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Pool Slut

Pool Slut

By suzy Roxs - Oct 11, 2009 - From erotic-stories- women. Stories for women - Views - 46771 My name is Susan and I 'm 41 and have a cute petite little body. I stand 5'5" have wavy curly hair with blonde streaks. My waist is small and I keep a nice tan my laying in the tanning bed. My lover says I have a perfect little ass, body and the most beautiful skin he has ever seen. I love my body and love to show it off; though I have just started doing so the last year or so.
I have a cute little pierced navel and love to wear clothes that show my flat smooth pierced belly. I shave my pussy daily and love the feel of being com completely bare between by lovely legs. I only wear tiny sheer thongs that barely cover my smooth little pussy or wear none at all. I love to wear short tight dresses stockings or crotch-less pantyhose. I recently had my first black dick and know I just can't get enough black dicks in my little white shaved pussy. I especially love to watch those big black dicks as they slide in my smooth shaved hole. But for a long time I was afraid of my of my sexual desires.
Well let's start at the beginning:
Several years ago at Christmas my office party was a day away when my husband announced to me that he wasn't going to my party with all those black people. I informed him since I was their supervisor that I had to show up. Well he said have a good time and send me a Christmas card. By the way this was the beginning of the end of our marriage. Well I called Sylvia and told her I would be coming alone. Sylvia is a white single coworker in her late forties; thin like myself and could pass for a woman in her thirties. She always dresses to kill and I love being around her. She said pack an overnight bag just in case I wasn't able to drive home. I live in another town and commute about thirty miles one way a day. Well I had dressed in black slacks and a red sweater and appeared rather plain and probably not very desirable. Sylvia on the other hand was dressed in a short black leather skirt, a sheer white blouse 4 inch heels and white stockings. The reason I could tell she had on stockings is that the smooth bare skin above them was visible as we sat and had a few drinks. I'm sure Sylvia could feel me staring at her sexy body. The more I looked the more it turned me on and from the way she peered over her glass I'm sure she was enjoying my stare. After a while our conversation turned to our upcoming night and Sylvia complimented me on my body but said that I should flaunt it more. I said my husband would have had a fit if I left the house dressed as she was but complimented her on how sexy and "tempting" she looked. She quickly stated that we were probably the same size and if I wanted she was sure she could find "something" that would look great on me it I wished. I said I was fine but she insisted we just have a look and see if I saw something that I liked. Well after another drink I was getting bold so we headed to her bedroom.
She found a short black skirt that went great with my red sweater and convinced me to try it on. Well being the conservative Christian girl I was I slide into the bathroom and made a quick change. She complimented me on my appearance but said I needed to do something about the panty lines that were visible. She suggested I remove them. As I did I ran my panty hose so she got me a pair (my first) crotch less fishnets with seams up the back. Next she produced a pair of 4-inch heels and I will have to admit I looked damn good and I loved it.
Well off we went. By the time we arrived the party was in full swing and the "working folks" were all really getting wild. The drinks were flowing and soon I found myself dancing and socializing with my coworkers in a relaxed state like I never had before. One of my black coworkers even stated that she was glad to see that I had finally "left my panties at home". She didn't know how right she really was! As the party got wilder a notice that Sylvia had danced numerous dances with a young lean broad-shouldered black man that worked in the mailroom. After a long slow dance I noticed she headed toward the Powder room and he followed her shortly. I decided I would follow her and as I waltzed by the coat room I heard a slight rustlings sound and noticed Sylvia and the black man locked in a passionate kiss and his large black hands had pulled her short dress up around her waist revealing her smooth white stocking-clad legs and he was caressing her white ass with his large black hands and appeared to be playing with her pussy. I quickly ducked into the powder room hoping Sylvia didn't see me staring again! Shortly after I had returned to our table Sylvia returned and Phil then came over; he introduced himself as I former high school friend of Sylvia's younger brother. I suspected that was just I little white lie. Anyway he asked me to dance and I accepted. After a couple of dances the lights went low and a slow song played; before I could react I found myself in his arms and from the bulge in my stomach I could see what had lured Sylvia into the coat room. I must admit he had my mind spinning the rest of the night wondering about all the things I had heard about black men.
The ride to Sylvia's was quite and she suggested that I stay the night. I gave my husband a call and discovered he and his "buddies" were drinking beer and shooting pool and said he would see me "whenever". Upon arriving at Sylvia's we had a nightcap and a bite to eat and retired to the bedroom. Sylvia had a king size bed and said that half was mine that she wouldn't bite but that i did look good enough to eat. She laughed and I started removing my clothes before I realized I was standing before her in only my "new pantyhose' heels and bra. I suddenly realized this and threw on a extra large tee shirt and crawled in the bed. Sylvia slowly removed her clothes and headed to the bed in only her very sheer and small panties that barely covered her pussy that was obviously shaved clean. Her navel had a cute little piecing and in my drunken state I caught myself complimenting her on it. She grinned and said I should get me one and stated that she also had a second piecing that she thought I would like. With that she removed her bra and showed me the nipple ring she said that a friend had talked her into getting it about a month ago. I asked her who; stating that she had never mentioned "a friend" and she mentioned that I had met him tonight and asked how I enjoyed my dance with him? As we lay in the bed Sylvia asked why my husband hadn't come along and I started telling her how strained and boring our sex life was. She asked did I have any secret desires and I quickly told her of this guy who frequented the community pool where I lived and how I had often fantasized about him but said he probably never really had noticed me because the rumor was that he was screwing a couple of the lifeguards. She asked a few questions and I told her he was about my age swam all the time and had a body to kill for. Sylvia suggested I start off flaunting my cute little butt and I would probably be surprised at the attention I'd draw from him. We spent several hours talking and finally fell asleep.
The next morning as I was driving home I passed a tattoo parlor that advertised body piercing. Well five minutes down the road I said what the hell turned around and got my navel pierced. My new way of life had just begun.
When I arrived at home my husband and me really got into it and I moved all my things into the spare bedroom. He and my daughter promptly left and went deer hunting. I drew a warm bath and took my second step to my new unveiling. As I was soaking I shaved my pussy com completely bare and couldn't believe how hot my pussy was. All I could think about was John from the pool. As I admired the new me in the mirror I decided then and there he was going to be fucked my the "new pool mommy" that summer.
Over the next several months I put the changes in my new life into motion. As I settled in my new room I would tease me husband every chance I got. My dress became sexier and with each passing week I added new and more revealing clothes to my wardrobe. The men at the office we definitely loving the new me. My dresses were short and I only wore the skimpy throngs that barely covered my smooth shaved pussy lips. Stockings were a must and every chance I got I would flash some lucky male in the mall and local restaurants. I also invested in two dildos to pump in my hungry pussy nightly. One was a nice white one and I often dreamed of what the summer had in store for me as I fantasized about John pounding my pussy. The other was a ten inch black one I used when thoughts of Sylvia and he black lover were in my mind.
As the summer arrived I made sure I got on the pool committee. I even signed my daughter on the swim team and volunteered to assist on the team board. I learned that John often worked late in the afternoons and on Saturday’s at the pool and allowed some of the ladies to lie in the sun if he was around working. One sunny Saturday in the spring I noticed that the gate to the pool road was opened; knowing John was probably down there I turned in and acted concerned and talked with him for awhile. He sat down offered me I beer which I accepted. I caught him peering over his beer a couple of times. I was wearing short shorts and a tee shirt that showed off my "cute little pierced navel". He even told me he'd be working the next Saturday and if I wanted to lie in the sun; just drop by. He said the gate would be closed but unlocked and said I'd need to close it after I came thru it. This was really making my plan even easier. I couldn't wait. Before leaving I asked if the bathrooms were open and excused myself. All I really wanted to do was to tease him a little and I went in and adjusted my shorts so they rode up tight in my crotch and my throng was visible from behind. I chatted a couple of minutes and then said I hoped to be able to sun a little the next weekend. As I bent over to adjust my sandal I peered back and flashed John a grin of approval knowing he was admiring my ass! I had come a long way since that night of the X-mas party and was so proud of myself.
The upcoming week had be busy looking for the right bikini to wear Saturday. I had to buy something that wasn't to sexy incase I wasn't the only one lying around but then again I wanted something that would keep john's eyes on only me! I found a cute little hot black bikini that exposed a fair amount on ass; rode high on my hips and the top consisted of adjustable triangles that covered my small tits. The top could be adjusted to barely cover my tits or loosened to cover them com completely. I also brought a skimpy little throng bottom that could be worn with the same top and I planned on wearing this under the bikini bottom and take off my bikini bottom if we were alone and I could get my courage up.
Saturday seemed like it would never get here. I told Sylvia of my plan and she begged to let her come along to watch me in action. She even stated that if I let her come along she would wear a skimpy bikini that would make it easy for me to reveal myself. I agreed to let her come along also knowing this would keep Marty (my husband) from wondering what I was up to.
Saturday came and Sylvia and myself headed to the pool around 11:00 and offered our help cleaning for about an hour. Sylvia cleaned tables and I scrubbed tiles bending over exposing my cute ass. Sylvia even whistled once saying if she were a man she wouldn't be able to resist an ass like that. I cut my eyes at John and grinned as our eyes met. He flashed a grin of approval.
Around 12:30 John asked did we want any lunch and said that he would run and get us some and we could lie out while he was gone. Sylvia quickly asked if she could lie out without her top while he was gone and me responded; "sure why not". She responded; "make a lot of noise when you come back so we can get them on so as not to embarrass us". As he left Sylvia told me to get that sexy little ass of mine in that throng and she would talk to me latter that night. With that she left. My heart was about to beat out of my chest. God could I really do this, well the moment of truth was here. What was I going to do? Well I decided to leave the top on. I pulled the tie behind my neck tight leaving only the smallest strip on material covering my little tits. My nipples were as hard as bullets and I gave them a couple of quick pinches to get my juices flowing along with a little bit of courage that I desperately needed too. Next I slide off my bikini bottom and adjusted my throng bottom so it barely covered my freshly shaved pussy. I pulled the sides so tight and high on my hips that when I looked down my cunt lips were barely covered by the thin strip on material. As I laid back the heat of the sun was making my shaved cunt so wet I'm sure my ass was dripping with pussy juice!
Soon I heard John returning and I rolled over on my stomach. I heard him come thru the gate and heard him yell from the storage room asking if either of us wanted a beer with our burger. I said Sylvia had to go; she had gotten a call from her neighbor but I would love one that it was getting hot and something cold to drink would hit the spot. I turned my head wanting to see John's reaction when he came out and saw my thinly clad ass for the first time. As he busted out of the storage room and spied me for the first time I could tell I had the prize that I had yearned for all winter in my the palm of my hand. I asked him if he liked what he saw? I quickly rolled over exposing my little body to his gaze. He definitely liked what he saw. We ate and chatted for a while. Then I lay back down and said that I hoped he had closed and locked the gate. He said it was closed. I stated that I thought it would be a good idea if he went and locked it too. In about three minutes he was back and was rubbing suntan oil on my back and slowly worked his way over my shoulders and down to my butt. I pushed my ass back and up begging him to remove my bottom and fuck my hot pussy. Soon I felt his fingers probing my shaved cunt lips pushing me com completely over the edge. As I looked back I could tell that he knew I was his to do whatever he wanted with me. I begged him to stick his cock in my cunt but instead he kissed my flat little stomach; worked his way up to my tits and then buried his head in my sweet shaved pussy giving me the best pussy eating I had ever experienced. Next he produced a nice lean thick dick that to my amazement was as hairless as my pussy. He proceeded to rub the head of his dick up and down the slit of my shaved pussy telling me how he was going to enjoy fucking me and how for years me had wondered what was hidden under those conservative swimsuits I wore. I begged him again to fuck me telling him that my pussy was his to do anything he wanted to with it. He made me beg for his dick; I told him I was his slut to fuck as he wished; whenever he wished. Then I begged again for him to stick his dick in me. At this point I could no longer stand it. He buried his prick in my pussy. I felt his balls in my ass as I came over and over. After what seemed like eternity he rolled me over and fucked me from behind until I came again. Next he did something that took me com completely by surprise! He started rubbing the head of his dick against my asshole. I had never been fucked in my ass but had probed it several times over the past several months and before I knew what had happened the head of his dick had penetrated my tight little ass. At this point I was so lose and hungry for his prick I didn't care what he did. Soon I was enjoying his prick in my ass as much as I had the fucking he had given me minutes before.
As he finished we collapsed in one another's arms laughing, talking and sharing tales of how we had secretly dreamed about one another for the past several summer's. We continued our fuck sessions thru the fall of that year but that is another story. Sylvia couldn't wait to hear the details of my "coming out fucking" and since then we have shared all the details of our affairs sparing none of the details. That fall I left my husband and continued fucking John every chance I got. I knew me would never leave his wife but I didn't care. I just wanted the sex and love living alone. Sylvia spent a lot of time over at my new house and even brought her black lover over and let me have my first black cock. Which is another story.
John truly fucked me better than I ever have been fucked or probably ever will be. We see very little of each other today but I must say I would do anything or go anywhere with him tomorrow. Well fucked in the Carolina's:
More to come. Susan the slut

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