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Map Of Cuba Article

Dot-XXX Porn Finds a Home on the Web

Dot-XXX Porn Finds a Home on the Web

The web will soon have its own red-light district. A new domain extension, Dot-XXX, is coming to a computer near you! Guess what kind of material this extension was expressly created to specialize in? If you guessed pornography, you guessed right. After seven years or more of squabbling and legal challenges, ICANN, the governing body for Internet addresses, passed a resolution that will allow the new domain extension to begin functioning sometime in early 2011. What does that mean to you? As always, it depends: some individuals can't seem to live without porn and others can't live with it. Nothing, least of all another domain extension, is going to change that!
ICM Registry out of Marina Del Rey, the administrator for the extension claims that over a hundred thousand names have already been pre-registered and another half-million or so are expected before the expected unveiling in early 2011. Many of these early buyers will be companies that want to be certain their trademarks are enhanced (porn) or unsullied (can you imagine Disney allowing a pornographer to control Disney.XXX?) by the new extension.
It will certainly make it easier for some to find the entertainment they desire; for concerned parents, at least, it will mean a chance to block an entire extension of less than desirable websites. While this enhanced ability to block sites may seem like an improvement in the system, keep in mind that porn sellers will resist having all their assets "ghettoized" (their term) and still want the maximum exposure (no pun intended) for their product: and sex will likely draw more flies than for some time to come. As one Internet pundit succinctly put it, "While all Dot-XXX websites may contain porn, not all porn sites will necessarily be Dot-XXX!" Parents don't let your guard down.

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