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Ride to the Cabin

By Autumn Seave - Aug 24, 2006 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 3021 My husband and I had planned a getaway weekend at a friend's cabin and I'd been thinking about it all week. While we did enjoy a very active sex life, we had to keep noise to a minimum and more often than not it had to be kept to the bedroom because of the kids. This weekend would be all about us wherever, whenever, however.
The kids were sleeping over at friends’ houses and my husband, Jeremy, was picking me up right after work. The cabin was a five hour drive away and it would be dark by the time we got there, but we couldn't wait to start our weekend.
In fact, I was so excited to get started I made a quick trip to the bathroom just before Jeremy was due to arrive. I removed my panties and put on the matching demi-bra he'd bought for me earlier in the week. He was in for a surprise.
When I looked in the mirror I saw that my nipples were obviously erect through the thin silk of my white blouse. I put on my dress jacket to hide my excitement from my co-workers.
I wished everyone a good weekend as I got into the elevator. The cool air teased my naked labia under my skirt. I hoped that I could contain myself all the way to the cabin.
We'd been pretty relaxed and casual in the mini-van for most of the ride there. I'd taken off my jacket and caught Jeremy glancing at the outline of my breasts that were lifted by the half-cups of my bra, but left naked beneath the silk. It was just hitting dusk.
I caught him sneak another peek.
“Are you wearing the new bra I bought you?”
“Of course.”
“Let me see.”
“Here?” I looked around as if there was anyone to see.
“C'mon. Just give me a little peek. There's not a car around for miles.”
He was right. So, I turned towards him and undid the top two buttons. I pulled the blouse to one side so he could see my nipple peeking over the demi-cup.
He reached over and undid another button so that he could expose both breasts.
“Very nice. Do you like wearing it? ”
I nodded. I was glad it was getting dark as I could feel a blush spreading to my cheeks. The cool night air was quite a turn on.
His hand reached over and he flicked his thumb over my hard nipple. Then he reached over to give the other nipple a pinch that made my clit tingle in anticipation.
“And are you wearing the panties?”
“No? Where are they?”
I reached into my purse and pulled them out.
“Ah, no panties is better than pretty panties. I like.”
He drove silently for a moment, and then said, “Show me.”
I laughed thinking he was joking.
“Seriously. Show me.”
I turned in my seat and threw one of my legs behind his seat. Then I slowly raised my skirt to his view.
“That's nice, very nice.”
He tried to look at my freshly shaved puss and watch the road at the same time.
As I knew he would, he reached over to touch me. He ran his middle finger lightly through my folds.
“You're already wet.”
I moaned slightly, hoping he wouldn't stop.
He didn't. He lingered over my clit for a moment, rubbing gently in circles. Then he turned his hand palm up and slid his index and middle fingers inside me. Each time he pushed his fingers inside me his thumb rubbed over my clit. He gave a better hand job than any man I'd know before. Soon, my hips were moving against his hand as I fondled my breast and rubbed my nipples.
“Do you want more baby? Do you want me to make you come? ”
“Yes, oh please!”
He slid his ring finger in with the other two.
“Come for me baby.”
A few minutes later, his fingers deep inside me, my muscles clenched around them and I moaned deeply as my orgasm rippled through my body, sucking at his fingers.
When I sat up I realized that Jeremy had pulled off onto a dirt road.
“Where are we?”
“You think you're the only one that's getting off?”
He was already pulling his cock out of his pants. It was hard and engorged.
As he pulled into a dark lane that led into a grove of trees, I reached over to stroke him. He parked and turned off the engine and pushed his seat back as far as it could go.
I kneeled in my seat so I could take him in my mouth. As I ran my tongue in circles around the head, he pulled my skirt back so he could see my ass in the air. I was grateful for the coverage of the trees as anyone driving by would have had quite a view otherwise. He rolled the windows down so that they wouldn't get too steamed up. When the cool evening air hit my ass I felt more naked and exposed than ever before.
I knew Jeremy was already excited so I wasted no time in taking as much of his cock into the warmth of my mouth as I could. I didn't want him to come yet though, so I went slowly. Using my lips and tongue, I kept a firm, wet suction on his cock. At the same time I wrapped my thumb and fore finger around the base of his cock to prevent him from losing control.
A few moments later, Jeremy said, “Wait baby. That's not where I want to come tonight.”
I looked up at him and swiveled my tongue around his knob and up and down the shaft.
“Where do you want to come? In my pussy? ”
“Then where?” I said, mocking an innocent look as if I didn't know.
“I want to come in that nice tight ass of yours.”
“Ooh, baby. Do you think your big cock will fit in my little bum? ” As if I didn't know. Hell, he'd been there enough times before. I was already eagerly getting into a position where he could slide his thick tool into my tightest space.
I climbed into his lap backwards. The steering wheel gave me something to hold onto. I leaned over the wheel with my face practically in the glass and my ass only inches from his face. His tongue flickered out to taste my juices.
His tongue repeatedly reached out to tickle my pussy lips and then slither back to my puckered hole. Then he used his fingers to penetrate first my cunt, then my ass. Once his fingers slid past the tight ring, he gave me a few strokes.
I lowered my ass until it hovered over his cock. As he held his member firmly, I lowered myself slowly, feeling the head rub against my hole. Then lower, until the head of his cock was popping past the barrier. Then a little more and a little more.
Jeremy's hands were on my hips. He said, “Oh god, I just can't wait honey.”
And he pulled me down onto him. In seconds, the full length of his shaft was deep into my dark, hot tunnel. I paused a moment and he let my ass adjust to the intrusion. My muscles clenched around his cock and I slowly released some of his length.
“Oh my god, hon, your ass is so tight.”
His hands rose to my breasts, teasing and pinching at my nipples. We began to move together, discovering a new kind of rhythm for a new position. We rocked slowly together as I focused on each ripple of his cock as it slid against my delicate walls.
He continued to manipulate one nipple and moved his hand down to my clit. But he didn't touch me. He formed his hand into a first and placed it so that as I rocked my hips back and forth against his cock I could rub my clit against his knuckles.
He let me take control from here. The rhythm I used was not one we were unfamiliar with. Nine short, fast strokes, then I'd force his cock deep into my ass with a deep thrust. Eight short and fast, two deep thrusts. Sometimes we didn't make it all the way to the end of the series, but tonight on the tenth set, I started to come on the fifth deep stroke. On the sixth stroke, I clutched the steering wheel and felt his knuckles ripple over my clit. On the seventh stroke he thrust his hips to meet my ass. On the eighth stroke we were both groaning, the mini-van was rocking, and his cock pulsated against my orgasmic vibrations. On the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth strokes (which no one was counting anymore!) he pumped his hot cream into my back tunnel as shudders ran through my entire body.
When I finally relaxed, his cock still in my ass and my body still quivering, I leaned against his sturdy body.
He kissed my neck and said, “I love you baby. Do you think we're going to have a good long weekend?”
“A good one yes, but not nearly long enough.”

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