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She Bangs

By Timothy McCorkell - Mar 7, 2007 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 2080 The life and times of a bad boy.
Women had always considered me a nice guy. I guess I was com comfortable for them to be around. I always went slow and followed their lead. I enjoyed living the relatively uncomplicated life of a lumberjack. But that all changed when I rode my Harley into Vegas for a weekend fling. I had five hundred dollars that I figured I could safely throw away at the poker table without getting hurt. When I hit the five hundred dollar self imposed limit I got up to leave the table.
I was always a sensible sort of guy. I liked to have fun but I accepted the fact that there were limits. I made a decent salary as a lumberjack but I never had a lot of spare cash that I could just throw away.
As I started to turn away from the table a very pretty looking woman asked, "why are you quitting so soon?"
"I only had five hundred dollars to lose and now its gone, " I replied.
"Oh is that all? I know where you can pick up a quick five hundred and get back in the game again, " she explained.
"Yeah I know. I could whip out my credit card and get five hundred real quick, but I'm just a lumberjack and five hundred is all I'm letting lady luck fleece me for today, " I said.
"No you don't need to tap your credit cards, I've got the money right here, " she said.
I watched with both suprise and delight as she unbuttoned the first two buttons of her blouse and pulled out a five hundred dollar bill that was tucked inside her bra. She handed me the five hundred dollar bill and said, "here, take it, its for you , just let me take a few pictures of you and thats it."
"Okay your on, " I said with a smile.
She took me up to her hotel room and told me that she was a photographer for a women's magazine and that she thought the women would enjoy looking at photos of a hot and good looking lumberjack.
"Take off your shirt and throw it on the bed, "she instructed.
"Just the shirt, thats all I need to take off?" I aksed.
"For now yeah, but I'll be a little dissapointed if you don't let me see a lot more of you later, " she said.
I wasn't sure what she meant by that. She could have meant that she wanted me butt naked for some pictures or she's inviting me to get naked with her after the shoot. I figured I'd play along for now and see where this would all end up. So I took my shirt off and was pleased by the smile on her face.
"Nice muscles, the girls are gonna love you. Could you pull up your undershirt slow and then off. Oh, great abs. Wow, your chest is rippling with muscles. These pictures are gonna be good, " she said.
"What do you want me to do now?, " I asked.
"Lay across the bed leaning on your hands and lift your body upright on the bed. Let those muscles protrude and look slightly up with a reserved smile. Great, you're a real natural. Now stand up and toss those pants off and turn your back to me, " she said.
"You really think the ladies will want to look at pictures of me?" I asked.
"Oh yeah I do and I'm sure they'll love the shots I'm gonna take now. Slowy and teasingly slide your underpants off, " she said.
"Do you really need that kind of picture, ?" I asked.
"I just want to give the women a little thrill. You're not shy about women seeing your body are you, ?" she asked.
"No I'm not shy at all but I just don't know how much of myself I want to share with a magazine. Its not anything pornographic is it, ? I timidly asked.
"No nothing like that. I show the body as if its a fine work of art. Just relax and let me turn you into a work of art."
"Okay but you drop my underpants down as your shooting, I'm sure I'll slide the underpants off to fast and ruin your shoots but no frontal shots, okay?" I asked.
"All right just stay still. I'm going to slide your pants and shorts down a bit and take a few pictures, " she said.
As she tugged at my pants and shorts I started to wonder if this was a bad idea. With my pants and shorts now pulled down to my kness I could hear the camera snapping away. With my back to her I couldn't see what kind of expression was on her face. I couldn't help but wonder if the sight of me had her turned on or I was just another photo shoot to her. Then suddenly the camera stoped snaping. I thought maybe she was reloading or something.
"Turn around now toward me and look at my stark naked body while I snap away", she said.
Her body was fantastic looking. If her goal was to give me an erection it worked. I was quickly rock hard but I could clearly see that my body pleased her.
"I didn't expect that you would want frontal nudity, I'm a little unco comfortable about showing this much for a womens magazine, " I said.
"Oh don't worry about that, I won't put the frontal nudity shots in the magazine. The frontal shots will be just be for private collections. Now lay back on your back and spread your legs a little and throw your arms back over the pillows. But keep looking at me and keep it hard. We're almost finished, " she said.
"Okay, whatever you say, but I still don't understand how I'm worth five hundred dollars, " I said.
"You're worth that and a lot more and I could teach you how to be a bad boy and cash in big time on that great bod you have. Now let me take a few shots of you standing up and thats it, unless you want to do a screen test." she said.
"What kind of screen test, ?" I asked.
"I may be able to use you in a movie if you can turn me on. I'll give you a thousand dollars if you want to take the screen test right now. Just make love to me and if you really please me I'll put you in a movie."
"A thousand bucks for making love to you, you're on, "I replied.
"Okay, lets see how good you are. I'm goona lay on the bed and tell you exactly what to do. But no free lancing now. Follow my instructions to the t and earn that thousand dollars and a chance to be in a movie, " she said.
"You got it, get ready, " I said.
"Okay come beside me and put your left thigh over my right thigh and start French kissing my mouth while both your hands gently fondle my breasts. Deep, go deeper with your tongue. Yes, thats it. Now swirl your tongue tight around mine. Thats it, perfect. Now cup my left breast and twirl your tongue around my nipple while your other hand gently rubs up and down between my legs. Yes thats it. You have a wonderful touch. Now do the same with the other breast. Oh, thats fantastic. Now lean over my face and let that big delicious looking lolypop slip into my mouth, "she said.
"The lolypop is gonna go pop if you keep sucking on it like that, " I said.
"Okay, you're right, take it out and move your tongue between my legs. Lick me like you're licking an ice cream cone while running both hands up and down my thighs. Yes thats it, but faster, much faster. Yes, oh yes thats it, perfect. Okay now, spread my legs out real wide and enter me. Go as deep inside me as you can once my legs are wrapped around you. Yes, thats it, but harder, much harder. Yes, oh yes, thats it. Oh yeah, I'm cumming already. Oh, you're fantastic, "she said.
"Your'e way to tight, I'm gonna come soon if I don't stop. What should I do?" I asked.
"No don't stop, take my breath away. I'm still having multiple orgasms, so go ahead and let go whenever you want", she said.
"All right, I just want to make sure you're getting your thousand dollars worth, "I said.
"I got way more than a thousand dollars worth already and I can tell you now that you're good enough to be in the movie. Oh, I'm coming again, I don't how you're holding on so long." she said.
"I can't, I can't hold any longer, I'm gonna explode any second, " I said.
"Were both coming together now, perfect timing, yes, yes, oh yes. This is the best sex I've ever had, " she said.
"That was good, that was real good. But I was thinking. Can I give you back the five hundred you gave me for taking pictures of me and just keep the thousand for the screen test. I'm not sure if I want naked pictures of myself showing up in a womens magazine, " I said.
"Don't worry, you can keep both the five hundred for the pictures and the thousand for the screen test. The camera had no film in it, " she said.
"But why would you give me five hundred dollars for pictures that you only pretended to take, ? I asked.
"I wanted to check out your bod. If I didn't like what I saw I would have passed on the thousand for the screen test", she said.
"You mean, I just got paid for banging you. Why couldn't you just start up a conversation with me and see where it may have led to, "I asked.
I was horny and I wanted to get banged by you the moment I spotted you at the poker table. One look at your long blond hair and those broad shoulders and that tight ass and I just had to have you. And when I got you to take it all off for my camera you were even beter than I had imagined. I was only gonna give three hundred for the screen test, but when I saw your abs and your rippling muscles I went to a thousand for the screen test just to make sure you couldn't say no", she said.
But your a fantastic looking woman. Why would you want to pay to get it. I just don't get it, " I said.
"Some women love getting it by a stud like you but they just don't like all the extras that come with a relationship. I just had great sex with you but when I go home I don't have to have to look at you watching football in my living room. To me it was worth paying for great sex with no strings, "she said.
"If you put it that way, I guess I earned the money. Now excuse me while I head down to my hotel room and take a shower. I'm feeling just a little dirty. Put hey, I'll play bad for you. After a shower I'll be back in the poker game playing with your money. But if you want a little more action later, I may just raise my stud fee a little bit. But now that I see how easy it is to play the bad boy, maybe, just maybe I'll be selling my services to someone else.
Here, since your camera was empty, I'll throw in my own photo collection to cover what you paid me for pictures you didn't take.
After a fresh shower and a couple of stiff drinks I felt like I was ready to get back on my game again. Feeling confident, I got back in the poker game. But my luck with the cards was still dismal. But I noticed that a nice looking woman was giving me a good once over.
She turned to me and said, " I'm starved. I've got to put some food in my stomach. Would you care to join me?"
"I'd love to but I'm down to my last twenty, " I replied.
"Im in the chips today and I'm buying. Please join me? I hate to dine alone, " she said.
"Okay, you talked me into it. Lead the way", I said.
As we were ushered into a private room I asked, what kind of a place is this?"
"They give you some extra privacy in case a couple may want to do a little more than just having a meal but I only come here for the food, and maybe playing footsie just a bit. You don't mind if I play a little footsie with you, do you, ? she asked.
"Oh, not at all. What would a meal be like without a little footsie, ? I answered.
She wasted no time. Just as soon as the waitor bought a bottle of wine she started playing footsie. As I poured a glass of wine for her I could feel her foot slide up my leg. I took my shoes off and gently slid my feet under her dress. First I just rubbed along her thighs but as I felt her feet go up under my waist I responded in kind by rubbing my feet up between her legs. She was very skilled at playing footsie and I was begining to get excited.
Just as I was about to ask her to slow down a bit the waitor walked in with a basket of bread and took our orders. The waitor let us know that he wouldn't be back with the order for at least a half hour and that we should ring the buzzer if we wanted him for anything before he came back with our meal.
Just as soon as the waitor closed the door behind him she got up and moved her chair along side mine.
"We've got a half hour, " she said as she looked deeply into my eyes.
I gently kissed her lips thinking that things wouldn't go much further than a flirtation, but I soon realized that she wanted to go all the way right then and there. In an instant she had all my shirt buttons opened and was already undoing my belt buckle. As I unbottoned her blouse I could feel that one of her hands were already sliding underneath my shorts. I then undid her bra that revealed a beatiful pair of breasts as I throw the bra on the floor.
Now I was totaly naked and wondering if she wanted to do this in the chair, on the table, on the floor or whatever. I pulled down her panties thinking that she might give me a clue but she said nothing. As I ran my hand between her legs I could feel that she was quickly becoming saturated.
Then she said "lay on your back on the floor, I'm ready now."
As I layed back on the floor I could feel her hands firmly grip my thighs as she placed her mouth between my legs. As her tongue quickly twirled around me I felt as if I would soon explode.
But then she got up and said, "were running out of time, is it okay if I get down on all fours for you?"
"Sure, no problem", I said.
By the way she positioned herself on her hands and kness with her rear arched up so perfectly I could tell that this must be her favorite way of doing it and there was still plenty of time left. She had a beautiful looking rear end and I got help but running my hands over it before I gripped it firmly with my hands and slipped inside her clitoris. She moaned as I went deeper inside her. But now it was getting late so I started to thrust faster inside her as she shook and started to moan wildy.
Now I thought I'd better get this done before half the place hears her moans.
She screamed "I'm cumimg, I'm cuming, oh faster, go faster, oh again, I'm cuming again, oh, don't stop, don't stop."
I could see that she was enjoying the heck out of this so I started thinking about my poker playing to get my mind off what was going on as I continued to bang away. I guess that at least a good five minutes or so went by before I remembered again that I had this hot bod beneath me.
"I don't really want this to ever end but theres no more time left. Come with me now, " she said.
With that I let go as she moaned ever so loudly.
"That was the best ever. You're good, you're really good, " she whispered softly.
After we dressed she took a thousand dollar bill out of her purse and handed it to me.
"Pay for the bill with this when it comes and take another shot at the poker table with the change, " she said.
"The bill wont be more than two hundred, I can't take eight hundred off you, " I said.
"Promise me you'll take it or I'll strip naked for the waitor, " she said.
"You wouldn't, " I quipped.
Quickly removing her blouse and bra she said, "yes I would."
"Okay I'll take it, but please cover those fantastic breasts up before I make love to you right here again, " I said.
"Oh you like my breasts. They're all real you know. No silicone. Sometimes I wish they were just a little smaller. They're just to big for me to ever wear a top braless, " she said.
"I think they're just the right size, " I said.
"Well, if you're in the mood, knock on my door in the morning and maybe we can take a shower together before breakfast, she said.
"Hmmm that sounds refreshing, you're on, " I said.
After a nice meal I was ready to take another try at the poker table. I played till the late hours of the morning but it payed off. I had won about twenty thousand dollars. I bought some flowers and rang her bell for a morning shower.
"My favorite kind of flowers, " she said with a smile.
"I won twenty grand last night and I want to do the town with you. Get dressed and well take a ride on my harley."
"I thought we were gonna take a shower together, " she said.
"Well how bout a lake were we can take a bath together instead?" I asked
"Okay I game, let me throw something on, " she said.
As we headed to the lake riding my harley she held me tightly. We got to the lake and throw off all our clothes. Watching her beautiful breasts bounce along the water was an incredible turn on. We started to kiss and before we knew it we were screwing like crazy. Neither one of us could get enough. We screwed three times until we had our fill at last. She was excellent at sex. As it got dark we headed back. Going two days without sleep was starting to take its tool now. I just wanted to get back and get a little sleep.
As I walked her to her door she said, "gets some rest and maybe well go get together again soon."
"You got it, catch you later babe, " I said.
After a great nights sleep I decided to go for an early morning swim in the hotel pool. I was the only one there so I figured I'd try a high dive off the board. The dive was great and the cool morning chilled water felt invigorating.
As I started to swim I thought about what I should do with my twenty grand windfall from the night before I won playing poker. I wasn't sure if I should head back to Washington State on my harley or have a little more adventure before I went back to my very ordinary lumberjack job.
Just then I heard a woman's voice. Yes was yelling something to me but I couldn't make it out so I swam toward where she was standing. As I got closer I could see that she was waving a bathing suit. I thought that was a bit strange. Then I could hear her voice.
She yelled, "your bathing suit, it came off when you dived off the board, I'm throwing it into the pool for you", she said.
"Thank you, I hadn't realized that it came off, " I said.
I slipped the suit back on and climbed out of the pool.
"You have a fantastic looking body, but you should get your chest shaved and have a body wax. That's what I do. I could do you today if you want, " she said.
"Thanks, but I'm not a Hollywood type, I'm just a lumberjack, " I said.
"You may be just a lumberjack but you have the most fantastic body I have ever seen. But I could make you look even better. First, I need to dye your hair black. With that long blonde hair you look prettier than me. Deep black and long will make you look super masculine. If I shave your chest and do a body wax all your fantastic muscles will be prominent. And I'll show you were to buy some nice tight bikini swim trunks that will give the girls at the pool multible orgasms, "she said.
"Okay, you talked me into it. When can we start?" I asked.
"Right now she replied, come with me, you won't regret it, " she said.
She put me in a room and told me to lay down on a table. Then a battery of people were working on my hair and my body. When they were finished all my chest hair was gone and my hair was jet black. I looked in the mirror and my waxed body seemed to shine. Then she walked in and handed me a bikini bathing suit to put on. I slipped it on and felt as if I were wearing nothing. I felt as if I were wearing a string. But when I noticed how her eyes were focused so intently below my naval I thought why not give it a try.
"Wear it at the pool today and see the looks you get, " she said.
"Okay, I'll try it, but I'm not sure if I want everyone seeing so much of my body. Thanks for everything. See ya, " I said.
That afternoon I took a dip in the pool with my new bikini bathing suit, my new dark hair and my brand new waxed body. From the moment I walked by the pool I was getting smiles and hi there's from almost every women in the place. Now I knew that the body makeover was the way to go. After a few laps around the pool, I decided to lay on a lounge chair for a while. Just then a woman wearing a bikini with her huge breasts bouncing almost out of her bikini top layed down on the lounge chair next to mine.
As she stretched her legs at on the lounge I could help but notice her fantastic looking thighs. Then after a while she started to sit up as I watched her fantastic breasts bounce with the motion of her movement.
"I've seen you in a movie, but I just can't place you. What one was it, ? she asked.
"No thanks for the compliment, but I'm just a lumberjack, "I replied.
"I've never seen a lumberjack before. Do they all have muscles like yours, ?she asked.
"Thank you, but yes, I guess they all look very much like me, " I replied.
I watched her breasts almost pop out of her bikini top as she lent over to touch my stomach.
"Great abs, " she mumered with a smile.
As her hands reached up further to feel my chest muscles the sight of her bulging breasts was getting me rock hard. As she glanced below my waist I knew she could clearly see that she was turning me on.
"Its getting hot here. I'm gonna go to my room and get a cold drink. Would you like to come and have a cold drink with me, ?" she asked in a sexy voice.
"Yeah it sure is getting hot, sounds great, " I answered.
We made small talk for a few minutes as we sat and had the drinks but both of us knew what we were there for. After I put my drink down on the table she placed hers on the table also. Then with one gaze into her eyes our lips touched. As she moved her hands up and down my chest I untied her bikini top and slid it off her tremendous breasts. She had my bikini bathing suit slipped off now but I was still fondling her breasts. They were so fantastic I could have fondled them all day long, but I knew she wanted more.
As she stroked between my legs I ran my hands up her fantastic thighs and then slid off her bikini bottoms. As my tongue started to twirl between her legs her massive thighs started to vibrate wildly. As I entered her I could feel her wrap her legs tightly around my waist. As I thrusted ever so deeper she tightened more and more around me.
As her thighs began to now vibrate ever so wildly she screamed that she was cuming and I soon followed with a powerful explosion. But I was so turned on I followed that up again soon after. Finaly as our lustful bodies were now steaming like a sauna we showered together and cooled off.
We had been making love for so long that it was now night time. At last I headed back.
"Wake up its afternoon, "she said shaking me.
"What do you want, ?" I asked.
"I want you to come to an orgy with me, its my first time and I don't want to be the only one new there, " she said.
"I don't need your money any more, I won twenty grand the other night playing poker. So please go away and let me sleep, ? I said.
"I'll give you twenty grand if you come with me, " she said.
"Okay for twenty grand I'll be your bad boy. Why not? Who do I have to have sex with at the orgy, ? I asked.
"I'm not sure. All I know is that everyone that goes for the first time has to submit to being handcuffed to the bed posts", she said.
"Oh thats really great. Some Granny could jump on me and force me to give her a boner while I'm handcuffed, " I said.
"No, that couldn't happen. They have an age restriction and they're all nice looking people there, " she said.
"Okay, but if end up giving a Granny a boner then I want double, " I said.
After having some reservations about women being able to screw me without my consent I decided to do it for the twenty grand, and I was always a little curious about what went on at an orgy. We pulled up to a place that looked like a very big mansion.
We were greated at the door by five very good looking women that were all stark naked. Two of them started to undress me and another one handed me a few pills with some water to take while the other two neatly hung my clothes up for me. Then they did the same to the woman I was with.
"What are these pills for, ?" I asked.
"The pills will relax you and make you feel super sexy. You must take them its a requirement, " she said.
"I don't know about taking pills, " I said.
She ran her hands over my ass and said, "don't make me have to spank you're sexy looking ass."
I downed the pills and said, "I might enjoy that."
The girls then took us upstairs to a large room with two giant sized beds in it and ushered me over to lie down on one of the beds. At the same time they placed the woman I was with on another bed across the room.
I could clearly see that they were handcuffing both of our hands and feet to the bed posts of both beds but the pills had me so relaxed I just went along with it.
Then I watched as the girls left after securing us to the bed posts. Just then I noticed three men and three women enter the room. The three men walked over to her bed across the room and started to fondle her all at once. One man was twirling his tongue around her left nipple while another did her right nipple while still another man ran his tongue between her legs.
Now the three women reached my bed and started to fondle me. One woman rubbed her hands over my chest while another one ran her hands up and down my thighs, while still another started to French kiss my mouth.
I started to get super horny as two of the woman now started to both twirl their tongues around my nipples while the other one started to tongue me between my legs.
I watched as the men on the other bed took turns entering the woman on the bed. Her moans became louder and louder as each man entered her. Then as I was watching one of the women climbed on top of me and plunged me deep inside her. As that was happening another women stuck one of her breasts in my mouth and still another started to bite me all over my neck and chest. As I exploded inside of the woman that was riding me I felt a feeling of euphoria. Within seconds of exploding I was becoming rock hard again. Another women climbed on top of me as I felt a type of hornyness I had never experienced before.
As I again exploded I said, "okay, thats enough now, lets call it a day."
"I didn't do you yet, " one of the girls exclaimed.
"Oh I can't. I just can't do any more now, " I said.
But as I talked the woman that I hadn't yet entered was busy with her tongue bringing me back to attention while the other two rubbed every sexual button on my body. To my surprise I was rock hard again in a few minutes. I was close to exhaustion but I could feel her slowly entering me into her.
As I watched her thighs move up and down I felt a tremendous arousal but yet I didn't feel like I was going to explode. She seemed to be skilled at keeping the right sort of pace. After several minutes of being inside her I was feeling completly euphoric. They were still banging away on the other bed, but I didn't care any more.
I was enjoying the heck out of this. I wondered why I never had tried three women at once before. Every part of my body was tingling as she rode me to euphoria and the other two stimulated every other part of my body. Then suddenly her thighs started to pound me harder and deeper. As the pace speeded up I let go at last with a fury. As the woman removed the handcuffs I realized that my body was saturated with sweat.
"I need a good shower", I said.
"Come with us and we'll all shower together, " one of the woman said.
They took me into a tremendous looking shower and all three of them scrubbed me clean. I went back down stairs to get my clothes and the woman that I had came in with was sitting their waiting for me.
"Was it good for you to, ? she asked with a smile.
"Oh yeah, just sorry I took so long in the shower, but I didn't know you were waiting, "I said.
"Damn, hurry up and get those clothes on, I can't look at your naked body unless I'm sure you're gonna bang me, "she said.
"In that guess I'll put my clothes back on real quick like because lady I am all banged out for today and you should be too, " I said.
"Yeah, I'm done for the day to unless you want to handcuff me to the bed, " she said.
"Come on, lets hop on my harley and get out of here before I change my mind, " I said.
"So were are you headed now bad boy, ? she asked?
"Well after I drop you off I'm gonna head back to my lumberjack world. I had enough of life in the fast lane for a while.
"Damn, what was in those pills they gave us? I'm feeling super horny again, " she said.
Her hands started to slide down below my waist.
"Please stop, I cant drive this harley with you touching me there, " I said.
"Could we just pull over and do it some where, ? she asked.
"Haven't you had enough sex for one day, ?" I asked.
"I can't help it, I guess the pills haven't worn off yet. I need it right now, " she said.
"All right, I'm feeling it to now, I'll pull over somewhere in a minute. Just hang on, " I said.
I spotted an area off the road that sloaped down out of view of the traffic and drove over. The night air was now freezing but despite that we both threw our clothes off and screwed our brains out for a good solid hour until at last we were satisfied. We dressed and headed back.
"No more pills again ever, " I told her.
"No, no more pills for me either, " she said.
"Okay its a deal, the next time we screw it will be because we want to and not because a pill makes us, " I said.
"Deal, " she answered back.

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