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Sharing A Big Cock With My Woman

Sharing a big cock with my woman

By - Jan 21, 2010 - From gay-erotic- stories. Gay erotic stories - Views - 54843 We are a 40’s couple. I am admittedly bisexual, and have been for over 15 years, which is about 4 years longer than I have known my wife. After experimenting several times with other women she is admittedly straight. However, she has always been turned on by the thought of me being with other guys, and her being with us both at the same time. It has been 8 years since the last time we experienced another guy in the bedroom with us and I am eager to repeat the experience.
It was getting late and the wife and I were sitting in the living room, the lights low, the music playing, we were watching a hot porno DVD, and both getting very hot. As we were kissing, hugging, fondling, and fantasizing together, she looked me in the eye and simply said “Do you want to?” Of course, I know what this means. She is asking if I want to cruise the internet looking for a guy to come over and join us for some hot, steamy sex. My answer is always the same.
I immediately booted up the computer and joined our favorite chat room and posted that we were looking for a bi guy to come over and join us. As usual we get several immediate replies. After chatting up a few of them and looking at the pictures they sent us we decide on a guy, invited him over, and he said it would take him about an hour to get to our place. While we were waiting for him to arrive we continued our foreplay and talked about all the things we were going to do with him and to him when he arrived.
When he rings the bell we are both excited at what is about to happen, me because I get the chance to suck a nice big cock while my woman watches, and her because she likes sucking two guys at once and enjoys watching me do it to another guy. I open the door and tell him to follow me up the stairs. When he turns the corner into the living room he is greeted by my wife sitting on the couch, legs spread wide open and playing with her beautiful pussy, which is already dripping from our foreplay session, and his mouth drops open. He is obviously turned on and jumping out of his skin to get a taste of her sweet pussy juice. I am immediately hard at the thought of seeing her with both our cocks in her mouth. She tells him where the bathroom is and invites him to shower and clean up before we get started. He agrees and pulls off his shirt, drops his pants, and slips off his boxer briefs before turning to enter the bathroom. When his shorts come off he is clearly ready to go because his nice, hard 8 inch cock springs out. This is an incredible turn on for me and I am getting very excited anticipating his cock in my mouth.
Once I hear the shower going I decide to join him. He was not shocked at all that I hopped in with him. We started making out and rubbing our cocks together while we lathered each other from head to toe. Of course, while I was down there I thought it a great opportunity to get the party started by taking his nice, long, hard cock in my mouth. We were both a bit surprised when the shower curtain opened and my wife was standing there naked. When she saw both of us standing there with our cocks in each other’s hand she dropped to her knees and started stroking and sucking us both. At one point both of our cocks were almost all the way in her mouth at the same time. What a great feeling having my cock rub up against another hot cock and watching both of them slip in and out of her mouth.
After we finished in the shower we met back in the living room. We sat down on the couch with her between both of us. We were each having a drink and talking when I just had the urge to suck his hot cock. I got on my knees in front of him and started stroking and sucking, taking his cock deep down my throat. My wife got down on her knees next to me and we both shared his cock, trading licks, taking turns deep throating him while the other licked and teased his balls. At one point or another, I ended up laying on my back, my wife between my legs sucking on me, with him kneeling in front of me, straddling me and thrusting his cock into my mouth. My wife was reaching up and fondling his balls and stroking his cock while I continued to deep throat all 8 inches. She came up and joined me for some more cock sharing. Now we had him laying down on his back, her in a 69 with me laying between his legs, both of us sucking him while he licked her dripping pussy. It was almost too much to bear because I was just about ready to explode. He must have been also because at this point he pushed her off of him and decided to take a break. While he was finishing his drink and lighting up another joint I slid my hard cock into her wet pussy, doggy style, and fucked her with him watching. We continued like this for a few more minutes until he came up behind me and asked if he could put his cock in my ass. Since I am just an oral bi guy I told him I was not ready for that and maybe next time we get together we could do that. Now it was her turn to take a break. While she was finishing her drink the two of us got into a 69 with him on the bottom. We sucked each other for a good 15 minutes, deep throating, licking balls, jerking cock. At some point, because we probably all had just a little too much to drink, she passed out and we were unable to wake her. Now, in my younger days I would have suggested fucking her anyway, but we were both into each other too much and found it even hotter to be sucking each other off while she slept right beside us.
With her sleeping right next to me, him sitting with his back against the sofa, and me lying on my stomach in between his legs, I proceeded to aggressively suck his big dick. It was obvious that he was close to blowing his load because he just kept grabbing the base of his cock with one hand and squeezing and grabbing the back of my hair and holding me off his cock with the other. We kept on like this until there was no way he could hold off anymore. He grabbed my head hard with both hands, shoved his cock deep in my throat, and I could feel his hot cum coating the back of my throat. After almost 2 hours of edging he exploded in my mouth! Some of it directly down my throat, the rest of it pooling in my mouth. It was a huge salty load and I was really looking forward to sharing it with her. But, since she was passed out I had to drink it all myself. Good to the last drop, I say. After I swallowed the last drop, I laid there with his semi hard cock in my mouth for several minutes, trying to squeeze out one more drop. After he was com completely dry, he got up, pulled on his pants, finished getting dressed, and asked if we could repeat the performance another night. I told him absolutely, yes. I would talk to her and we would make arrangements for another meeting.
Before we ever got the chance to do it again, she became pregnant with our son and, motherly instinct taking over, decided that our swinging days were over. Of course, I happily accepted that fact and we ceased to explore our wilder, bisexual behavior for what would most likely be forever. While we have both been satisfied with our sex life before, during, and after this last experience, I have often fantasized about a repeat performance like this one. Recently, she made a joke about a billboard she saw that hinted towards a swinging lifestyle and I seized this opportunity to remind her of this experience we had, as well as several others, and to hint that I am still very turned on when fantasizing about such situations and to also hint that I would be open to doing this again.
Maybe she will want to do it again and we can both have an awesome time sharing a nice big cock together. Next time I want to share the big load of cum with her though.

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