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One Night Stands Article

Seven Sapphire Stories - Volume One

Seven Sapphire Stories - Volume One

By Monica Marshal - Sep 23, 2008 - From story-series. Sex Story Series - Views - 11473

could see matching gloves sticking out of a side pocket, and the rabbit was looking at a pocket watch as he hurried along. She watched as he jumped, feet first, into a large hole by the root of a willow.

cried as she ran to see what it was.

, Wonderland" were the words carved on it.

with her. "Let's make love into my tent" She said pointing at the very luxurious tent had noticed a while ago.

, knelt before her and put her hand between her legs, where her fingers touched the ripe petals.

's tongue, reflexively closed her eyes and hissed.

, still holding the curvaceous hips.

back on the pillowed bed and roughly squeezed her tits. She began to kiss both the huge tits and started to suck left nipple. With one hand she was kneading the right tit while the other hand roamed down 's voluptuous body until it reached her tender pussy. In a moment it started to stroke the pink petals. Long, slender fingers opened girl's vaginal orifice and pushed into the moistness there. gasped as the Queen increased the tempo of finger-fucking; her mouth now sucking the right nipple. The girl decided to lie relaxed under the slim Queen and let the woman enjoy unto her curvaceous body.

, lapping her delicious pussy and knew well to suck the voluptuous girl. Her long tongue probed deep into 's wet, soft labia. Then her lips located 's sensitive clit and slurp-sucked the erectile morsel. She sucked without a pause, the mixed sounds of hungry slurps and melodious moans filled the tent.

opened her eyes as began to suck her lower lip. Instinctively, the girl responded in sucking her lover's mouth. They sucked and kissed each other's lips, mouths pressed harder under the passionate lesbian love.

began to move her hips up and down, plunging the rubber dildo, fucking with swift and sure strokes.

cried in pleasure.

's love tunnel, it was wiped away when licked her cunt clean.

asked again and waited.

" answered the slim husband smilingly as she sat up and mounted atop her voluptuous wife. She kissed on mouth and slid down to suck on the puffy nipples one after the other.

continued as she moved her hand to stroke her life partner's head "I actually came here looking for him. I wanted to return a glove he dropped in my garden but now he has taken it."

said incoherently while smacking on a nipple.

a generous offer for the drink and the lovely brunette showed no reluctance to accept it. She sipped on the red liquor and smiled gracefully at Joseph in their hearty chat without realizing that she was being drugged by her companion. To Joseph's joy, was intoxicated and steamed up shortly. Whether it was due to the powerful dose of the drug or the effect of an aggrieving past on her, Joseph couldn't deduce. By all means it was going well in her favor, because she could take the brunette babe to her home with ease.

stared at Joseph in pure amazement, who was strapping that crooked thing around the slim hips after unzipping and taking off her pants. The thing which amazed was the shaven pussy instead of a cock between Joseph's thighs; because she had mistaken her companion in the bar for being a man. She said nothing of utter disbelief for the figure that was leaning above her. It was a figure which being feminine in real used to dress, speak and behave like a man.

left Joseph's home an hour later, who surely knew that the curvaceous beauty was pleasured well up to the peak after another session of oral service and steaming hot fuck.

" he barked before jumping out of the bed and landing into two feet of murky water.

. She was out cold, floating in the waves. They are waiting for your orders to make the next move." Phyllis explained.

. Inside, it was well illuminated by six torches hoisted in the niches of its rough stone walls. Masses of hay-cushions were spread out as bedding where they laid Selena on her back.

. At sunrise, the totabuese women rose from their slumber and went on with their routine.

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