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Selling My 67 GTO For Black Dick

Selling my 67 GTO for Black Dick

By Anita - Apr 14, 2009 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 14040 Ya, know most of the stories submitted here, Are women with 40 DDD sized titties and nipples to match and men with 16” of the hardest, fattest cock you’ve ever seen with balls the size of Dallas / Ft. Worth. , B_ _ _ S _ _ _! This story is true, however it does not have an unbelievable sized cock or no huge gigantic boobs in it.
Hi I’m Anita, 28 and my husband is Scott 32. Scott. I am a brunette, firm 34c boobs & nice ass! Scott is a little chubby but he does have a nice hard 7” cock that always responds quickly to my touch. He can even get it up when I talk dirty to him.
I get home from work about the same time Scott does. We arrived home about 4:30 one afternoon. We kissed each other as always. I said, “I Know, I know! Let’s go fuck”. It seems I am always the horny one. Anyway, I kissed him again real hard and explored his mouth with my tongue. I felt his cock come to attention by my pressing against him in a tight embrace. I dropped down to my knees, un-buckled his belt, lowered his zipper and his 7” cock was in my hands. Scott & I have great sex adventures.
We have made love in all known positions and I even like his dick up my ass. I swallow his seed after hand jobs, giving head. I love the feeling of his cum hitting my cervix when he jambs his 7” ram in my pussy hard. I cum rather easily and my g spot is readily available.
We went into the bathroom to shower and fuck the rest of the afternoon. I no more got in the shower and soaped up my body and he had me bent over and entered my snatch from behind. Scott has real easy access to my squirting mechanism. (My G-Spot) His dick has a crook near the tip that makes it to my g-spot quickly. I was cumming hard and squirting my love juices in no time. It was during this period of cuming Scott asked me a strange question. He asked me if I had any idea of a male that I have had a fantasy about fucking. Before I have time to think about what he said I said, “Mark”
“Oh Mark from across the street from our old house? Oh Really, Why him? He’s ah black man”
“Yeah he’s black, so? the only man I could fuck if I had a chance” I said. We had another round of good sex and hard fucking before he brought in up again. “Anita” he said, “I am serous would you like to have another man to have sex with”
“I don’t know. I haven’t really given it much thought. Are you for real about this? Wouldn’t that put a strain on our marriage?
“Anita I love you with my whole being. I would never do anything to put our relationship in the line of fire. Linda what do you think about another man to bed down with”? I kind of think sometimes you are a little bored of sex the way we do it all time. Something new may just help us” Huh Linda. Would you like that?”
I said, “Actually yeah It might be fun to have some else to cum across these pearly white teeth. Can we get Mark. Scott’’ He does have ah cute butt. I have watched him as he was mowing the lawn with out his shirt. His chest is like ah 6 pack” Yeah, Scott set it up for this weekend. Will you be there as well?
“Oh yeah, That’s why I asking you to do this. I wouldn't miss this for the world, ” I remember one time after we finished a round of golf. I headed to go pee. Mark came in and stood next to me. His dick is longer then I am by at least 3"
“Oh Really now, Hummm. I Asked, That may be something to think about. Scott, just how are yu going to approach him with this”
“I know Mark has always wanted to buy my old 67 GTO to finish restoring it. I know what we can do Anita. You drive over to his house and tell him that I might be interested in selling my old car. Ask him to come over ay 5pm Saturday.
“Well ok I said. Be right back” and I left to go to Mark’s house. I knocked on his door. I waited and waited knocked again. He’s not home I said to myself. I returned to go back to my car and the door opened.
“Damn Gurl” come on in here Anita” Mark said. Where is Scott”
“I can only stay a minute. “Are you still interested in buying Scott’s old car. That thing is taking to long and in need my garage back” Scot might sell it. My hot little box was tingling as I was watching his crouch as we chatted.
Mark said, “Hell Yeah I’ll but it”
Scott said to come by about 5 on Saturday.
I left Mark’s house and drove back home. Scott was in the back yard. “Scott, I talked to Mark, he’ll be here around 5”
“Oh Great Anita” now go do some shopping tomorrow for and real sexy clothes to show off those titties”
I bought a low cut neckline sweater and some tight jeans that was showing a prefect camel toe. (Y) at my crouch. I asked Scott what he wanted me to do. “Nothing, Mark will do it” About 430 I will leave so he will come while I’m not here. Mark will do the rest” All I day was getting nervous as the time came closer. I bathed, powered and primped myself and looking forward to this strange black dick I was about to fuck. 2pm, 3pm 4pm and Scott left the house.
At 4:45 a knock at the door. Hi Mark make your self at home, you want a beer or something” I bent over in front of him to pick up some carpet lint so her could gaze down my sweater at my braless titties. My nipples grew at the thought of him looking at my tits.
“Where is Scott” Mark asked. “Oh he had to leave for ah while, he’ll be back in an hour so. Why don’t you come in and get com comfortable Mark” “Thanks Anita, he said. “Anita, you are dressed very sexy tonight. It’s going to be hard to keep my hands of you!” “Mark! I said, who said you have to. You are an attractive man ya know, “Why don’t you just take me while Scott’s not here”?
“I can’t do that to Scott, He’s a good friend” Even though Scott can’t golf for shit. I still can’t do that to him.
“Mark I’ll tell you a little secret. This meeting tonight is Scott idea. He really stepped out so you could make a move on me”
“Did Scott set this up”, he asked. “Yes”, I said. “He has always wanted me to fuck another man. So Ca. Ca-mon lets go fuck!” I took his hand and lead him into the den. There is an oversized patio door leads to the outside to a covered spa. I sat him down on the couch facing the patio. I un-zipped his fly, unbuttoned his pants and let them drop. His cock met me right in the face. Scott said you were big, But he didn't say it was a tree trunk. “Mark?” I asked, “Where is your underwear” I don’t own any Anita. That is an article of clothing I can do with- out”
“Nice” I said, “I If I had known that we could have done this some ago”. I removed his shoes, shirt and pants. I had a totally naked man in my house. I could tell man cave was getting moist. I dropped in front of him and tried to swallow his massive dick in one gulp. I fell short about 2 1/2” I can deep throat Scott in one shot. I had to work to get his balls to my chin, but I managed. I let my throat’s swallowing mechanism contact around his 9” x 5 ½” cock that was com completely down my gullet. He started to fuck my face with a vengeance. He was talking to me as he run his dick down my throat.
Mark said, “This is not fair, you still have your clothes on Anita. I can’t take it any longer just looking at your titties. I have to manhandle those great looking tits. Let’s really get relaxed”. With one motion he had my sweater off and my 36 C were in his view. I stood up while he lowered my jeans. There I was down to the polish on my toenails in all my naked glory with this man I has watched from afar. Mark picked me in his muscular arms.
He turned me around to the 69 position. I took his marvelous love tool in my hands and kissed the precum off of the tip. I opened my throat and swallowed him whole this time. Up and down on his hard cock again time and time again. He was licking my slit starting at my ass crack to my clitoris. Mark stopped to suck my clit in his month and kibbled her using his teeth.
Mark had a way to roll my clit out of her hiding place with his tongue. This did feel very different from Scott eating my snatch. Mark was heavenly at it. He knew how to eat pussy. I was about to loose it, when Scott came in and sat in his chair. Scott didn’t say anything for a long time. He was watching us suck off each other. Mark looked up and saw him sitting there and said.
Scott I’m sorry, but she is so sexy and horny. I dick took control before I knew it! I am sorry blood”
“It is ok Mark”, “I wanted her to get screwed by another man. But enough talking you better get to it Mark before she comes down from her high. Go head man stick it to her!” With that comment from my husband Mark continued his assault on my naked body. Mark increased his speed on my face and fucked my month. I felt his dick get even stiffer and he shot wad after wad down my throat. I saved some of his spunk to show Scott the surprise I had been given.
I was near an orgasm and Mark’s wonderful tongue was exploring my pussy while he fingered me to an earth shattering orgasm. “OH Gawd! Mark Eat my cunt hole” Bite my clit I, I am cumming. I'm Cumming! I shouted out loud. FUCK ME! WITH THAT WONDERFUL TONGUE I'M CUMMING!" Pleaseeeeee......bite me Hard .....LICK ME HARD, Ohhhhhhh.........pleaseeeeeeee, , , , , , , I'm cumming! FUCK! I'M CUMMING!" Oh Fuck My hole with that tongue. “OH Gawd! Mark make me cummmm” I had gotten to a point my breathing almost stopped. Short, husky breathing is all I could get in my lungs.
I squealed like a high school girl who had gotten her cherry popped. I felt so sensual all over. My body never acted this way having sex with Scott. I was ready for a second round in the hay with Mark. I lifted his dick in my hand and pointed the tip to my moisture-covered snatch. “Does he want some of this pussy” I said. Mark looked at Scott as if asking approval. “Mark do you think you can get that rod up again”? I continued. I mounted his body with a leg on each side of him with my back facing away from him.
I could watch the looks on Scott’s face as I fucked this guy. I rose up and sat on his cock that was coming to life again. I felt his dick inside me. I never felt a dick cultivate so exceptionally fast. He was near soft when I sat on him, his cock started to grow instantly. It felt like the blood from his entire body was in his dick. People take about how hard their cock’s get. Mark was so ridged; he could have driven a railroad spike with it.
I started to move my hips forward and up and retreating back & down on his delightful spike. He was soon moving with me in unison. I increased my speed and forcefulness on him as Mark was getting close to filling my cunt with his life giving seed. I stopped my appointments on him. I just sat there grinding my pussy against his groin. I started feeling full and an on-coming orgasm was erupting from my insides. I got up and turned around to offer my ass to Mark’s dick. He started to insert this tool in my butt.
I felt Scott was trying to get under me between my legs. Scott maneuvered himself under me. I was now lying on my back while Scott as he slammed his 7” dick in my pussy. I was rocking with Scott and Mark was taking his time with impaling my ass. I felt the pressure of my ring & plop Mark was in my hinny. Mark took short strokes at first letting me get used to the strange log invading my ass.
Soon we were all three fucking together in rhythm I could feel Scott’s cock rubbing on Mark’s thru the thin fleshy membrane between my pussy and my asshole. I was about to cum again. “Guy’s” I screamed! “I’m going to loose it. I need both of you to cum deep in my body as I cum” Mark grouted hard that started his orgasm. That triggered Scoot to do the same. Just the sounds of everyone getting their nuts off I begin to squirt my love liquid from my cunt. I had the most wonderful orgasm of my sexual being.
“FUCK ME! GUY”S I'M CUMMING!" Pleaseeeeee......give it to me Hard! as Scott was filling me with his sperm. Mark was unbelievable; we climaxed together while Mark still pumping my booty full of cum. Heavy wads of cum right after another filled my chute to the max. With no room for his cock and his warm sticky substance in my ass caused the force re-coil as Marks came out of my butt followed by a quart of semen. Scott, Mark & I fell in a pile of cum & sweat as we listened to the heavy breathing subsiding.
We lay there ten minutes or so. Scott was not finished yet. I felt him come back around. I rolled over on my tummy. I started to suck him off to orgasm that didn’t take long at all. Soon he was shooting his cum over my face and breasts.
“Scott, we have to do this again real soon” I said. Mark held up his fist with his thumb up as an Ok from him...

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