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By Obsessive John - Mar 9, 2008 2873 -Disclaimer- All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.In other words I wrote this story and it is com completely 100% fictionDon’t have unprotected sex either unless you want to get aids and die.Written by Obsessive Johnobsessive_john live obsessive_john live
Part 1 of 3
John was a lonely boy. Gangly and not to attractive. Thin in most places sort of wide in the hips, and no more than 130 pounds at 5’5’’. Not someone girls dreamt about as they slept. Just yesterday John had his 18th birthday. Unfortunately for John he did not have a party. No drinking, no music, nothing. Few people even realized John existed. In fact he only had 1 friend. His name was Brett. Now Brett was a very popular boy. Brett was 6’ 220 pounds, making him pretty big. Brett was Quarterback for their high school team, very muscular, tan, a broad chin, pearly white teeth making a great smile, and his family was very well off. All the girls wanted him. Why he was friends with poor John was a mystery. They just had similar taste in things it seemed. They had fun together at least so no one really thought about it to hard.
It was 3am when John woke up. He was sad. He really wanted to have a great birthday party yesterday but no one liked him. It was his body he was sure of it. Why do I have to be so small and thin. If I was a girl I’d be considered attractive. John was still a virgin, and did in fact want to have sex with women. Although John did frequently dream of what it might be like to be a woman instead and make love to men.. Possibly even a good friend of his. Should he have been born a girl that might have been possible. With that John drifted off to the illusion world of sleep once more, and of things that he desperately wished were true.
It was a nice day today, John thought to himself. I should go see what Brett’s doing, maybe he’ll want to hang out. Maybe go downtown with me. John and Brett loved to go to all the small shops there. You could often find many interesting things in those creepy, dusty places usually run by older foreign people. Chinese mostly, but a few others as well. John dialed Brett’s number, ring, ring. “Hello” said the voice on the line. Hearing Brett‘s voice made John smile, he really loved the way his voice sounds “Hey Brett what are you doin today”? “Not much just sitting here smoking some pot watching football” said Brett. “Want to go downtown , check out some shops with me”? “Sure Johnny boy, now”? “Yea right now, I’m pretty fucking bored here” John told him” “Alright, I’ll meet you down there in 15, I just need to finish this joint first” said Brett as he exhaled. Easy enough John thought. Brett doesn’t usually turn down an invitation to hang out with me.
To bad for John he didn’t own a car so he had to bike it. Fifteen minutes after his talk with Brett, out of breath John arrived at their usual meeting spot. The corner of 4th and main. No significant reason why this was their spot, just had a bench so whoever got there first had a place to sit to wait for the other. As John pulled up on his bike, Brett was already there. This was no surprise since Brett did own a car. A corvette of all things, his parents did in fact spoil him. “Hey John” Brett waved him over. “Damn Brett you always beat me in that damn rich boys car”. “Aww John don’t be so jealous, you know I’ll take you wherever you need to go if you just give me the word” John smiled at this, it was true, Brett was a good friend.
Four hours, and 8 shops later John and Brett sat down on the curb to rest. John not having bought anything, having very little money admired Brett’s purchase. They had stopped at a sport collectors shop where Brett had purchased an old Red Sox hat signed by Babe Ruth. It was an amazing deal, it only cost $300 dollars, which for Brett was nothing. Brett felt bad however, John not having any money to buy anything. “Ok one more store and I have to go skinny” Brett taunted John. “Alright pot head, lets hit this Chinese store, I hear there is some cool old shit in there. Han Dynasty’s finest artifacts”. That’s a little much for a name thought John, dumb china men should stick with something a little shorter that’s easier to remember.
This was one of those traditional old shops. They walked in, the bell on the door rang in greeting as they entered, also an alert for the owner. A thick layer of dust on many of the items inside, obviously untouched or cleaned for years. Among these were old Chinese weapons, long spears with blades, old suits of armor covered mostly in rust. “Holy shit look at this thing, I could cut your head clean off John! Swipe! Their would be blood everywhere” Brett took one of the spears with the long blade on the end off the stand and started swinging it around playfully”. “Brett knock it off after smoking all that pot you’ll end up killing me on accident”. This quickly brought over the shop keep. “Please please boys you no be careful you get hurt”! “Sorry guy, I’ll put this thing down just relax”. Brett told the very stressed out Chinese man.
The Chinese man had a granddaughter near him very curious to what the two strange boys were doing with these spears. She took a few small steps closer to the boys as they had been playing with the spear. After the sudden command by her grandfather the larger boy had went to put the spear back in fear of being in trouble. Brett didn’t see it coming at all. He turned around tripping. The spear and its large razor sharp blade falling in a path that would take the little girls head off. “Nooooo” John thought as he lunged for it, grabbing it fractions of an inch before it would have decapitated this sweet little Chinese girl.
Everyone was speechless. The old man went to grab and tightly hug his beloved granddaughter. John and Brett couldn’t speak. Their was fear of going to prison in them for what almost happened. The old man suddenly turned around and stared at John. “Thank you very much sir, you saved her life” With this the old man took out some small glass bottles wrapped in twine with a note folded between them. “You take this as gift from me for saving her life, no charge”. Ten minutes later the boys were back at their corner still nothing to say. “Lets not tell anyone about this John” “Alright Brett, I don’t need to let everyone know we almost killed a little girl today” John told Brett. “What did that guy give you anyway John? They look like a couple shot glasses or something”. “I dunno man, its probably just trash anyway, everything else there was”. “Listen John, I appreciate what you did catching that spear before what might have happened. I want you to have that Red Sox hat I bought.” “I don’t know Brett that hat cost 300 dollars that’s a lot of money”. “Don’t argue with me and just take it you deserve it” Brett told John.”
With that John took the hat and the two friends went home separately for some quiet time reflecting on the days events. John got home just as the sun was setting, went to his room and laid down. He was not able to handle stress well and it wore on him quickly. It wasn’t long before he fell asleep.
3am. John saw his alarm clock. “I cant believe I slept for so long” said john in a groggy voice. Why the hell is my leg so cramped he thought? John reached down and fished out of his pocket the reason for his legs discomfort. Two glass bottles…. John unwrapped the twine separating them and setting them down on his desk. Carefully unfolding the note, since it looked like it could shatter at any time. John finished this examining the parchment carefully. “The Green to give you what you desire, the blue to return things to the way they were”. John normally would have just thrown them away, but for some reason, the look in the old Chinese guys eyes maybe told him not too. “What have I got to lose anyway right? I have no friends no money who cares”. John examined the green bottle and wondered what would happen. “Is it going to make me taller and more muscular”? With that he opened it and downed it in 1 swallow.
The effects were almost immediate. John had never felt so much pain. It just hit him suddenly, like a truck going 70. Worse yet it was all focused in his abdominal and genital area. He couldn’t stand it he pulled his shirt and pants off making himself naked. The pain was almost unbearable inside him, like he was going to explode. His virgin dick burned like it was on fire. Watching it, were it possible. It started to shrink! “What the FUUUCK IS GOING ON“!? Johns screams did not bring him any relief. His penis shrank away, disappearing com completely, his testicles safely inside his scrotum joined his penis in a similar fashion. “What is happpeeeniing to meee…..”? the pain lessened somewhat. John felt an expanding feeling between his legs, and a slight ripping of flesh. At the same time he notices his chest expand as if he were growing breasts, and he was. They stopped at a nice 36C cup size. Then as quickly as it started, it ended. Laying their naked with his new breasts and a dull ache between his legs, John was quiet. He lay there for quite some time recovering.
Hours and much emotional turmoil later, John reached down with his right hand to rub the aching between his legs. He had never had a feeling like this before. Slowly his hand went down to explore his bald area that his penis had disappeared into. Sadness filled him until he noticed it. Two lips and another entry open into my body. “I have a pussy”! John shrieked. The first thing John thought of , it must have been that green potion. Is what I really wanted was to be a girl”? Their was no other reason, other than it had been a trick of some kind. Why would that old man trick her after she saved his granddaughters life? John resolved to ask the man the next day. For now though she wanted to explore her new body. After all she had never had the chance to touch one before.
John’s skin was on fire, she had been experiencing many new feelings in such a short period of time. What it was like to have breasts, to have a vagina, and also to get to touch them for the first time. All at once. It was fantastic. John started rubbing her vagina with her right hand which was already down there. Not understanding how to handle woman parts he did what his male brain would have told her when she was a man. She inserted a finger slowly into her new pussy very slowly. It felt very warm and kind tight. Meanwhile John used her other hand to massage the nipple on her new left breast. She grazed it at first, pinched it slightly. This paired with the finger in her pussy caused something to happen. Her body suddenly got very warm, her nipples hard, and she was very wet between her legs before she knew it. “Oh my god” thought John. This is the most divine feeling I’ve ever experienced. “My pussy feels so good, yes I love having my finger inside it, shoving it in and out“. John continued to finger herself for some amount of time before she managed to have an orgasm. Later she would know this was not a real orgasm, compared to things to come her way.
John passed out after this new experience. It was all to much for her new body and weak mind to handle. The night quickly turned into day when John awoke. BUZZZ BUZZZZ John’s cell phone was set to vibrate obviously and made an obnoxious sound underneath some plastic that had landed on it. She got up padded over to her phone in her sexy new body, hips swaying back and forth (that by any mans standard begged to be bent over and have some hard flesh inserted ) as she walked to the nuisance and answered, “Hello. Oh hi Brett what’s up? Uh yeah sure ill see you soon.” John hung up the phone. Damn she thought, Brett invited her over to his house to watch the football game that was on today, Packers vs. Vikings and smoke some ganja. I forgot about this body for a second. What would Brett say? I cant let him know he’ll make fun of me. Maybe he should this is very strange.
John went to the bathroom to get ready, she took a shower, still a little weird with this body but having decided to give it a fair try. Their was something very natural and desirable about having it. Inexperienced as she was to washing a woman’s body, she just lathered her entire body and rinsed it off. Enjoying the spray of the water on her erect nipples, she dreaded turning it off and getting out. Their would be time for fun with them later tonight when I get home she thought excitedly to herself. A thin line of fluid running out of her vagina at this thought. John stepped in front of the mirror to brush her hair. She was shocked when she first viewed herself. She still looked like her, him or whatever. Like John, but something was different. She seemed a little shorter maybe 2 inches or so. Her Hair had tripled in length and was now down to her shoulders. A long brunette color that seemed to reflect the light very nicely. Their was also something about her facial features, somehow more feminine it was hard to comprehend for poor John. He also noticed he had no facial hair and no need to shave. This was a plus however for she despised shaving her face anyway. “I can tie up this hair for now and wear that hat Brett gave me, but what am I going to do about these tits? Oh! I can wear one or two of my old shirts I use to wear when I was little, they are tight and should hold them down nicely”.
After John had put on the tight undershirts holding down her tits she dressed normally. Using some string she had in the house, tied her hair up in a pony tail and held it up onto the top of her head and put the Red Sox hat on. “Not bad if I do say so myself. I know I changed but will Brett notice the more feminine look to me? Or that I’m a little shorter? God I hope not I don’t need everyone knowing I’ve become a woman somehow. I’d probably get locked up in some government lab”. With that John went outside got on his bike and rode to Brett’s. It wasn’t long before he was at Brett’s door and knocking. Boom boom resounded the door. “Get the fuck in here John, I’m to fucked up to get the door”. Damn he must have been drinking too, he sounded pretty far gone thought John. Good for me anyway less likely he’ll notice I’m a little different.
John went in and found Brett in the living room, laying down on his couch. “Hey John bout time you got here, these fuckers are kicking the Pack’s asses. 14-0 can you believe that shit”? He seemed to barely be able to get the words out of his mouth, like he was com completely drunk or stoned by now, John couldn’t tell which. “That’s shitty, the Vikings suck. How the fuck are they beating the pack anyway Brett”? “I dunno man I have been having a hard time paying attention anyway I’m pretty wasted. Hey if you want a beer or somthin there are a lot in the fridge, go get em dude”. With that John with that sexy walk she got over night walked past Brett into the kitchen. This is something Brett did not miss. He wasn’t sure what it was but something was different with John and he was strangely aroused thinking about it.
Two hours, many beers and 2 bowls of pot later. Brett very out of it , barely conscious in fact and John almost as bad sat there. The game over just music playing. The two had ended up on the couch together to smoke the pot. Sharing a bowl is the way to go with Brett. The two friends sit there side by side. John much more conscious of what’s going on than Brett turns and looks at him. My god he was beautiful. I’ve never really noticed how good looking he is. I really wish I could see under his shirt. What the hell am I thinking thought John. This is my friend Brett, a MAN. I’m not gay why do I feel like this… During these disturbing thoughts John’s body starts reacting as she admires Brett’s body. Nipples hardening, her tight unused pussy moistening. Finally John realizes, it must be this new body. The hormones must have changed making me attracted to men now. Its so weird, but I cant help myself. He is so sexy, I really wish I could get him between my legs, it would feel so good.
John looked at Brett he was halfway laying down with John sitting on the far end of the couch at this point. “Is he even awake“? John slowly knees down on the floor and slides up so she was near Brett’s hips on the couch. “Brett” John whispers loudly. She then pokes him softly in the side with her small petite hand. No response. “He must really be out”. John, at this point out of control forsaking his good sense, mainly because of the alcohol and pot slowly starts to slide Brett’s Shirt up his delectable, woman pleasing body. Up his shirt went, revealing a very nice set up abs all very defined. Up farther some very, very sexy chest muscles. Large enough to bench press 3 of me, she thought. John didn’t know why but this was making her very wet. Brett is still not responsive, laying there dead to the world. John reaches her little feminine hand down the front side of her pants and rubs her pussy. She needs to relieve some of this sexual frustration from looking at a god of a mans body. How she could have never realized this as a man was beyond her. Just looking at him made her want to orgasm. After a couple minutes of rubbing her pussy her mind started thinking about more. I do have a pussy, Brett has something to put in it. I so do want Brett’s cock deep in my pussy. John had a lot of thoughts that would normally have disturbed her but seemed so natural now.
Slowly she took her hand from her newfound pleasure pot. She took both hands and very slowly unbuttoned Brett’s shorts and unzipped them. Even more slowly she starts pulling them down. “Wow no underwear, how lucky am I“? Finally after what seemed an eternity, her prize is revealed. The most beautiful thing she’s ever set eyes on. Brett’s cock. A sight to behold. It had to be five inches long as it was. Just slightly hard as if the motion from lowering his shorts had aroused it. With one hand john touches it, wrapping her small fingers around it. It feels so wonderful in my hand I wonder what it would feel like in other parts of my body. By instinct John lowers her head onto Brett’s semi hard cock. Slowly she parts her lips accepting this miracle of life into her mouth. She lets it slowly push her lips apart as it might if he were pushing it into her pussy. Inch after inch it goes in. John lets her tongue taste it, explore it and feel its texture. Around the base of his cock head she runs her tongue along the crevice savoring the flavor of his skin, wishing she could taste his cum. Brett’s cock responds almost immediately by such loving attention. It grows inside her mouth, expanding, hardening. His cock had to be at least 9” long. John could no longer keep it all in her mouth and had to pull away.
She sat back and admired it using her hands to rub it up and down. Imagining it inside her, thrusting and eventually ejaculating. These thoughts caused John to shudder. However this thought still seemed to disturb John a little, but the female hormones, combined with the alcohol and pot drowned out those unwanted concerns. All that was important here was this masterpiece of a man and this life giving meat pole protruding from his torso. Thinking with her new wet slit John’s patience was wearing thin. She could not stop herself any longer. Slowly she released Brett’s cock, and stood up. She took off the Red Sox hat, dropped it on the floor. Untying her hair and letting it fall to her shoulders. This was followed by the rest of her clothing and the tight t-shirt holding down her ripe new tits. He nipples sprung to life, snapping out nipples hard, begging to be sucked on. Her feminine body aching to be fucked, she gave in. Her body was in command now not her conscious mind. She straddled Brett on the couch trying to be as careful as she could not to disturb him to much out of fear of waking him, and preventing her from completing the act. Aiming her steamy wet pussy at his cock she lowered herself. Down, down and onto it. Slowly It parted her labia and slid inside just a fraction of an inch. A pleasurable moan escaped John’s lips. Slowly inch by inch, the inexperienced pussy slid downwards. Slowly and very enjoyably she was soon fully impaled on his cock. The feeling was indescribable. Having this thick cock deep inside her pussy was something she couldn’t comprehend. How could this feel so good and so right? Slowly she rose up an inch and came back down. “mmmhmmmmm” John moaned, not intending to have let that escape her lips so loudly.
Brett seemed to stir, from the movement and sudden pleasure in his baby maker of a cock. “Sarah, what are you doing”? he mumbled. He must think it is some girl he used to fuck. Wanting to take advantage of this she started fucking him. Up and down very rhythmic and steady. Enjoying the feeling of Brett’s cock pushing fully into her moist channel. “yes, yes” John almost started yelling being filled with this lovely thing, pushing her body down hard on it, trying to get as much into her as possible every downward thrust. Her juices started to run on him. Every time she came down onto that dick she could feel her pussy juice on her ass that had run onto his legs. Brett must be having dreams of drowning with all this liquid on him. Suddenly Brett opens his eyes and looks at John. Part of him understanding it was John, his *male* friend, or at least supposed to be male, friend. The rest of him, the large majority saw the woman, the pink slit swallowing his hardened prick.
Brett suddenly reaches his powerful arms around the very small weak John and stands up, kneel’s down, never once dislodging his cock from her nursing tunnel. Laying her down on her back he gets on her missionary style and starts fucking her like this is the last fuck he’ll ever have. “OHmygod, ohmygod” John moaned. Brett’s cock pistoning in and out of her pussy like lightning. Girl juice spraying everywhere as Brett pounds into her. John reaches her arms around Brett’s head pulling him close and shoving her tongue into his mouth. Brett returns the kiss hungrily, greeting her tongue with his own. Never once stopping the thrusting into John’s miracle of a pussy. John doesn’t understand what’s happening to her. She feels a strange feeling in her vagina. Her pussy walls tense up, like they are trying to grab onto Brett’s cock, like they don’t want it to escape. A warm feeling fills John. Suddenly with her clasping pussy walls grabbing onto Brett’s cock, She feels it hit something hard in the back of her cum receptacle. She doesn’t know what but it feels good. Suddenly, this warm throbbing feeling explodes in her pussy. Her first real orgasm. A feeling she never would have believed possible.
Uncontrollably her pussy starts to spasm. Squeezing, and releasing around Brett’s pistoning hard on. The male part of brain signals to Brett that this is the time. He in return loses control could that be possible at this point. He slams into John’s pussy, cock to her cervix. Then as if it were planned by god, He erupts into her right as her pussy clamps down onto his life giving rod, causing many thick ropes of cum to spray her depths. Little is able to escape her thirsty womb. Her cervix drinks in his cum into her womb like it had been dying in the desert of dehydration. Gulp, gulp. The orgasm shakes them both, as Brett holds his hard on deep inside John giving her womb that most precious gift.
John controlled by his desires and his new body as a woman forgot about birth control and never stopped to think that she could now get pregnant. Read the next part to learn more of John and Brett, and the new addition soon to come.

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