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Las Vegas Entertainment Article

Second Swinger Resort

Second Swinger Resort Visit

By Rocketman - Oct 10, 2007 - From swinger- stories. Swinger stories - Views - 51606 Elle and I had returned to a popular clothing optional "Lifestyle Friendly" in south central Texas for a weekend of what we hoped to be erotic soft swinging fun together and hopefully with other soft and hard swinging couples we had met on our first weekend at the resort a few months before.
It was mid-afternoon and we were "dressing" for our first walk to the pool area of the weekend. Elle was finishing her small gin and juice intendedto help her relax and enjoy her newly discovered erotic exhibitionistic endeavors and checking her coiffure in the full length mirror. Most of her attentions were spent checking makeup and hair arrangement since her sole article of clothing was a sheer red v-front bikini thong bottom. I was sans shirt wearing loose shorts.
After a few minutes she drained the last of her drink, turned and announced she was ready with an excited smile. I paused a moment to take in her "outfit".
Her bronze tan was flawless from sunning at home and tanning booth touch ups. The only visible break in her smooth glowing golden brown body were the smallish light pink triangles on her 36 DD+ tits which were centered by her large erect dark pink nipples. Her bright red sheer bikini bottom dipped in a deep V shape and the top 1/4 inch of her narrow strip of her luxurious black pussy hair peeked out over the top. The front of the revealing bottoms narrowed rapidly toward the lips ofher small pussy erotically spreading and exposing her outermost labia while thinly covering her rapidly swelling bright pink clitoris and moist pink inner folds of the flower of her steamy cunt.
It was only after several minutes of enjoying the sensations of my mouth on her luscious tits, hard nipples, and swollen clitoris that we remembered our purpose was to show off her out fit to the 40 or so nude people already at the pool. Making sure we had our room key on it's bright yellow bungee designed to stay with patrons without pockets or pants for pockets we closed the door behind us and heading across the white gravel parking lot toward the pool, spa, and swinger club complex.
We walked into the the pool area casually (not easy on just our second visit to clothing optional resort) welcomed by friendly smiles and nods of acknowledgement. Elle's exposed tits, tanlines and hot bikini bottom drawing plenty of appreciative looks from the mixed age and physique group of nudists and swingers. We picked out two available lounge chairs, spread our towels and sat down. I took a drink of cold bottled water, stood up dropped my shorts exposing my cock and shaved balls framed by short trimmed pubic hair. Elle preferred my cock and balls naked but the rest trimmed short but not shaved. I walked to the foam noodle bin on other side of the pool to get a couple of them for our use in the pool.
As I turned to walk back Elle had just stood up and was pulling off her sexy bikini bottoms bending over to get them off her ankles and exposing what I knew to be a very hot rear view of her firm ass and tight pussy to most of the crowd several of which were making no attempts to hide their enjoyment of the erotic spectacle. Her pubic and ass tanlines were so sharp she almost appeared to still be wearing a very sheer white bikini bottom.
She greeted me with a pleased smile and we walked through the crowd with more casual greetings and down the steps into the pleasantly cool but not cold pool. We were still relaxing in the pool listening to the other couples sexual joke, references to swing experiences and other smalltalk when another couple we recognized entered the pool area. We relaxed, me cooling off in the water and her floating on pool float with feet dangling in the water on either side showing off her perfect nipples and tight pussy to everyone around the pool that cared to admire her.
It was Jenna and Ben, another first timer couple we had met on our first time to the resort a few months previously. Jenna wore a beach towel tucked below her armpits and Ben was wearing a long Hawaiian shirt and no shorts. They looked around a few seconds, located two empty lounges, walked to them and sat down. Jenna loosening her towel around her as she sat down managing to show a minimum amount of tits and pubic area.
During our previous visit to the resort we had spent most of our time with Jenna and Ben in casual conversations about anything but nudity and sexuality. During our plans for this trip we had resolved, if we ran into them, to engineer the conversation away from the mundane and toward more fun and erotic topics. Elle and I are not into swapping but she loves the erotic feeling of raw exhibitionism and we both wanted, somehow, to get into soft swinging and teasing up to but not including intercourse with others. We were fully aware most of the patrons of this resort and club were more serious swingers and were either part time residents of the resort or regular patrons returning often to share a cabin with their favorite swinger couple. So, we were starting slow, not knowing how to communicate our wishes to the more experienced swingers but it was obvious they were all willing to let us proceed at our own pace.
Knowing this was our chance to move forward I nodded to Elle and we exited the pool picked up our towels and pool things and walked over to Jenna and Ben to welcome them back to the resort. They were pleased to see us and explained they had hoped to run into us again so they would have someone familiar to visit with. Jenna, still a little self concious of her nudity attempted, in vain, to cover as much of her body as possible. Jenna's tan color was comparable to my Elle's but her tan was unbroken by tanlines of any sort. From our previous conversations we knew this was from tanning booths not from outdoor exposure to the sun or people. Her tits were large and full for her small frame although naturally hanging somewhat lower than Elle's. Unlike Elle's narrow strip of shiny black pussy hair neatly shaved and trimmed above her swollen pink clitoris Jenna's pubic hair was only trimmed on the sides so as not to show out of normal bikini bottoms. Ben seemed to be Mr. Average without much to say generally just taking in all the sights without many comments or actions.
It was Jenna's unshaved pussy Elle and I had targeted as the launching pad for our more erotic conversations. After initial greetings and obligatory "How have you beens" the conversation moved toward the inevitable weather comments and I interrupted Elle to ask for the sunscreen.
The time was approaching 4:00 PM and the sun was still very warm but it was considerably past tanning or burning time of day. Ignoring this fact I rubbed a generous amount of sunscreen on Elle's untanned tit triangles and nipples. Then moved down and applied plenty to her pubic triangle and hot little pussy. Knowing our friends were watching with interest I commented "Hmmmmmm, it's time for a trim tonight before dancing in the club." Elle replied "You think so?" gently rubbed her shaved pubic area and said "Yes, I think you're right." answering her own question.
Most of the patrons of the resort were either com completely shaved or, in the case of the women, retained only a narrow strip of pubic hair. Elle and I both think some amount of shaving is much more erotic than the "au naturel" look and considerably more hygenic too. We had wondered if Jenna secretly wanted to shave but was too timid to make what she probably thought too bold of a physical statement.
Turning slightly toward Jenna (to improve her view) Elle said "It's a little trouble, and at first we weren't sure but we really like the way my trim shows off my pussy and we keep it trimmed all the time now."Watching Jenna's face closely (she and Ben were still checking out Elle's hot trimmed pussy) I add "Yeah, and keeping it trimmed regularly is a lot of fun too." I could see more than a spark of interest show in Jenna's face.
"Have you ever thought about trying it?" Elle asked Jenna.
"Yes, " Jenna answered, somewhat slowly "I have but I was afraid I wouldn't like it and it would take too long to grow back".
"I felt the same way at first." answered Elle. "But one time we were were trimming my bikini line and we just shaved more and have loved it ever since."
"It does look nice the way you have yours trimmed." Jenna said, brightening up some.
"Thanks, we love it. We think it's very erotic and actually feels even more nude when we're playing in bed. No hair to hide things or get in the way if you know what I mean." Elle offered slyly.
"Is it much trouble to keep the line so nice straight and sharp?" Jenna asked.
Elle smiled, knowing the hook was set, and said "No, not at all we have a few shortcuts that make it simple and fast!". Then, noticing Jenna's willpower was teetering, quickly added "We'll be glad to show you how we shave me if you like!"
That did it, Jenna snapped. Her desire for eroticism and sexual curiosity overcame her inhibitions and she smiled and said "Sure!"Elle, determined to conquer com completely and immediately said "Well, lets go to our cabin right now and we will show you guys how to do it since I need to shave before putting on my sexy things for the club tonight."
Jenna looked at Ben and he said "Go ahead, I'm going to get a little sun and take a nap after our drive down."
It was just a short walk to our cabin we entered and realized Elle had left a lot of her sexy swinger club outfit pieces laid out on the extra bed. After apologizing for our housekeeping I went to the bathroom to find a bottle of hydrating conditioner, our 3/4" wide "shaving ribbon" and a sharp new razor.
When I came back a few minutes later the girls were giggling compulsively. As I approached I saw what had caused their amusement. It was Elle's 9 inch neon purple jelly dong toy she had brought to pose for pictures in our room which she had forgotten was under a hot lacy bustier she was considering for the evening's club attire. Elle was still topless but had put on a white crotchless g-string she was considering because it would show nicely in the clubs black lights.
I noticed Jenna was giggling but very impressed with the erotic sex toy and smiled sheepishly at me when Elle told her it was her favorite toy because it was the same size as my cock. I gently patted Elle's firm tanned ass and said "Okay girls you can checkout club outfits later after we show Jenna how fast and easy this is."
Elle smiled excitedly and quickly wriggled out of her g-string and sat back on the bed, pulling her feet up with her legs wide and pussy perfectly exposed. Jenna sat down on the other bed opposite, quivering with excitement. What happened next was com completely natural for me. My wife has an extraodinarily small tight and the sight of her spread wide was more than my discretion could stand and I gently buried my face in her naked crotch licking between her small hot lips and sucking her swollen clit. I heard an immediate sharp intake of breath from Elle she had not expected me such attention to her pussy right away and, I noticed as I raised up, neither had Jenna and she had a shocked but interested look on her face. "Sorry!" I apologized. "I just couldn't help myself."
I explained to Jenna that we used good quality hydrating hair conditioner to shave Elle's pussy with because it softened her pubic hair quickly and made shaving much quicker with fewer repeat strokes on her sensitive crotch which meant less irritation. I slid one end of the ribbon under the middle of Elle's ass and handed her the other end to hold directly over her belly button. "This ribbon is our pattern." I explained to Jenna, "something like painter's masking tape."
I applied liberal amounts of conditioner to both sides of her sexy pussy mound and while waiting for the conditioner to work told Jenna to come closer for a better view. Jenna came over to the bed where Elle was lying with legs spread wide, knees up (again a very tempting position) and sat down beside Elle facing her hot pussy. I could tell Elle was extremely aroused now. My pussy licking and clit sucking with a relative stranger watching had sharply focused both women on how extremely erotic the situation was and both of their breaths (and mine somewhat) were increasingly short and quick.
Carefully and smoothly I shaved one side of my wife's hot pussy from her groin up to the ribbon, making sure to tease her clit plenty while doing so. Then I stopped and handed the razor to Jenna. She took the razor from my hand as if I had asked her to hold it for me. When I saw the look on her face I said "This side is done, you shave that side." she began trembling but took her position between Elle's legs willingly and got down on her knees as I had been to steady herself.
"Don't worry Jenna" I said. "Just do what I did, you don't have to press hard and you'll see how easy it is." Slowly Jenna put the razor on Elle's untanned patch of crotch. She began shaving, slowly at first, then with more confidence, Elle's willing and spread crotch. In a few seconds she was done and started to stand up but I put my hand on her bare should and told her she wasn't finished yet. I pulled the ribbon off of Elle and Jenna instinctively stroked the now shaved smooth skin and narrow tuft of hair and said "That's really nice."
"You have to shave that little bit of skin above her clit" I explained, "It makes eating her juicy pussy wonderful." I reached down took my wife's swollen and throbbing pink clit between my thumb and forefinger and as I pulled the skin above it tight said "Hold her clit like this and gently shave this little bit here." Jenna, almost eagerly now, squeezed Elle's clit as I had and pulled the skin tight. Elle let out a several small moans as she grew more and more excited but Jenna was finished quickly and I helped Elle sit up.
"Elle needs to shave the sides of her pussy lips" I told Jenna "It's much easier for her to manage that area but you need to watch her closely if you and Ben plan to shave your bikini area." I watched Jenna's face closely as she concentrated com completely on Elle's pussy lip shaving technique. When Elle finished Jenna moved back to the bed beside Elle and with quick breaths said "That was fantastic, easy and you look super hot!"
"Thanks!" said Elle "I was sure you'd think so!" Then, with perfect timing Elle said "Now let's shave you!"
Jenna almost spoke and, I could tell, was going to say no thanks but suddenly her face changed from slightly apprehensive to nervous excitement and she said "Sure, why not? I think I'll like it!"
Elle quickly volunteered me to do the honors "He's much better at the straight line part than I am" she explained. This was partially true, but the real reason is Elle has no real bisexual or lesbian feelings and would rather watch me handle another woman's pussy knowing she and her perfect pussy have nothing to worry about losing my affections. But, she enjoys such close, erotice nude contact extremely and loves to be touched and caressed by others before giving her big firm natural tits, tight pussy and ass com completely to me.
Our eager pupil laid back immediately and submissively pulled her knees up and spread wide open. Suddenly, Elle and I had our first full view of her pussy because Jenna had always kept her legs closed demurely before and her pubic hair hid the uppermost parts when walking nude. Her pussy was nicely formed, average size not as small and dainty as Elle's but she certainly had nothing to hide. I could tell Jenna was encouraged when Elle said "Jenna, you have a very pretty pussy, you will love showing it off!".
Jenna's body tightened up perceptibly as I slipped the ribbon under the middle of her well tanned ass and handed her the other end to hold above her belly button. Her breathing was becoming quicker than ever. I thought I had better be quick about it or she might change her mind. I rubbed a lot of conditioner into her long curly pussy hair. Then, taking a small pair of scissors from our travel essentials kit I knelt between her spread pussy explaining that I had to trim the longer hair on the sides with scissors first to make shaving easier and cause less irritation. I have to admit my breathing was as fast or faster as hers as I quickly but carefully clipped large portions of her black pubic hair down to about 1/4 inch high on both sides of her pussy mound revealing more and more of her bare crotch. This was the closest either Elle or myself had ever been to another woman's spread open pussy.
I noticed Elle was watching with increasing excitement, her hands softly stroking her swollen pink clitoris and thin strip of hair. Her pussy lips were spread and sparkling with moisture. I grinned and pointed slightly at Jenna's own parted pussy lips which were glistening with pussy juices as well.
Elle saw what I was pointing and and grinned back excitedly obviously eager to continue, she was know on her hands and knees beside Jenna peering intently over her leg and down between them at Jenna's almost denuded crotch. I began shaving her hair on both sides and Elle was giving a running commentary to Jenna "Wow, you're going to be so smooth and hot looking. That is so cool!! Don't try to see it yet you have to wait until it's all done!"
As soon as I finished on both sides of the ribbon I squeezed Jenna's clit between my thumb and forefinger (before I chickened out). She gasped with pleasure and arched her back. I was surprised at such a sudden reaction and thought Elle was going to have to hold her down but she quickly relaxed again and apologized saying "I'm sorry I jumped. I wasn't expecting you to do that so soon but it it's really okay.".
Soon I was finished shaving above her throbbing clitoris and raised her up telling her she needed to finish shaving her pussy lips. She said okay, but sat there spread open for what seemed to be a long time admiring her naked pussy from different angles as if it was the first time she had seen her pussy naked. Elle was watching her reaction closely obviously pleased and excited by how much Jenna was enjoying herself. Thinking quickly I got behind Elle and began gently licking her exposed pussy and ass.
"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" she said, spreading her knees a little wider and arching her back to push her ass and pussy up higher for better licking and sucking. Jenna had not even noticed our actions but was beginning to experiment with the razor on the best angles to shave the remaining little bit of hair on the sides of her pussy lips. As she began to shave I continued to lick Elle's ass and pussy, shoving my tongue in her ass deeper and deeper as she continued to gently moan her approval. I raised up and slowly slid my hard thick cock against Elle's firm ass.
Soon, Jenna was finished and look at us, realizing suddenly, that we were becoming more involved in our erotic foreplay. "Oh!" she said "Should I go?".
"No!", Elle and I said in unison "We would like to show you how we play." Jenna smiled and said she would love to stay and watch and laid on her side admiring the view as Elle raised up higher on her hands and knees showing her big tits and large rock hard nipples. I began squeezing those big tight tits slowly with one hand while guiding my cock tip into her wet and ready pussy lips.
Jenna was trembling with excitement since from her lower angle she could see my cock spreading Elle's tiny pussy lips and begin to slide into her tight hot cunt. She was unconciously fingering her own swollen clit and licking her lips hungrily. As I slid deeper I placed both hands on Elle's firm tanned ass and caressed it lovingly as my cock pushed deeper into her spasming pussy.
Suddenly, Jenna moved closer and under Elle's raised body and arched back. I thought she was moving closer for a better view of the action. Elle's eyes were closed com completely enjoying being a sexual spectacle. I only became aware of what Jenna was doing as I felt her gently lick my shaved balls and then begin licking and sucking Elle's clit and the underside of my cock at the same time. Neither of us had ever felt that sensation before but knew we were too far committed to this erotic sex act to stop. Jenna continued to lick and suck both of us as my cock slid slowly in and out of Elle's steamy pussy, savoring each drop of our mixed pre-cum and pussy juices. One of Jenna's hands was holding Elle's ass with me to support her licking us and the other hand had found her newly shaved com completely nude pussy. Teasing her own clit, spreading her wet lips and plunging two fingers deep in her hungry cunt.
Elle had opened her eyes when she felt Jenna licking her clit and spread pussy lips and noticed that Jenna was desperately trying to satisfy her wet pussy. Acting quickly Elle reached out, took her 9 inch purple dildo in her hand and placed it on Jenna's crotch near the hand playing with her pussy.
Suddenly, as Jenna grasped the toy cock and began rubbing it on her wet pussy lips preparing to let her own steamy cunt consume it, Elle was overcome by the sheer eroticism of being licked and fucked simultaneously while watching Jenna begin to fuck her own fresh shaved pussy. Her orgasmic moans and strong pussy spasms set off a chain reaction in my balls that I couldn't control and I slammed my cock into her tight pussy causing even stronger pussy contractions as my cock jerked hard and began pumping streams of hot creamy cum deep in her cunt.
Jenna realized we were cumming hard together just as some of my excess cum began dripping onto her eager tongue. Quickly she raised the long thick dildo up and rubbed it against Elle's clit and my creamy cock as now continued it's deep fucking motion in her cunt. My hot cum quickly coated the toy cock and she returned it to her pussy, shoving it deep inside her waiting cunt as she resumed licking and gulping ample quantities of mixed hot cream and pussy juice. Within seconds she had brought herself to a terrifically strong orgasm, her entire lower body jerking and writhing as she fucked her pussy mercilessly with Elle's toy.
Gradually she slowed her energetic thrusting of the dildo deep into her pussy and her body relaxed. Elle and I began to relax and start to slide my cock out of her still gently throbbing pussy. Still hungry for our cum and pussy juice Jenny quickly opened her mouth wide to encompass all of Elle's pussy lips and the underneath portion of my cock as it slid out effectively cleaning most of my cum with her lips. As the head of my cock left Elle's hot pussy a large glob of our thick combined juices dripped from her open pussy and into Jenna's waiting mouth to be gulped down.
Elle laid over on the bed on her back legs still spread. Jenna quickly buried her face in Elle's pussy sucking and licking her cunt and telling Elle to squeeze it all out for her to drink. I just stood and watched fascinated by her appetite. Suddenly, she was finished with Elle's pussy and turned toward me and was licking and sucking my softening cock from the bed on her hands and knees until every taste of cum and pussy juice was only a memory on my cock.
After catching our breath, Elle and I were ready to go relax some more in the pool as the hot part of the afternoon was gone and the pool seemed very inviting. We suggested a quick shower in the public shower by the pool on our way back and Jenna said that sounded good. As we headed out of the door Elle asked Jenna if she thought her shaved crotch would excite Ben. "Ben, is sort of a bisexual" Jenna said "but lately he's been seeing other men more than paying attention to me. I hope he likes it and decides to pay more attention to me."
"I bet he does" said Elle as we closed the door behind us on the way to the showers.

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