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Map Of Cuba Article

Raven Thoughts

Raven Thoughts

By StoneyPoint - Nov 7, 2010 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 7955 Ohhh…even my lips ached. Everything ached from top to bottom but as we both know, I couldn’t stay the night. If I could I would. I knew it and she did too. She was…fantastic as she’d always been. The passion, the desire…it grew and grew as we held one another and made not love, but it was sure close to that. I unlocked the car but stopped. I turned and looked around and then I looked up. Up there… Ohhhhhhh…my…god… She and I, we always…always seemed to do it together as if we were made for one another, or so I thought.
“Good night sweet princess… Good night” I said to her even though she didn’t hear my words. “You know as well as I do…I’d stay the night. I’d lick you…and kiss your body and I’d kiss and suck all of you all over.”
I got in the car and for whatever reason I could not stop thinking of any of it. It was…powerful, to say the least, and by that I mean relentless and influential passion for being with one another. Oh how we easily, and I repeated it “easily” got along together. Oh how, when I entered, she couldn’t believe I’d show up. That smile, those eyes, her hands instantly joining with mine, and before either of us knew it…we were kissing as I pushed her up against that wall. My legs folding around hers and hers had collapsed around mine. “I can’t wait for the next time we get together."
Here I am, at home, in bed, and thinking about her. She was lying there, in my thoughts, smiling, and breathing heavily from the hungry sex. We couldn’t seem to catch our breath. Neither of us could. I looked over. She was smiling and looking up at the ceiling and still breathing heavily. I happened to look at her dark breasts. Oh god those wonderful looking bosoms and her nipples. Damn, I felt like turning sideways and doing something to them, for starters.
My imagination, as I lay thinking of our evening together, led me to reach down and hold it as if it was her holding it pleasurably, but it wasn’t of course. Still I held it anyway. Life was rather good. Lots of unadulterated sex outside of my hime and sex outside was soooo much better then anything I could ever expected or experienced for that matter. Did I love her? Did I love Raven at all? I convinced myself I had to love her a little or we would never be doing any of this ever.
Think about it Stoney, I told myself. She wanted it again. Even after what…two orgasms she wanted another one after that? I did that to her? I made her feel that way. Oh how I wish I had her phone number… I’d go downstairs and call her, talk to her too…tell her how much I’d… I’d eat her out…make her cum. I always loved her thighs, I told myself. She was soft, easy to hold, and…and…ohhhhhhh Raven…Raven…all of you and as I thought all these thoughts… I became hard all because of Raven. I smiled and closed my eyes as I held my cock in hand.
“Hold it Raven. Hold it, gently, and stroke me” I said to her even though she wasn’t there. “I wish you could kiss my lips and chest…my body…because that is what I’d do to your and yours honey. I want you…ohhh I want you. I alwats want to make you happy. Putting myself inside you… Fucking you passionately as I hold you…oh god…oh god… Let’s do it again and soon my love.”
I closed my eyes. It was dark now. My cock became limp again but I never stopped thinking about Raven. How could I? She is…she always is…so awesome and special in my thoughts.

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