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Russian Studies

Russian Studies

By Stoneypoint - Jan 10, 2008 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 3666 “We take break from studying” said Marla K. Marla’s last name was always too difficult to pronounce to Americans so she told her students to call her Ms. Marla.
“Russian language hard so Charles take break; Ms. Marla relax too. Charles relax” she told him. “We study soon” his Russian born teacher said. “Ms. Marla confused about something. It on mind; I think I show you. You old enough I think” she added. “I find it and show you.”
He sat and watched her head towards her computer. She called him over. Charles stood behind it. He didn’t see what she pulled up.
“Ms. Marla go online. She look for men. I look for dates with other Russian men. I find this. I do not like. This is bad. This should not be here” Ms. Marla told Charles.
He stuck his head around to see what was on her monitor. On the monitor was an older bustier woman having sex with a young man around Charles’ age. He was 20. Ms. Marla was 38.
Ms. Marla was embarrassed by what she saw but she was also curious. She didn’t know who to talk to. Charles had been with her as a student for two years. She asked his advice.
“Why would young man do this with older woman? Is older woman pretty to young man? Does young man make older woman feel special?” Ms. Marla didn’t know. She didn’t understand.
“Is this normal” she asked. “Do boys do this with woman?” She looked at Charles. She was clueless. “Do boys like doing these acts” she asked. “I not sure Charles; tell Ms. Marla truth.”
Charles was turned on by the two naked bodies that were in the act of having sex. The scene was similar to him and Ms. Marla. The woman was the guy’s teacher. The guy had been having difficulty learning the subject matter. She proposed an idea which enticed him. She would seduce him. He would fall for her. The teacher in the video convinced the student he would learn better once the two were com comfortable with one another. That was the gist of the video. It worked too.
Charles watched with fascination. He was aroused by the nature of it. He stared at the screen. The young man in the video was in the act of having sex with the elder woman. He was cumming all over the attractive woman’s back. She closed it out as the person portraying the student began to do it. She told him it was disgusting and they didn’t need to see that part. Charles wanted to see the rest. She was curious too.
“She have intercourse. They have intercourse together. Charles that not right” she said as she closed out the page.
Charles quickly became horny. His eyes were fixated on an empty screen. It was erotic to him. It was a huge turn on. He said t himself “No nooo pull it up again! Show me that again!”
“Ms. Marla sorry she show you that. Ms. Marla know it not right. We go back to studying now. I sorry” she kept reiterating. “I very sorry Charles” she said remorsefully.
They sat down together to go over the Russian language. As they did she’d swipe his arm, shoulder, or hands frequently but unintentionally. She looked up and smiled. She excused herself from touching him.
A slight young man he was handsome enough. Not extremely tall or muscular he was intelligent and for the most part picked up on the subject easily. Language rules were the hardest part. They always were for most individuals.
Ms. Marla always wore a blouse. She never had it unbuttoned too far down; not enough to promote her womanly qualities too much. The blouse was always a lightweight piece. Ms. Marla had very perky breasts. She always noticed how her nipples were hard. It was a distraction. She wished she wasn’t as hyper as he felt. She tried hard to overcome her dilemma.
Charles never noticed, but he quickly noticed she was pretty enough although never felt there was any connection between the two only because it was a student teacher relationship and nothing else.
“You do good Charles. Ms. Marla happy; we need to understand each other better. That come in time. I happy with you. You good student. You good young man too” she told him smiling. She winked without thinking. He saw her wink. It made him think about the video they both just saw.
“Thank you Ms. Marla; I appreciate that” and he smiled and touched his teachers arm lightly trying only to be friendly but nothing else. He made a mistake. It was a big one.
“I get us drinks. Water is fine” she asked. He said yes. Standing up she watched him as she adjusted her blouse. It wasn’t intentional but as she did she smiled. She seemed warm and friendlier then he anticipated her to be. He smiled back warmly.
Coming back with two tall glasses of ice water she told him this would refresh him. She tripped on the way and one glass flew out and broke on the floor the other glass she held onto but it tipped com completely spilling over into his lap almost. He scooted away in time. She fell down by his chair and the broken glass and ice on the carpeted floor.
He jumped up, grabbed her by her arms saving her from getting wet from the water which had spilled over into the carpet. As he picked her up, their bodies came close to colliding. She as inches away from him. He watched her closely making sure she was okay. She looked into his eyes. Ms. Marla thanked him gently.
“That good of Charles. You fast” she told him. “Thank you very much. Ms. Marla appreciate what you do.” He said she was welcome. They smile at each other. They stared at each other.
Suddenly she shook her head and turned away from him. She looked at the mess on the floor. She looked back at him. “We quit for day Charles. It unusual but you good man. I like you. You save me from being hurt” she told him. I clean up. You go home now.”
She walked to the kitchen grabbed a vacuum, broom, dustpan and towels. She looked at him again. “No it okay; you go home now. I am fine” she said. “Thank you” she added smiling into his eyes.
Collecting his belongings he watched as she started trying to clean up the broken glass. Her sweeper wasn’t going to pick up big pieces like those. She could manually sweep it up. By the door he saw her trying to sweep it up one way or another. He put down his bag. Frustrated she said something in Russian. He understood the word and laughed. She looked up. She knew he did. She laughed too. They looked at each other.
“Why Charles still here” she asked. “You go home. I be alright” she told him. Then it dawned on her. Her smile disappeared. She finally realized why he was still around. “Nooo Charles you go. You go home please. We done for today.”
She thought she knew. He watched her. He saw her trim figure. She wear a modest but tight skirt and lightweight blouse. Charles saw her sexy perky boobs. He didn’t see her aroused nipples but she felt them and thought he might see them through her light weight blouse. She was worried he might be thinking something bad. She was worried he might be thinking something naughty. He was a nice boy. He was handsome enough. She liked him. He was a good, good person.
Walking towards him to see him out he leaned down to pick up his bag. He stood up and she was staring him in the eye. “You nice Charles. I like you. I glad you my student. We learn Russian. I teach you all you need to know” and she nodded her head, smiled gently and patted his arm to reinforce her faith towards him learning the language.
Walking out he realized he left some pens on her table plus he saw his note book wasn’t inside his bag either. He turned around. Walking back to the house he noticed she was looking out her curtains. “Why’s she doing that” he wondered.
Her head quickly disappeared from between the curtains. She rushed to kneel on the floor as though she was drying up the water. He knocked and she knew it was him so she said to come inside. Looking up she asked what he was coming back for. He told her why. She looked to the table. He walked towards it too. She stood up. She walked up to him.
“Charles need anything else” she asked. She looked towards her computer. He saw where her head turned. He found that strange. He thought it was very odd. She turned back towards him.
She discovered he saw her looking at it. Ms. Marla blushed. Her eyes turned down to the floor. She was ashamed. He knew she wanted to watch the video again. “Why did she go through the whole process she went through” he wondered.
He looked at her computer then at her. “Ms. Marla” he began saying. “I think that stuff you saw” looking over at her computer “well I think that stuff is common place. I think if you want to see it you will find it all the time. I better go now. I will see you in two days” he told her.
She didn’t see him off. She gazed at her computer. She watched the door close behind him, but quickly turned her attention to her computer again. She walked towards it and sat down.
Two days later he knocked on her door. She answered it in an entirely different mood. Upbeat and outgoing she was unusually elated to see her student. She even dressed a little differently too. In a typical lightweight blouse, to her it was new. To him it was just another blouse but he hadn’t seen it before. She felt elegant in it. From nowhere she heard him say “Is that new? It’s a nice blouse if it is.”
He was being polite. She was intrigued and overjoyed by the compliment. She quickly turned wearing a robust smile and looking him straight in the face told him thank you.
“What’s up with her” he asked himself. “Something’s going on.”
“Sit Charles... here by computer. We learn new things today. Is Charles ready” she asked. Seated and com comfortable he told her he was. “We look at new program. It help Charles learn new things. Ms. Marla excited. We work hard. We work close on it” she told him.
“Charles control mouse. I show things for Charles. There click that” she told him.
Looking at her just before he did she was smiling but her eyes were a little lit up. She had an unusual look to her. He wasn’t sure why but he clicked it. Nothing happened so he clicked again. Again nothing happened.
“Hmmm instructions say to just click. You wait here. I come back.” She stood up, walked into kitchen, double checked herself in a mirror, and put on a little touch of perfume. Just as she exited she undid one more button. A hint of cleavage appeared. “I hope Charles like me” she told herself as she checked her hair and attire.
Walking out he couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t opening. Seeing him trying still she said “Ms. Marla know why. I make mistake. Let Ms. Marla sit there. Charles sit next to me and watch.”
He saw her. He noticed something slightly different. His eyes focused on her trying to figure out why. Then he smelled the aroma. Charles cocked his head. It was then he noticed her blouse. It was undone one more button. He looked at Ms. Marla. She didn’t look his way. Maneuvering through her computer with the mouse she tried to act cool as a cucumber. She heard him sniff the air. He sniffed it again. Not facing him and looking directly at the computer she smirked without letting him see.
He sniffed again. She clicked another icon. Suddenly several pages popped up unexpectedly. One by one x-rated porn began popping up uncontrollably. She thought she had programmed it correctly. She didn’t. Before her every eyes about 13 pages of never ending video of women having hard core sex with younger men appeared before them.
Immediately she tried closing out windows. She behaved as though she was ashamed. She was a little ashamed but it was her intent to pull up only one hard core page of older attractive women being seduced by younger men such as Charles’ age.
Finally reduced to two pages Ms. Marla apologized profusely. Charles was not shocked and was not put out whatsoever. She looked at him. Charles looked at her. Charles looked at her blouse. He looked back at her.
“Ummm did you mean... umm to do that on purpose mam” he asked. “I mean it didn’t upset me if you did” he told her. “It was kind of cool” he said. “I mean don’t get the wrong idea. I wouldn’t ever think that you and I would... well I wouldn’t want you to think I’d ever try something like that mam. No I wouldn’t.”
“That is good Charles” she said smiling. She paused and looked into his eyes. He was curious why she was looking at him. “Does Charles think Ms. Marla is attractive woman” she asked. “I think Charles is handsome young man” she told him and placed her hand along his thigh.
She looked down at her hand. He looked down towards it too. Charles looked up at her. She was smiling right at him. “Does Charles desire feeling Ms. Marla.? I know I feel good to Charles if you like to touch me.”
Charles gulped and looked at her hand on his lap again. Slowly his eyes moved forward towards her waist, passed her trim tummy stopping to gaze where her boobs lie underneath her blouse.
“Does Charles care to feel Ms. Marla” she asked in a quiet gentle voice.
He shook his head yes.
“I happy too Charles now here feel Ms. Marla’s tits” and she undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse pulling it back some so he could see her boobs. Not quite that large, Charles didn’t seem to care at all. He took no time reaching towards them so he could feel her tits.
“Oooooohh Charles mmmmm Ms. Marla love how you touch me” she said in a seductive tone. “Mmmmmm Charles, keep feeling me please. I love how you feel my boobs” she told him in a soothing voice. “Yes ohhhh yes yesss mmmm keep touching them; keep feeling Ms. Marla like that mmmmm ohhhhh ahhhh.”
“Ohhhh crap” Charles shouted suddenly. He had a boner shortly after touching Ms. Marla’s boobs. “Ohhh my god” he said again! He had one hand on his crotch rubbing his cock and the other on her tits squeezing them affectionately.
“Charles wait one moment” she said. “I be back right away” and she stood up and began walking away. He asked where she was going. “I be back you just sit and wait” she told him waving at him.
He was hard and totally turned on by his cute teacher. She was perfect to him. While waiting he turned his attention to the monitor. The couple were into it heavily.
Half undressed she allowed her young friend to feel her, grab her, or even kiss her anywhere he pleased. Still wearing her skirt but with her blouse off and bra on the young man in the video ruthlessly applied his trade for her pleasure.
Moaning and cooing she arched her back as he kissed further and further up her stomach reaching the mature woman’s bra and bosoms. Crying out he listened while she pleaded with him to suck her flesh around her cleavage. She cried out telling him to kiss her tits even though she wore a bra. She cried out as he kissed around them on his way up towards her neck! Kissing it he then kissed her cheeks before they eventually locked lips for the very first time.
His eyes were affixed to the monitor. He watched the two kissing heatedly as they rolled left and right on her bed. As he watched it he grabbed his cock while rocking forward. His eyes did not move off the screen. He squeezed himself harder and harder. Jonathan moaned louder and louder
“Jonathan come Jonathan” he heard. He looked up suddenly. He looked around. He saw nothing. She called out again. It was an endearing tone. “Please come now Jonathan” he heard again. That time it was a desperate tone. He stood up, but still gazed at the video. He looked around for her and saw nothing. He looked at the two in the video. He stared at it a little more. He rubbed his hardened cock more intensely. “Jonathan ohhh please come here now” she pleaded. He paused the video. He walked briskly towards Ms. Marla.
“Ohhhhh shit” he said aloud. “Ohhh my...” he said. His mouth was wide open!
Inside her bedroom Ms. Marla wore a short silk robe. It was dark. It was tied closed. He looked at her from top to bottom. She even had spectacular legs. He moaned and closed his eyes. She smiled warmly. She knew what it meant. He liked what he saw. She knew it meant she was sexy enough. She was even prettier then he imagined she could be. He gazed upon her trim beauty. Even her thighs were nicely developed. Everything about the woman suggested what the video showed him.
She was a good fuck! He was the best fuck she was going to get! Both agreed to that!
Standing in her room and settled in adorning her short thigh high silk robe Ms. Marla yearned for the touch of her young student against her warm trim frame. Each looked the other over. In a quiet voice she asked “Would Charles care to take off his shirt... for Ms. Marla?”
Looking at her stunning and suddenly sexy figure his eyes were agape. All he did was shake his head yes. She smiled warmly as her eyes began glistening. He did notice she wore a bra and panties underneath, but didn’t say a thing about them. He only stared at her curvy trim physique.
He took his shirt off and held it in his hand at his side. Still he gazed at her figure while holding his t-shirt. “Charles has nice chest” she said. “Ms. Marla feels it is sexy.” Finally she caught his attention. He looked into her beautiful face. Her eyes seemed adorable to him. Her cheeks were sensuous and appealing. Her lips, modest by most standards had an engaging appearance and suddenly he yearned to kiss them.
He stared at her lips attentively. They suddenly seemed erotic and he wished to taste them with his own lips. She noticed he was focusing on them and smiled. She stepped closer. He looked into her eyes. Ms. Marla stretched out her hand signaling him to step closer as well.
He stepped within a foot or two of her. He felt the intense energy flowing between them both. She waited for him to feel her again as she tried being patient. Her eyes closed. She felt an intense urge to grab at him and kiss his body, feel his chest and grab at him all over. Finally her eyes opened and she saw Charles smiling.
“You are... gorgeous Ms. Marla. I am...” and his eyes closed as he continued to tell her “horny and I want you badly. I want to... have sex with you!”
“Then Ms. Marla let Charles have sex with her. Make love with Ms. Marla. Charles make Ms. Marla horny too. I hurt” she said. “I hurt inside for Charles. I need Charles to have sex with me... please, please Charles please” she begged.
He took her hand and laid it across his crotch and she felt his hardness and smiled. “Mmmm I love this” Charles “it make me burn all over for you. I want it... yes I want it lots Charles; lots and lots... and lots” she told him as her voice trailed off and her eyes closed again.
She took that hand and placed it against her thin see through bra. Even though she still wore the lightweight dark robe and he couldn’t see her tits he could feel the pleasurable modest boobs underneath. Charles tried studying them however he couldn’t see anything. He thought he could but she knew he couldn’t. She watched the wonderment pass over his face as he felt her fine humble sized tits.
“They are nice yes” she asked.
“Oh yes Ms. Marla they are nice. They are very nice... this is nice too. I love your boobies Ms. Marla. I love them I love them... oh yes I love them” he told her closing his eyes momentarily as he squeezed their wholesome beauty.
“I love Charles’ chest. It is manly. It is strong. I desire to kiss it. I desire to have Charles’ chests” she said feeling his pecs. When she touched them he gasped for air. It aroused him deeply. “Ohhhhhh” she said then started saying something in her native Russian tongue.
“Really you mean that” he asked referring to the sexual nature of what it was she said in her native tongue. Speaking again in her native tongue she confirmed it with a wink.
Practically romancing her he walked her to the bed. Holding her face gently in his hands he looked into her eyes. Speaking romantically to her in Russian she smiled as he leaned in and kissed her lips passionately. Wrapping her arms around his waist she loved how he tenderly but aggressively kissed her on the lips. He turned her on and she moaned as he kissed her but desired so much more.
Before long the two were conversing in Russian as best as they could. It was erotic to him as well as her since he was able to converse with her. Knowing she had taught him well and they were able to converse in a difficult language made for a much more exhilarating love affair that afternoon.
Looking down at her shoulders and snooping inside her short robe he saw the boobs as they settled inside her bra. She smiled while he gazed upon them. Not speaking she watched as he slowly untied it. His eyes grew large as her curvy trim figure unfolded before him. Her smile grew bigger as his eyes grew larger.
“Chares finds me sexy no” she asked in her native tongue.
“Yes Ms. Marla is very sexy” he replied in Russian.
“I find Charles even sexier because you speak Russian very well now” she told him in Russian. “You make me hornier and hornier.”
Everything from that point on was said in Russian.
She told him to do as he pleased. She told him to feel her tits, take off her bra, gaze upon her boobs and kiss them or even suck them as hard as he was able to. She told him she needed it. She told him she yearned for the touch of him, his hands and tongue against her bosoms.
She moaned regardless of how he felt her. Her head or back would arch in pleasure as he first caressed them then he began sucking her modestly sized tits. It was erogenous and she grew increasingly turned on by the younger inexperienced man.
Pushing him back against her bed she forced him to sit down. With her robe open and her bra off, she knelt over one of his legs. With one leg pushed into his crotch, she felt his raging hard manliness rubbing against her thigh. Every movement across her thigh aroused her all the more.
“Ohhhhh god this is beautiful. Ohhh you are so sexy. I love Charles cock. IT is hard. It is awesome. It is so manly like Charles is manly” she cried out. “Touch me, feel me Charles” and he told himself he was doing that.
So intense was their sexual involvement that Charles began almost chewing her tits away from her body. He was so intense about it that she screamed in pain but loved it all the same. “Ohhh god yes yesss Charles... more yes more yess” she cried out repeatedly as she pushed herself against his face so she could experience more of him.
His mouth quickly moved down over her flat trim tummy as it licked and sucked her flesh. “Ohhhh yes ohhhh god yes you are so great Charles” she continued crying out in Russian. Her speaking in her native tongue to him was almost like an aphrodisiac. It only attracted him to her more.
Suddenly she pushed him back. Flat on his back with his legs hanging off the bed he moaned while she smiled and quickly started unbuckling his belt. Without delay she undid his jeans.
He smiled but felt the hardened raging cock anxiously waiting for her to do something! He hoped she would grab it and squeeze it tightly eventually jacking him off! He never thought the two might have sex. He didn’t care at that point. She was sexy and being with her like he was happened to be cool enough.
Having pulled down his jeans and taking off his shoes and socks, he lay on her bed with only his underwear on. She looked at them and smiled. There was his boner and her hand slithered over it pleasurably.
“Fuck yeah do that again” he told her in English. She looked up. She told him to only speak in Russian so he did. “Ohhh Fuck” he told her in Russian “suck my cock please!”
“Mmmmmm it is my pleasure to suck Charles’ cock. Ahhhh yes I want Charles’ cock badly! I want it very much” she said passionately and rubbed his underwear again.
He kept moaning and begging her and she finally gave in but first she bent over to kiss his lips and then took off her panties. Running them across his chest and cheeks she smiled and held them to her face.
Sniffing them she told him they were fresh and he should sniff them too. She put them against his nose and he did as she suggested. The aroma was that of fresh flowers and he smelled them several times.
“Charles like Ms. Marla’s panties” she asked. He nodded his head yes. “You keep them for your personal pleasures then Charles” she told him.
Finally she took his underwear off but she sniffed them too and winked. “Mmmmm I keep these and you wear my panties home instead. Does that sound fun” she asked. They laughed and she looked at his cock. He was ready to hold it himself but she brushed his hands aside and took hold of it herself.
Stroking it gently she asked him softly how he liked it. He moaned quietly and it answered her question. All of a sudden she leaned over and began tasting and sucking it off. He groaned and cried out even louder as she looked up and smiled.
Slowly she’d go down it. Slowly she’d come off it. Slowly she’d repeat herself making Charles crazier and hornier then he ever was in his life. Never had he experienced something as erotic as this.
A woman almost twice his age offering herself to him was inconceivable. Nevertheless she was sexier then any girl he had ever been with. He had just begun to enjoy the experience as her lips and mouth provided him with some of the true pleasures in life.
Licking the shaft her tongue curled around the raging hardness. He shifted left and right excitedly. He began pumping his hips somewhat against her face. He heard her gag when she went down on it. She loved it as she continued sucking it longer. She sucked it harder and she sucked it faster.
Shifting and humping while moaning and groaning turned into an intense affair between them. She was horny herself and started clawing at his upper body while sucking his cock.
She couldn’t stand it any longer and stood up, took off her robe and turned herself around. Shoving her hot wet cunt down into his face she commanded him to lick her pussy aggressively while she continued licking or sucking his stiffness.
At that point each knew that wasn’t enough; they knew they needed more. Neither was able to hold out any longer and briefly snuggled before she asked him nicely to go in her and make her orgasm.
Spreading apart her legs he looked her over. Her trim sexy figure was that of a goddess he told her. She smiled and told him she wasn’t but thanked him. Her boobs were beautiful and perky while her nipples firmly stood at attention. Hard and unwavering they were attribute to his sexiness as far as she was concerned.
He started humping her slowly. It was the way she wished it to be. Feeling is force push deep inside her was pleasurable and she directed him how to fuck her the correct way. “Not too fast, but never too slow Charles” she said.
He tried to pace himself and watch her reactions as he she rocked her head or body left and right initially. Playing with her clit she started humping in unison with him. Faster and faster she humped and as she did he’d fuck her harder back.
The cried began to fill her room and soon out into the remainder of the house. The bed was shaking and their bodies were quivering as her cunt and his cock soon filled with the orgasmic fluids successfully supplied for one sexual adventure he’d remember the rest if his life.
“Fuck me...ohhhh fuck me harder Charles! Yes yesss yesssssss Charles you are so great” she cried out. “Yes so great so good so special Charles” she exclaimed! “Ohh ahhhh yes yess ohhh ooooohhh eeeeh that’s good! You good too” she continued to scream. Panting and huffing her perky tits danced all over while she praised her young lover as he pounded her passionately.
“Ohhhh my fucking god is this great” he told her. “You’re great and I can’t believe I... I can’t believe you find me so... so damn sexy like you do” he shouted again in Russian.
“Ohhh I do I dooooo Charles I want to show you... Ohhhhhhhh myyyy god yesssss” she shouted and suddenly Ms. Marla began climaxing!
Shrieking and crying out how incredible Charles was he started cumming too! Never had he ever cummed like he did with his teacher. She was unusual and sexy and he benefited from following all of her instructions. He dropped on top of her after they had orgasmed. It was good and both agreed they loved every last moment.
Snuggling against each other she played with his chest but more importantly she played with his spent cock. He loved how her fingers felt as they daintily trickled across it. She was gentle and loving. He lay in amazement as he thought about the fact that he just had sex with his personalized teacher.
Best yet was they had sex speaking almost only in Russian. To her it was a huge turn on and to him if it worked all the better. While lying with one another naked on the bed she looked him in the eye and smiled. He smiled back.
“You’re not going to feel bad now and run off are you” she asked in Russian. He told her no he wouldn’t. He told her that was uncool. He didn’t want her to think bad of him.
“I wouldn’t think bad of you ever. You too sweet, too sexy and you are Charles... you are my man now” she told him.
In English she said “You turn Ms. Marla on. I get horny when think of Charles. I like getting horny. Is okay with Charles I get horny?”
“Yes” is all he said. “I like it when you lick and suck me. I loved it when we had sex” he told her in Russian.
“Good we do soon” she said with a smile. “We do very soon.”
“Hey Ms. Marla... can we go and watch that video again” he asked.
She got up, pulled him up and they walked to the other room com completely naked and sat down to watch it.
They had a lot of fun watching it again... and others similar to it between having sex again.
“Do I come here at another time to watch or...” he began asking her.
“No I schedule so I have lots of time for you. I want much time with Charles now” she said as she kissed his cheek.

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