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Railway Trip

By Gopher - Jun 25, 2006 2518 In the fall of 1993 I booked passage on the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok. We had gone about 2/3 of the way when we were told that the track was covered by an avalanche and it might be a few days before we could go on. That was the good news. The bad news was that the one hotel could accommodate women and children only. Men had to stay on the train. Friggin’ Titanic, I thought.
By morning, a heavy snow halfway covered the train. There was a small town several kilometers away along the old railway route and there were some small lodgings there. I and several other intrepid Russians decided to make our way. An hour into the trek, the snow began to fall heavily and my companions decided to return. I figured it couldn’t be more than another kilometer or two so I kept going, hoping I wouldn’t end up in May, a frozen tourist who would forever be cast in local folklore as “that American idiot.” After another hour, I began to hallucinate, couldn’t feel my legs and the blowing snow played tricks with my eyes. I thought I saw a small light up ahead but couldn’t be sure. I felt faint.
When I awoke, I was in an abandoned railway tunnel, one end of which was collapsed from an old rock slide. It was freezing but at least there was no wind. I was very weak and lay on a rough bed of heavy quilt and furs. As my eyes focused I could see a peasant woman tending a cooking fire. She stirred a large iron pot for a few more moments, filled a bowl with smoking liquid and came toward me.
“You ‘wake, ” she said in a heavy Russian accent. I could barely make her out.
I tried to talk but couldn’t. My mouth was parched. She held the bowl to my lips and lifted my head. Her hand was wrapped in rags to try and keep the cold out and I could feel her strength as she easily pulled my head to the bowl. I took a sip but my throat grabbed and I began choking. She quickly leaned me forward and firmly stroked the middle of my back and the choking stopped. But I felt the cold against my bare skin and began to shiver.
“I fix, ” she said, and returned to her fire. She brought a shallow bowl over and pulled the blanket up from the foot of the bed. She poured the warm liquid on my legs but the heat crept up my body to the point where I felt I was on fire. I began sweating like a marathon runner.
“Sleep now, ” she quietly commanded. But I couldn’t. She reached into a small pouch on her belt and then smeared some of its contents on my lips. She stuck out her tongue and licked her lips to indicate what I should do. She did it a few more times and I followed suit. I began to feel dizzy and the room seemed to swirl. I began to hallucinate again. She approached me and whispered something Russian in my ear and then she took her tongue and licked my ear and neck. I wasn’t sure of my senses but when she stopped she licked her lips again. I lost consciousness again.
It was quiet and the air was freezing when I woke up again. I didn’t know how long I was out but I was still weak. The woman was nowhere to be seen. I tried to pull the blanket over me to get warmer but nothing helped. I was shivering like crazy for about an hour and figured I’d freeze to death when she returned with an armful of wood.
“Feel better?”
“No, ” I tried to shout but my voice was a mere whimper. She noticed how cold I was. She quickly started the fire and within minutes the dark chamber took on a livelier cast. She filled a bowl with hot liquid and washed me again. As my body tingled toward burning, she then poured another, thicker liquid onto my legs and thighs. It lessened the burning and actually felt good. Then I thought I was seeing things again. She opened her coat and began to peel off her clothes, piece by piece, in a matter-of-fact way. When she stopped she was wearing a thin top and bottoms like old fashioned lingerie but shabby and yellowed with age. She reached into the bowl and took up some of the liquid and then rubbed it on her torso and legs. In a moment she was kneeling at my feet. Lying down I couldn’t see her very well but I could tell she was opening her remaining garments. She lay down with her shoulders against my feet and then slowly worked her way up my body, covering me against the cold.
I was still too weak to really respond but fortunately parts of a man’s body marches to a distant drummer. As she passed over my erect penis, I could feel her pressure rubbing against me. It wasn’t erotic but therapeutic. She moved up and down my body apparently unperturbed and uninterested in my excited member and I just hoped she didn’t rub too hard. The liquids she pored on me created a scented, oily texture. I wanted to slide my hand down and put it against her but I was too weak and she was too tight against me. This went on for about ten minutes during which her movement became a bit more intense. I finally realized what she was doing as her juices mixed with the scented oil in a hypnotic blend. As her body moved up and down against mine, I warmed considerably. She move faster and pressed harder against me. As her body moved up, her head brushed by mine and I began to feel her breath heighten and hear the small moans she uttered and the gentle smacking of her body against mine through the layer of juice that lubricated us both. While I could only see her face as it went by me, I could feel her hard body and flat belly brush up against me. Faster she moved and her sounds and breathing became more intense and rapid. Her hips were lifting off me as she moved down and then she forced them hard against me as she began her movement up. I couldn’t feel the cold anymore, just a hot friction that threatened to burn.
Now she was moving so fast that there was no pause between her farthest recoil and her upward thrust. I could feel her hard nipples running up my stomach and chest like two fingers. Her moaning became more like cries until I thought either she or I would catch on fire. The perspiration poured off both of us and her juices must have been coming out of her at a greater rate because she could barely help from sliding off. Finally, she cried out and grabbed my shoulders as she pushed herself against me. I thought it was over but after a couple of seconds, I realized that her cry was a victory yell at the onset of her climax because she knew what would happen next and it did. She began to thrust uncontrollably against me. Three times, five times, it had to be at least ten violent, convulsions, measured by the sudden tightening of her hands on my shoulders, before her body settled more into a gentle series of waves. When she stopped she just lay still.
I couldn’t believe what happened. My penis felt like it was on fire and lay pressed between us. She quivered a bit and slid on the oily mix that had coated us both. The quivering continued for a minute or two until I realized what she was doing. Having exploded herself, she was now going to coax her patient. I had nearly passed out from her earlier exertions but now her bodily movements were practiced and intense. It didn’t take long for the intense heat of the friction to bring me to my own orgasm. She knew exactly when to stop. From the side of the low bed, she took a small bowl and then took my throbbing cock. In one, slow movement of her tightened hand, she virtually pulled the cum out of me into the bowl though it needed no help. My whole body shook in shock from the speed and intensity of my orgasm. I was drained in every sense of the word.
She looked into the bowl and smiled for the first time.
“You live for me, yes?”
She took the bowl and added something else to it. Then she began to rub it all over my chest. I could smell the pungent fragrance of my own fluid mixed in with the strangely scented oil. Then she rubbed the intoxicant on my lips. As I licked it off and grew woozy, she took her tongue and gently licked me until I fell asleep.
When I awoke I felt reborn. She wasn’t surprised. She cared for me for several more days but there was no repeat of that first night of strange sex. In another day, I felt strong enough to leave. The snow had settled and I knew I could make it back. I imagined that search parties might be looking for me. Part of me . . . yes, yes, that part of me, too . . . didn’t want to go but I finally realized that what had happened was some kind of therapeutic treatment that was intricately woven into a sexual effort that meant nothing to her, the way a nurse might rub your back with ointment to keep the skin moist.
In the days of my recovery I never saw her body again; just her face and it was beautiful. Her eyes were a blue-violet but their almond shape bespoke a strong percentage of Asian blood. Her eyebrows were finely drawn and arched giving her a regal look though she was clearly a mere peasant. She had straight, thick black hair that she wore tied up under her head scarf. Her full rosy lips, when forming a rare smile, turned up sharply at the sides. Her high cheekbones and hollowed cheeks gave her an altogether chiseled appearance. In short, she was a natural, Siberian beauty. I remembered her body as being smooth as silk, taut and muscular. When she thought I was sleeping, she would hum a haunting melody in a soft, lilting voice.
I wanted to leave her something but she refused.
“I know you don’t understand but isn’t there something I can give you. You saved my life.”
She shook her head and held up her hand.
“Please, ” I urged.
She looked down and then turned her head away. In the light from the tunnel opening, I could see her cheeks burn red. Could I be imagining this?
At least tell me your name, ” I asked quietly.
“Yuli, ” she responded. Then she added, “You make me love? ”
At first I didn’t understand and then it hit me. I slowly went to her and lifted her face. The look in her eyes bore right through me, a mixed look of fear and passion. Her face was hot and she was breathing heavily. I was caught in a magnetic beam and moved closer to her. When I kissed her, we both shook and our mouths trembled. It was a soft kiss of longtime lovers, without being hurried or deep. When we parted, the tension was broken; she took my hand and led me to the bed where I had been recalled to life. She slowly undressed me, brushing my body with her hands as if her movements were random. I knew better. As she slowly slid my pants down, my very erect penis sprang to attention and then fell back against my stomach. She took her time, not noticing my anticipation as she carefully, I’d even say lovingly, folded my clothes. When she was done, she faced my prone figure and smiled, satisfied that my thoughts of her had had the effect it did. She stood for a moment taking in my full naked body as a starving person might look, encountering a banquet, but she was unhurried.
She kneeled beside me, took my hands and put them under her shirt to feel her breasts. They were full and perfectly shaped and her nipples were matching my own excitement. I could feel how her areolas had contracted to make her hard nipples as erect as possible and her body quivered at my touch. Her eyes closed as she savored a man’s touch for the first time in a long time. She pushed my hand down over her belly that had the slightest roundness and was covered in a soft down. She was already wet with perspiration as she pushed my hand into her pants where my fingers found her inviting lips, swelled and soaked as well. Whether it was her urging or my act, my fingers found their way into her sweltering pussy. Her clitoris had already hardened and I could feel how pronounced it was. Her pubic hair was black and thin and formed gossamer lines above her pussy and her full and inviting lips were purple with their overflow of blood engorging them. I thought she was going to cum immediately but she pulled my hand out and took my fingers in her mouth where she rolled her long tongue around and between them, eagerly taking her own juices back into her mouth. Then she stood up and undid the various ties and belts that held her clothes. In a moment she stood naked against the blazing fire. To say she had the sculpting of a Greek god’s statue would not do justice to this breathtaking body. She pulled her hair loose and it swirled around and down her shoulders. For a moment she stood there letting me stare at her. My penis was throbbing up and down as blood pulsed into it. I took it in my hand to steady it but she cried “No, I do.”
She moved onto me and kissed me passionately for the first time. Her tongue was long and soft and it made away around my lips and inside my mouth, playing hide and seek and tag with my own. She was devouring me. She bit me in small pangs of pleasure with small nips on my neck, ears and shoulders and I thought I was going to lose it. She seemed to have an instinct when to withdraw and give me a moment to recover. My hands were moving everywhere over her, and wherever they moved, her body moved to welcome them. All the while she writhed up and down my body, but this time it wasn’t just for my health. Our sweating bodies began to slide and slap against each other as we both competed to drive the other crazy. My body was tingling from top to bottom and especially in the middle.
I put my mouth on her nipples and gave them equal time as her sounds directed me when she could bear no more. I circled my tongue around them and coaxed them to grow larger as I pulled on them gently with my lips and teeth. She took my erect penis in her hand and gently glided up and down with her hand, slowly pulling me closer to her mouth. She must have felt my contractions ready to burst into an orgasm because she did something like a squeeze with her hand at the base of my cock and while I lost no sensation of cumming, nothing burst forth. Then she took me in her mouth. Her first movement down hid my entire cock from view.
Now I’m no giant but I’ve never had complaints and where other ladies might have fought it, she did it effortlessly. When her lips reached my torso, she stopped. I had anticipated an upward movement but instead, I could feel that amazing tongue circling me and stroking my hidden penis. When she finally withdrew, sliding the edges of her teeth up along my rock hard shaft, her spit had covered me and she continued to the point where I thought I was going to die from pleasure. But again she did that magical thing and stopped me. This went on while I stroked her growing clit, totally exposed from its fleshy hood. My fingers had found the spongy area that drove women wild and it was working with her. I moved my fingers faster and faster as her moans became cries and her cries became incomprehensible words of Russian. But I knew what “Da” meant as she repeated it over and over as her first orgasm rolled over her in a shuddering series of waves that were so strong that her contracting body forced the cries out of her in rhythmic succession. I could feel her pussy tighten and loosen against my moving fingers as she kept cumming. And as she did, several spurts of cum shot out over my hand. Unable to bear any more, she collapsed against me.
I thought this was it but as she lay quietly against me, she started stroking me gently until I was once more fully erect. She climbed on top of me and then slowly lowered herself onto my cock. As she let her body down, I could feel the intense warmth and wet of her pussy. Every few seconds, I could feel her muscles tighten involuntarily as her orgasmic contractions gently continued. In the dancing glow of the fire, I could see the taut muscles in her torso and legs that gave her the supreme body she had.
She didn’t move for the longest time but I could feel her vaginal muscles stop their involuntary spasms and then feel her controlled squeezing. Only the inside of her pussy was moving. After treating my cock to this internal stroking, she started to move against me. She would circle her hips for a while, then move back and forth, all the while holding me deep and secure within her. It was as if her pussy had a love of its own and it was my cock. For me, that was just fine, because my buddy was on his own. As she settled into a steady rocking motion, I felt sensations I had never experienced before, little rises and falls of orgasmic contractions.
The first time it happened, I thought I had cum but it wasn’t as strong. Still I thought that would be it. But then Yuli moved again and I was responding. It had become so incredible and pleasurable that I hoped I would never finish but Yuli had other ideas. She began to move more intensely and rapidly. I knew the signs well as she was intent on finishing us both off at the same time. Her hips began to writhe and pound and both our voices joined in sounds that can only come from terminal ecstasy. There was so much liquid between us, some coming from within her and the rest from perspiration; I even thought I had cum as well but my increasing buildup of pleasurable pressure told me otherwise. Finally her movement was so rapid I was afraid I’d pop out of her. But she grabbed my shoulders and used them as more leverage to move harder against me and deeper inside her.
I knew from her cries that she was about to explode and so was I. She arched her back and I could see her stomach muscles tighten with the stretch, all the while still moving against me. I was dizzy and almost done when I saw her put her fingers into a small jar and take some kind of ointment out. She reached down and grabbed my pounding cock encircling it with her fingers as it went in and out. Of course, what went onto me went into her and I realized it was some kind of enhancement substance, though I needed none, I can assure you. As I made another several thrusts I felt as if my cock had doubled inside her so much was the pressure building. Whatever it was doing to me it was making her crazy. She did some kind of quick double thrusting and then a long arching several times and then she started to cum. At first it frightened me. Her body convulsed like someone in a fit. Her eyes rolled back and her eyelids fluttered, while the sounds she made were more of a whimpering. Each time she shuddered, her pussy pulled harder at my penis. Her fingers ran up and down my chest as she continued to cum and it didn’t seem like it was going to stop.
The pressure in me had built to its limit and I had to cum or die from extreme pleasure. I thrust my body against her and just as my cock disappeared inside her for a final time, I began to feel the waves of my own orgasm overwhelming me. I love to cum but most cumming is like a parachute jump – you go up, there’s that thrill of release and you come back down. This was an orgasmic rollercoaster. I’d have several contractions and feel my hot cum shooting into her, then there’d be a momentary pause and I started cumming again, just as Yuli was following suit. I didn’t know when it would stop but I no longer had the ability to control my body or the will to do so. Yuli quivered violently and the muscle contraction threw her forward from her arching. She covered me with her own pulsating body and buried her mouth into my neck. As the pleasure electrified her, she involuntarily bit my neck hard but the pain only added to the pleasure. Wave after exquisite wave was washing over both of us and neither of us wanted it to end.
But end it did. Though we made love five or six times more that day, thanks to Yuli’s incredible medicine cabinet. If I could get the formula I could make a billion dollars and turn the US of A into a blue and red state orgy.
When the search party found me I told them about Yuli but she was gone. They said I had imagined it but there was an old legend of a witch who lived in the forest and took in stranded travelers to devour them. I said, it sounds like her.
I returned to America soon after but couldn’t get Yuli out of my mind. Yes, the sex was the greatest I ever had, certainly as amazing as anyone had ever had. But it was more the way she nurtured me back from the dead. The following summer I made my way back to the little village where the train had gotten stuck. It was beautiful and I retraced my steps from the site of the train to the abandoned tunnel but it was gone --sealed up.
“You look for me? ”
I turned and there she was. Witch, sorceress or just plain old amazing woman, I didn’t care. There’s a lot more to this story but the instructions said, just an “essay.”
She said if I wrote this she really would cast a spell on me but she’s bathing our twins and I finished this before she finished the bath.

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