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Sex Al Fresco

By Timothy McCorkell - Apr 12, 2007 - From swinger- stories. Swinger stories - Views - 22958 "Dam'n she was hot. Its been about four years now since we had Sex al Fresco in her back yard. I wonder if I should wave to her. Ah, to late, she's getting off the bus. Oh, she's waving, she does remeber me."
"Hey Paul, how are you doing?"
"Hi Linda, You're looking better than ever. How is everything going?"
"Not to good Paul. I just visited my deceased husband at the cemetary. I think I loved him to death. He was just so hot. But I should have let him take a breather. The Doctor said his heart just gave out."
"Sorry Linda, I didn't know, but you can't blame yourself. A lot of guys have a bad ticker and just don't know it till, till ah, "
"Till what Paul? Till a nyphomaniac like me kills them." You can say it Paul, I'm sure you remember all the rombs we had just about anywhere we could, and we almost got caught a few times. Well, at least your heart could take it, but my husbands heart just couldn't.
"I didn't mean for it to sound like that Linda. It just came out all wrong, Sorry, "
"You have nothing to be sorry for Paul. Its not your fault that I'm oversexd. He's only been gone three weeks, and I'm already horny as hell."
"I was headed to the Museum. Why don't you come along. I'll buy you a coffee and we can talk."
"Sounds good Paul, I've been meaning to check out "The Temple Of Dendor over there anyway.
"Sure Linda, I'll check it out with you. I'll crab that cab coming our way and well be there in about two minutes flat.
"Thanks Paul, I need a friend today and, and oh, never mind."
"Never mind what Linda?"
"Oh damn you Paul, I need a friend and a booty call. Its been three weeks for me, When was the last time you had it?"
"Its been long enough. I've hardly had any time for romance the last few months because my company went through a re-structuring."
"Oh, my Paul, a few months. Are you sure all the plumbing is still in working order.? Lets skip the coffee and go right into "The Temple Of Dendor." Here, read this story on my lap top and see if it gives you any ideas "Good grief Linda, their having sex in a crowded movie theater. Hardly the place you would expect to find a griefing widow. Well were here."
"Please don't chastice me Paul, I'm both griefing and horny at the same time. That's just the truth, and you know I'm a very honest person.
"Sure Linda, no ptoblem. Can I take your hand."
"Please do Paul. Lets walk deep inside the Temple. You know, legend has it, that if you make love in this Temple, you'll have good fortune. And you know where the only ones inside the Temple right now. So what do you say?"
"You mean, you want to make love here, right inside the Temple with all these people so close by. I think its just a tad bit dangerous. But how about a kiss, I think that's safe enough."
"Oh, you're still a great kisser Paul. It feels good to have your arms around me again. Let me just run my hand under your shirt."
"Okay, but no more than that Linda, we don't want to get swept up in the moment."
"Oh don't worry Paul. The Museum people expect couples to make love here, They now about the legend and they give couples a wide berth. In fact, I have a few friends that have said they made love here recently.
"No, please stop unbuttoning yout blouse Linda. someone could come."
:"Oh, we would hear them Paul, there's a good warning ehco here."
"Please but your bra back on Linda, Your breasts are as beautiful as ever, but someone could come."
"Touch them Paul. Please touch my btreasts.
"Okay Linda, I'm touching them and they feel wonderful, but this just isn't the place."
"Hold me, just hold me Paul."
"Allright Linda, I'm holding you and it feels wonderful, but, "
"No buts Paul, no more buts, I'm unbuckling your belt now. Take me, take me now Paul."
"This is mad, but allright, okay. I want you. I do want you. Oh, damn, you feel so good."
"Oh, yes Paul, give it to me. give it all to me. Oh, thank you Paul, that was super.
"That was thrilling Linda, absouletly thrilling."
"So, the Sex al Fresco gives you a rush to then Paul."
"Yeah Linda, I never thought it would, but it does. For those few minutes, I was free from every worry at the office. I feel great. In fact, I feel good enough that I'm going to cancel my appointment with my therapist and do the town with you.
"Lets go home first to my back yard Paul."
"Oh, what a little devil you are Linda."

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