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PROTECT YOUR KIDS ONLINE: Surefire Internet Security for Children

PROTECT YOUR KIDS ONLINE: Surefire Internet Security for Children

A recent survey of children has revealed that one out of every two children in North America have gone home after school (to their own or to a friend's house) and watched adult websites. Many of these children are as young as six and seven. Teenagers are getting their ideas of what sex should be like from pornography on the net. They're not seeing sex in the context of gradually developing loving intimacy, but as a sort of aggressive performance sport, with the overwhelming focus on women servicing men's desires - whatever they may be. Surveyed girls in their teens and younger admit that they know more about "oral sex" than they do about "kissing." ==>> Many homeputers are completely unsecure and many unsupervised children are visiting porn, adult social media and radical political websites that would shock their parents -- if they knew! Since children cannot often discriminate, they are unwittingly putting traceable material on their parent's hard drives that could literally get their parents arrested! * The problem of online security for children is widespread and getting more critical each day. A disturbing increase in the number of incidents have been reported in the media concerning young people and their use of social media online. These range from the notorious publishing of pictures of nude AFL stars, through to paedophiles using the networks to lure children. All can cause long-term damage in terms of reputation and emotional wellbeing. All of these incidents strike fear in a parent's heart, says Simone Douglas, designer of the Social Media Safety Courses for parents at Adelaide's Mason College. She said that the growing popularity of social networking is attracting hackers, spammers, virus writers, identity thieves and other criminals, including sexual predators. "Holiday time is a prime time for predators to act, while kids spend more time in front of theirputers, " she says. "As parents we need to know which websites our children are visiting, and understand how to access and use the tools to keep them safe." Parents can walk away knowing how to navigate the applications and with the tools and resources they need to teach their children solid protective behaviours around their use of the internet in general and social media in particular. Simone believes that both parents and grandparents who care for children have a responsibility to have an understanding of social networking sites and their privacy and security issues. "The courses teach parents and grandparents how to access the internet and how to use the applications that the kids are using, " she says. Online security is essential for our children. Among the things we must learn... _ Help setting up a Facebook Page, Twitter, You Tube and Skype Account _ Covering off Live Chat applications such as Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger _ How to link these applications to your smart phone if you have one _ Tips to help your children navigate Social Media safely _ Resources to help you educate your children and yourselves * This problem doesn't only apply to Americans and Canadians. In the UK, the British government actually appears to be doing something about it. Itsmunications Minister is meeting with Internet Service Providers (ISP) to block all porn, unless the adultputer owner opts in. This follows the successful prohibition in the UK of online child pornography. Under this system, porn sites will be blocked until an adult user specifically requests it. There is also consideration being given to a movie-type of rating system to allow only adult users in the home to view such sites. Thises on the heels of a study that found that one in three children (aged 10) had seen pornographic images on the Internet. Parents, desperate to prevent this, now have a system that allows them to opt out. However, this new measure would take the protection of children a step further, in that as long as the adults in the household do not opt in, no porn will sneak in. According to SaferMedia, a UK nonprofit dedicated to protecting children, "In the past, Internet porn was regarded as a moral issue or a matter of taste. Now it has become a mental health issue because we now know the damage it is causing. We are seeing perverse sexual behavior among children. Legislation is both justifiable and feasible." This opt-in option is currently available on cell phone systems in the UK already. And protests that it would be difficult to implement are not holding sway, as child pornography was easily blocked by ISPs. Do you know how to protect your children when they go online? To learn more, go to "How to keep your children safe online - Internet Content Filtering - Children and Online PC Safety" at wuving holiday_6. Children Safe Online. * * See more articles by top relationship experts at WUVING... WUVING is loaded with tips and articles from the top experts in relationships. Among them, are Michael Webb of OPRAH SHOW fame, whose articles have appeared in over 50 magazines such as Redbook and Woman's World. And Kara Oh, best selling author of MARRIAGE MADE EASY who has appeared on CBS News and FOX News and in magazines like Cosmopolitan and Woman's World. And the people you can immediately reach are "men and women found locally and worldwide." What WUVING has done is specialize in individual needs of people looking for real love and romance. You can meet people in our military, singles, people of all sizes and races -- in other words -- real people! WUVING - wuving wuving * - Kate
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