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Map Of Las Vegas Strip Article

Exchanging Self-Esteem for Money - Everyone Prostitutes Themselves Condemnation of those who exchange money for sex is rampant.
You would think sex workers all have side jobs as executioners or thieves considering how much hatred and intolerance is directed at them.
Side note: In this article we are referring to adult prostitutes who choose to do this type of work. We in no way support pimps or anyone who forces another human-being to do something against their will. Exploitation of another isn't what we're referring to and we agree that the exploiters should be persecuted.
But let's look at this more closely. A prostitute is normally an adult who provides a service in exchange for money to another consenting adult. There is no victim here, even when the prostitute is an addict or is in some other way damaging themselves (which can happen in any job), unless the client is being scammed (which can also happen in any financial transaction).
They're both upfront about what they have to offer and they both get what they want. Some of them, especially the higher-level escorts, appear to love the trade and the money, but most of them seem to do it just for the money.
So here's a question for you: How many times have you done something just for the money?
Did you ever keep a job you didn't like just for the paycheck?
Have you ever refrained from telling a not-so-nice boss what you really thought and sacrificed your self-esteem in the process?
Did you ever not fire an impossible client because you wanted the money?
Have you ever used or been nice to someone just for what you received in return?
Have you done something that wasn't "right" or proper in the eyes of society because there was a financial benefit for you?
Have you ever done something you didn't want to do for the money?
Did you marry someone in part or mostly because they would give you financial security and, or food, lodging, services, etc., in exchange for sex and companionship?
Have you stayed in an unhappy marriage for the financial security?
Did you ever not stand up for what is right because it would have meant less money for you?
Have you ever not spoken your mind to a friend because of what that friend, aside from friendship, provides for you?
Most prostitutes make their living honestly by supplying a demand. They're direct about how much they charge and what they provide. How many providers of legal goods and services have you encountered who were not honest about exactly what you would get or not get for the price?
Did you answer no to all of the questions above? Congratulations! You're a saint among sinners. For the rest of us, almost everyone has prostituted themselves at one time or another.
The next time you find yourself judging someone for directly exchanging money for sex and, or looking "like a prostitute, " look in the mirror and ask yourself why it bothers you so much. Perhaps there's something deeper about yourself, or your past lives, that you could finally embrace that would help you in your spiritual and emotional growth.
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