed my hands on her breasts making sure that I held them tight and played with her nipples. She moaned in ecstasy and began to slide my panties down. Once she had them off she pulled me closer to her, with the strength of a man. This made my pussy gush. I moved to touch myself you stood and held my hands above my head.
You leaned down and whispered in my ear, “This is to make sure you don’t cheat… let her do it then let me.” You finished you sentence, then begin to lick my ears and my neck.
All the while she put my leg over her shoulder and dove face first into my wetness. It felt so good as she licked from bottom to top as if my wet pussy was a sweet ice cream cone. She did this for a while then she blew on the wetness so that the cool breeze would excite me even more. And it did. She then poked her tongue deep into my hole making sure to taste some of my goodness with every lick. She drove her tongue in hard and wiggled causing me to moan with pure pleasure. She hit all the right spots my pussy was drowning her I thought but she never stopped she kept going until she felt my pussy contract and I came all on her tongue and the look on her face let me know she enjoyed every moment of it.
After she made me cum you took her place and she took yours. She pushed me forward and began to unhook my corset so that now I was com completely naked. She straddled me putting her wet pussy in my face to give it a lick. And I obliged the same as she did to me. I had never eaten a woman’s pussy before but I enjoyed it. I licked her pussy sucking her clit and everywhere in between while she leaned forward and began to suck my breast. The combination of you putting that long thick tongue of yours in and out of my overflowing pussy, the sexy Latina suckling my breast and the sheer excitement me of her pussy on my tongue made me begin to cum. As I got closer and closer to climaxing I licked her pussy hard jamming my tongue as deep as I could get it and flicking it fast while inside her. She yelled in her thick accent that she was cumming. I too did the same soaking you mouth with my goodness.
All of this had all of us hot and bothered and I knew I was ready to take your dick deep in my pussy. But the Latina girl had other plans. She climbed off of me and went to you, but she didn’t take you to the sofa she put you right in the chair you were sitting in before you joined us. Then she pulled me towards her again breast to breast and led me to your seat. I kneeled in front of you and took your long hard dick in to my mouth. She kneeled down next to me rubbing my pussy as she took your balls in to her mouth rolling them around her tongue caressing them. I started slowing going from the tip of you head to as far down as I could go. I must have been so hot by this time because I was taking all of you hard dick into my mouth with no problems. Then she and I switched and she began to run her tongue all over your dick as I rubbed her pussy and took your balls in to my mouth juggling them with my tongue. She deep throated your dick in deep circular motions. Then we started to tag team giving you head. We were doing it really sloppy so that you were cover with our spit. You started to moan and I could tell you were ready to climax so I stopped and straddled you in the chair.
My pussy was a pool by the time I pushed myself on you dick and your dick was harder than I ever felt it. You began bouncing me on your dick raising me so high that when I came down you dick pounded my pussy. The Latina girl stood and began to kiss me and rub and pinch my nipples. It felt so good almost to good. And then I heard the Latina girl speak after along time of silence.
“I want a turn.” She said before taking my breast back into her soft mouth running her tongue over my nipples.
I got up and let her straddle you but it didn’t bother me that you was fucking another girl because we were both fucking her. She didn’t face you like I did, her back was to your chest and her ass was bouncing and looking so good. I took this time to lick her clit and suck on your balls. I could tell you were about to lose so I said I want you to cum in our mouths. You nodded but instead you pushed her up.
“I want you to lie on top of her.” You instructed us while stroking your dick with your hand.
We followed orders. I laid flat on my back and the Latina Girl straddled me and I could feel her wet pussy so close to mine and it made me hot so hot. You started to alternate fucking me and fucking her. It felt so good but was such a tease. You were fucking me so good that I could hardly contain myself. She started kissing me and rubbing my breast then you took you dick and forced it in her pussy and I could tell she was enjoying it just as much as I had. It felt so good. Then you jerked out of us and said you were about to cum. We got on our knee in front of you. We were facing chest to chest rubbing and touching each other and then you started to cum. As you came in our mouths , on our faces and our breast. We started to kiss and lick it off each other. It felt so right and I loved every moment.
I never thought that pussy would be on the menu at this restaurant but I am glad it was. I think I have a new favorite restaurant Sesso Saporito. (Tasty Sex in Italian)

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