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Improve Sex By Being A Pussy Cat In Bed Without The Lube

Improve Sex By Being A Pussy Cat In Bed Without The Lube

There is tons of advice out there about sex, and whether it suggests being a pussy cat or a tiger in bed, the bottom line is that every couple is different, and while some enjoy using a personal lube, there are many that do not. While a lot of advice suggests ways to use the stuff, here are some things you can do to rile things up while youre in the sack without any lube. First of all, instead of stripping down to your birthday suit right away in anticipation of sex, keep your panties on. This brings on a sense of your guy being teased. He is almost granted access to the promised land but not quite yet. It will tell him that hell have to earn his way of passage to there, and the erotic torture and taunting with a little bit of innocence will have him drooling. When he finally does earn his way there, it will be all the more satisfying for you both. It comes as no surprise that men love a good blow job. There are a ton of women out there who unfortunately think that they have to suck on the shaft forever until their lips go numb or their men explode, whichever comes first. This is so not true! Ladies, dont make it harder on yourself than it already is; slow down and tease him a bit with your tongue. Slowly wind your tongue around him like a corkscrew, and swirl your tongue around it until you reach the tip. Lick the tip a little bit, then slide your whole mouth down his shaft and back up with a sucking motion. The power of the slow, sensual touch is underestimated a lot and shouldnt be ignored during sexual play. While the effectiveness of slow touch is powerful, so too is the power of the pee muscles. Clenching your pubococcygeus muscle as he enters you and letting it go as he moves in will create an erotic tight pressure around his member that he will love. There is also a benefit in the deal for gals, too. The clenching motion creates an incredible tension in your G spot area and in your clitoris, which of course makes it easier to get to your climax. Not only that, but when you do reach orgasm, it will be more intense and explosive, too. Finally we come to the issue of tugging. Just as there are too many women that think they should just suck for a blow job, there are at least that many women who unintentionally ignore the fact that there is a lot more to a guys excitable area down there than just a penis. Look at the bigger picture, ladies, because hangin right behind it is his testicles, and softly massaging them increases the blood flow to his entire pelvic area. This of course rushes arousal to your man. There are tons of men who love when their girls stroke the area between his scrotum and his back door with their finger as well. Unleash the pussy cat in you, tease him a little, and try these great ideas to improve sex for you both, And there you have it. And we never needed any lube at all.
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