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Map Of Nicaragua Article

Raven Hotel

Raven's Hotel

By Stoneypoint - May 9, 2010 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 15727 I drove up but slowed down as I approached the parking garage. What am I doing? Is this smart? I want to meet her, I told myself. I do, but I know how these things turn out. They never work. They never do. It always fails. I went around the block again. Why is it I am doing this, I ask myself again. But her emails…those emails of hers… Oh god they were…she is…what she wrote and how she expressed herself in her words… It drew me, she drew me in. His body heat rose as he thought about his emotions and the Raven woman he’d only thought about but nothing else until this day. They emailed a couple time before. They were good emails. They were…interesting to put in mildly. She drew me in. I had to meet her. I had to.
Why not? What was the problem with meeting her? That’s all. Nothing else. She knows. She knows I like what she thinks I like. I love her words. Yes, that’s it. I love how she expresses herself. Man, I feel…more excited. Geez, even my cock’s getting hard, or at least a little. Man, I’m rubbing it. Wow, I already think I like her. I’ve never even met the woman. God, I’m horny? Wow, I’m horny…horny. Can you believe it?
I parked my car but I didn’t get out right away. I looked at the piece of paper. I had written it down earlier. Room 309. Turn left, off the elevator. I turned left on floor three. 309… 309… 309. Here, room 309. The door was open, a little. I stopped, not sure I was sure I wanted to do this. I did but I wasn’t sure. At one point I almost opened the door. I didn’t. I looked and began thinking about other things. I blew them off. Everything I blew off. I told myself to try it. What the hell.
I knocked and walked in, slowly. She was there. On her bed, the pretty and dark skinned beauty lie there unaware I had stepped inside. Her head was turned away from me. I wanted to say hi but couldn’t. Not yet I couldn’t. I stared at her…her beauty. I was amazed at how…how pretty she actually was. Dark skinned, tumbling flesh, curves, breasts as perfect as a man, me, would care to have them, and wow was she dressed up.
Not formally, but informally. What was that she had on? Something…something sexy looking…for me, for us…for me? Ooooooohh mmmmm, I thought. My dick, it tingled. I wanted to rub it. She finally turned my way.
“Oh, hi… Stoneypoint?” she said.
“Yeah, but no one knows that name really” I told her. “Man, wow… Raven…wow” I began to say or hopefully it came out in a formal sentence.
My body was riveting at the prospects of being against a woman, a real like, and attractive woman who wanted me? Me? Oh…my…god. My heart beat…crazily. I moved to a chair. She was attractive. She really was. Big but beautiful. What was I getting myself into? Was this the right thing to do? Hell yes, I thought. It was. I wanted this again. Could I satiate her, make her happy? Could I do that?
I sat and we talked, a little, got to know one another, a little. Then she said let’s go to the bedroom. My heart ran away. My loins disappeared. What happened? What was going on? Why was I asking all these questions? What did I care?
All we were here for was to take care of those primal needs we both had. “I like you” she told me. “I do. And I love how you write too.”
I remember that. I wanted to make love to the young lady, give her body and her all she came for. I hope I could make her happy. I hoped I could. “Wow, I’m going to say something you may… Ohhhhhh wow” I said aloud as I watched her body twirl from left to right, her wide curved derriere swinging to the left and to the right. Can I bite that, I wanted to ask her. May I, I felt like saying. In time, I thought…in good time I will. “You have a great figure” I said.
“Thank you” she said as we turned the corner into the bedroom.
She turned and sat down. I felt my blood pressure sky rocketing. I felt my body going in directions it hadn’t gone in a long while… A long, long time. I was nervous. “I want you and need your help doing this…making love to you” I told her. She nodded then smiled. And then she said to me she needed help too. It had been a long time. She’s spent way too many days with Mr. V. “Mr. V?” I asked.
“Yes, Mr. V.” she said. “My vibrator… It’s a great device… a neat and wonderful tool, but it can’t…replace the emotional status of a…man, you Stoney. No… No it can’t” she said as openly as answering a question in class.
And I had to agree. And I said, “Well let me help you with that project” and that’s what I did. “Did you bring it with you?” I asked hoping maybe she had. She said she did. It was in her bag and I hopped up and grabbed it and took it to her. She dug to the bottom of it. Everything we did seemed natural as if it was meant to be. She handed it to me. I never ever had my hands on one, to be honest, and feeling hers was different. I can’t explain it but it was.
“Would you like to put it inside me?” she said.
I looked up at her and forced a smile. Really, she knew I did want to do that. I’d love to see her pinkish pussy. I’d love to begin to see her large dark fleshy body; all of it in fact. I would. She was already practically undressed as it was, but her pussy and her ass weren’t covered up. Not with those dark panties she had on. Finally, I leaned in and I kissed her on the lips as I pulled away the strap of the panties. My heart soared. When I looked down and saw it, saw her generous and glorious pussy, everything inside me soared. I beat wildly all over and I felt flushed. I wanted to taste it and taste her too. At that exact moment, I wanted to get instantly horny and slide my hardening cock inside her all too wet cunt, and I wanted to have the greatest sex a man could have with this woman who wanted me that day. But we weren’t not ready. Not yet we weren’t and she watched me. She watched me as I laid her vibrator down along the seam of her pussy.
Her eyes closed as she felt it, felt me do this womanly thing to her gorgeous pussy. I’d never done anything like it and to do it today to hers was beyond my craziest dreams. I began feeling her soft flesh. Some of it bulged, some of it hung, but none of her ever turned me off. None of her turned me off. I wanted more and more of her. I wanted to hold her, closely. I wanted to know her. I wanted to know all about this dark woman who I allowed to come on to me. We said nothing as we or I did foreplay. I was still dressed from my day at work. Sweater and pants and the rest, I laid by her side feeling her, touching her, and plodding along her bulbous beauty. I fell slowly for a woman I knew nothing about, but I tell you this- It was great and she was great because she watched and smiled as her eyes remained closed, until we kissed.
“I love how you touch my body, ” she said softly.
What a voice. It was sweet, quiet, and it swallowed me up. “I’ve never done anything like this” I told her. She asked me what I meant. “Well, I’m pretty old fashioned” I said.
She couldn’t believe it based on how I was handling the vibrator, how I was working her pussy. I was gentle and smooth, she told me. She said she loved it on her. That only made me hornier. I wanted to put my cock inside her. She knew that, right? She had to. She smiled and nodded. I looked into her soft eyes. She was a woman of…well you know what I’m going to say…a woman of beauty which I’ve never encountered before. A woman who came all this way to see me…me I am telling you. It was incredible I was with her, with Raven Moon today.
Again her soft smooth voice. “Go inside me. Swell inside me. I want to feel you in me.”
I looked up. Her eyes, like her voice, were at peace, and I got undressed. I slithered up her body. She inhaled as I did, feeling me, feeling it as it came alive before I even went in her. She oooh’d and she ahhhh’d as I “climbed” over her to put it before her. She said she wanted me and I went in. Inside, she was warm. I didn’t want to be violent. No, I didn’t and wouldn’t be with this woman. I simply wanted to feel her, be inside her, and do the things a man does with a woman he…he appreciates and likes a lot. I lay there, feeling her insides. Man, it felt good in there. She felt good and the longer I sat inside her, the more I wanted to do this.
We hung on to one another. We held one another. We grabbed one another. I kissed her breasts. They were succulent. They were delicious. Everything about my experience with her, having some of the greatest sex in my entire life with Raven was and is never going to be forgotten. I wanted more and more, but once I came and I came deeply inside her core. I came and I enjoyed it. Then I was done. And she held my body closely. I held hers as close. We were warm. It was and an experience I’d never forget, I told myself. Hopefully there would be more of these days.
Beautiful eyes. Beautiful body. Beautiful breast. Great hips. A wonderfully shaped ass. Everything I could ask for from this woman. I love you, I almost said, but knew I didn’t.
As time progressed, we came closer. Personally and physically, she and I became closer then any man and any woman can in cases like this. We understood, I thought, each other and I wanted her to know it. Being able to feel a woman’s actual naked flesh, hers especially was nothing like I’d ever imagined. I wished I could have stayed longer, but she and I both knew it wasn’t possible. I wanted her. Raven wanted me. She wanted more then I could ever…ever give of myself. She did not cry when I left three plus hours later. We hugged and it was a long, long hug. We didn’t speak, hardly at all. I told her to email me. She said she would. And then she and I kissed. That kiss was a beauty in its own right. Her lips were soft. Her lips were mighty. But I have not forgotten her lips and her kiss, yet. Wow. What a woman.

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