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Resort Mom

Resort Mom

By stoneypoint - Jul 3, 2009 - From longstories. Longer erotic stories - Views - 9362 Here we go again. This time, though, it is different. Youre there. She is there. Friends are there. All kinds of people are there. You know just about all of them. Carly, Nora, Sheila, and Teri is back. Teri became a friend later on along with the regular long time summer buddies Bobby, Tyler, and Rich- They are all there that night.
Oh then theres the Millers, the Coopers, the Floras, and the Harris family and a host of others. The list goes on and on. You know them well. You know them all well. Youve been friends with them all and their offspring for decades. It doesnt matter. In a matter of speaking, you love them all.
But thats only the beginning. You have history with these people. So many of them, so many stories, so many good times, and so many of them you know and think will be prosperous throughout their lives including the young ones who eventually will grow up and blossom into flourishing beautiful young women; somewhat like your sister is. You know them all. You know almost all there is to know about them. You know the troubles theyve survived and the good times they experienced, but you know of the tough or bad times some have even gone through.
And to top it off, once again, youre with your group of close knit buddies- The Magnificent Seven. Well it used to be called that, before Teri and her sister came along. It does not matter because for as long as youre alive you seven will always be known as that. But somehow Teri and you just so happen to share a special kinship, a special bond. You and Teri have hit it off, somehow. You have become friends, very good friends somehow. But oddly you start seeing her and recognizing her at the same college. You do not know how. You didnt know she went there. You see each other. It has been a few years since seeing her last. You stare at one another. You do not place her for you and she are out of your element, not at the good old resort, and finally, yes finally, you start to smile. You nod and eventually you wave because youve placed her. But she does not wave back. You try and wave again. Still she does not wave back. This troubles you.
One night, bored to tears, you start thinking about everything. And as you ponder life, including her, you lie on your bunk staring at the ceiling, thinking and thinking and yes, thinking some more. Youre thinking about your life and times. Youre thinking of friends, the good times, the tough ones, and a then your roommate walks in. He lies down. He sees you, thinking, and he asks you whats up, whats on your mind. You say nothing. But he knows better. He tells you that you have one of those deep, dwelling looks in your eyes. He is right. You know it. But he is always right. He can read you like a book. He can always see into your soul.
Then he says something. He tells you how he was thinking about his childhood. He tells you how he used to go to this camp and how he meets a girl, this older girl, and somehow she falls for him. Him, he says rhetorically. Your roommate, the geek, you think to yourself. An older girl falls for him You hear him laugh. Yes, he knows what youre thinking and like a gunslinger, he is quick to explain how.
He tells you she isnt a beauty herself. But this girl is so, so different. She has a fantastic mind and yes, a decent body, but she likes guys who like girls with a fantastic intellect. Somehow they meet. They end up talking and finding common ground. That wasnt so hard and before he knows it they have become fast friends and finally, yes finally very, very close.
So, you decide to ask more about this interesting girl he has become exceedingly close to. You relate it to the girl you know and see on campus all the time. You do not know her name and finally have placed her. You know you are disillusioning yourself with fanatical thoughts as if maybe she could be your girlfriend, so you finally breakdown and tell your buddy, your roommate about the girl.
He listens. He is very good at that. He listens closely. Then suddenly he begins to fill in parts. You do not understand. How does he know You turn over in a sudden jerk. It is so sudden and unexpected, he cant comprehend. But he does the exact same thing. He looks at you. You look at him.
And that the exact same time as you both stare at one another, you both say Teri
She is practically three years older then you two, but she isnt the ugly duckling, the geeky girl from yesteryear. No she is not; not any longer. She has made a transformation, a metamorphosis beyond description.
And you have to tell him. You have to tell him about her. You have to tell him what you have seen and now you know who she is. Now you know clearly who she is and why she hung around you way back when all those years as a kid. But nowyes now she is no longer a kid. Now shes almost ready to graduate. From that status as the ugly, nerdy girl to a gorgeous model-like young woman who you must reacquaint yourself with.
He says he has to come across her. He says he has to say hi to her again. You know what hes thinking. He wants to experience her again, but in the way they had experienced one another in years gone by. Lips on lips and hands on the other as you kiss and kiss so fervently you feel your flesh burning. Thats what he recalls, feels inside him. It almost allows him to feel it again. He has to say hi for his own peace of mind. For no other reason he wants to see her and hopefully, yes hopefully, shell feel the same. He is disillusioned and you know that, but maybe you are too. Either way you stir the pot, he has to say hi to his former girlfriend, and he doesnt tell you he has to finally make peace with her, but you already know he wants something, anything he can get from it.
But you know something is up. You push him and push him and you push him and finally he gives in. Hes easy and hes weak and with a little prodding hell tell you.
We were young. And we hit it off. We talked about things way beyond the scope of high school then college, and thereafter. We discussed all that philosophical crap and fur us it was awesome. I mean here I was, a sophomore, in high school, and there she was, a senior, and we connectedreally connected he tells you.
We were so in tune with one another that we could not believe it and with that our emotions went haywire leading her to not just kiss me but do things with her tongue inside my mouth that made me want stuff I wasnt sure I even understood as you know a sophomore in high school he added. We did it almost every other night. I became good friends with not only her, but her family, her two older brothers, and yeah, her younger sister too. And do you know her younger sister Well shes even prettier then her and get this. Shes more envious then you could imagine. She even wanted in on Teris action. Methe geeky strange me and she wanted to get some of that tongue action. God what a turn on, huh She and I went to the same high school but she did not exist when Teri and I had become an item so to speak, even if no one knew it. But get this. She was getting tongue action at the same time Teri was. That was the greatest time of my life. Im not lying either. I will tell youI was on the top of the world then. And some times I still feel like I am. When her younger sister comes around she still wants to neck with me for old times sake and what am I going to say No So Michelle and I find a spot and we still kiss like its the good old high school days.
I was dumbfounded. He does not know. But in a way, neither do I. It is her. It is the same person he didnt only kiss but French with too. I turned to face the ceiling. I know he wants to know. He wants to know how I know her, what I know about her. So I begin to tell him. I tell him everythingeverything I know and what happened to me.
Yeah, she was a geek and she always wore those glassesalways I begin, but she is like her mom and we bothall of uswell all us like her mother. And yeah, theres her sister. And shes even more like the mom with her uhhhh infectious smile and those eyes, god those sunny eyes and thatooooohh wee I tell him. Her bodywhooooaanow thats a body I also tell him. Ohhh man-
You dont have to tell me he says.
Without looking at each other, we laugh, heartily.
Okay I say. Then that will go without saying, huh We laugh again.
But as kids, way before any of us went on to high school, every year wed go up to this resort. Wed reserve spots, rent cabins, and wed make sure it was the same exact weekend as everyone else because we begged our mom to schedule it this wayon the same weekend as the Trumpeters. We laugh some more. She, Michelle, and I were friends maybe not as much as the others and I, but we were. And as friends, wed call one another but usually we wrote letters often even Michelle would get in on the act.
I proceed to tell my end of the story, proceed to tell it all, and now he is curious as hell. He shows more interest. And I tell him about the Magnificent Seven. We laugh about that. I tell him how she and Michelle couldnt be a part of it for a long time since they didnt start coming up until later on. Maybe it had to do with their parents. I dont know. I tell him about last summer- that special summer.
Both, as you know, are really tall, right I say. I look over, he nods and says yes. Cool. Well both of them always did somethingwell Teri did more then her sister, but as good friendssummer buddies shed come up, out of nowhere, and put her hands and arms around me. Shed do this thing where she started at my stomach, making an upward climb up towards my chest. Shed do this at night went it was late and I was hanging out, alone, thinking. I was all by myselfno one around. She would end up resting her hands on methis little girl well she wasnt little any more. Shes a grown woman in fact. Shed do it as though she was my lover kind of, but in her case it was only a sign of affection, of friendship. That was it. But last year she didnt come. You understand. Her sister Michelle was there and she does the same thing. So I thought it was her.
Thenwhowho was it he asks.
Heres how it goesno shit. I look over to make sure he knows I am telling the gods honest truth. He sees and believes. We were all partyingI mean really partying hard. You knowbeer and uhhhh smoking weed and we were talking and laughing and having a good old time. Michelle was there. Ooooohh, she looked fine I thought. I had changed. I had changed dramatically over the last two years. I stopped playing sports, but two things happened. I became bored and my body was getting soft, really soft. So I decided to pass the time doing what I know best or pretty good so I worked out. Not hard mind you, but you could see a significant change in me. You knowphysically I tell him.
Go on he says. He is listening intently.
She comes up. She does it unexpectedly. The one with the infectious smile and ohhhhhhh does she smell good. I mean really, really good I thought. I look at him and say, Wait, hold on. Let me go backlet me think about this becausewell its kind of fuzzy here. I was drunk. Oh thats it. I was high and a little too drunk and I felt queasy so I stood up and wobbled around, almost fell. Everyone saw me and laughed. I smiled and stumbled towards the woods. Once inside them and off the beaten track, I bent over. I looked around the area and it came. It came like a hurricane blasting beaches and towns and everything, except it never splattered on me oddly enough. I hurled and hurled and when it was over, I hurled some more.
He laughs at me.
I stood up knowing I needed water and probably a little food, but mainly water. I walked to the chest to get some water and remembered the mints in my pocket. I drank the water, downed some mints and went and threw up one more time. Then I was done. I stood and swallowed deep breaths of air and then some more breath mints; then a couple more.
Im quiet for a moment as I recall the rest.
I threw more mints in my mouth, put water on my face, and I breathed some more. I stood silently thinking and listening to the voices, the sounds, the laughter, and everything. It was a quiet mixture of partying and fun times.
I turn to my roommate, he turns towards me.
ThensuddenlyI feel themthe hands. Smooth, soft, tender hands, and their reaching, pulling at me gently. I couldnt see the face, but I didnt need to. I knew or thought I knew who it was. She wanted to be alone with me, I told myself. Cool I had my own little beach party going on here in the woods. But it wasnt who I thought it was. Here we were at the nightly beach party and I had behind me a maturing and sexy physique. And she and I were all alone man I tell him. God that feelingthat feeling of arousal. She aroused me like nothing had ever in my life. And let me tell youI have been turned on a lot of times, but never like this went on to tell him.
She was so freaking gentle. Her fingers were even delicate against me. They curled around my body, around me in such a waywell II cant explain. They crawled slowly. They found their way up over my stomach, my chest, and they settled there caressing my chest man. They lightly massaged my pectorals in thisohhh god this loveable and desirable manner. I stared at him, he looked at me.
And she smelled soooosoooo damn fine too. In my drunken state I wanted to do it right back to her. And still I did not know who she was. I had to have herhad to. I figured assuming it was Michelle as tall as she was shed let me do it too. But something was different. Everything felt a little different. The way she held me from behind just didnt feel like some ordinary girl our age. Those arms and those hands knew what the hell they were doing I thought.
And I go on to tell him the rest of the story. She spoke too softly as she breathed into my neck, my ear, and that in itself tantalized me, tantalized my libido. Have you ever seen their momI mean in a bathing suit or better yet, a bikini Have you I ask him. I look over and I see him shake his head no. God, you must see her in one. You would not believe how hot and sexy she is. When you go home try and check her out some time. I mean it. Do it. You have to. Some days you would never believe how fine the woman is in one. She doesnt look like some grown up, some mature woman with 4 kids. Not that woman, not that body Uh uhhhh, no way I tell him. Shes fit and as taut as her Teri and Michelle only better. And like those two, she has those wonderfully haunting eyes and that infectious smile that makes your loins swell and feel so robust and manly that you think you can get it on with almost any girl, any woman if she wants you.
I look at him. She wanted me. She was a little drunk too. But she wanted me all the same. Suddenly, her hands glided down my upper bodyall the way down, past my belt line, and I moaned, like a wimp. I moaned and easily gave in to it. I turned around, but I turned like a man. Yeah, okay I was drunk, but that was the only way I was getting what she wanted me to get.
And from there I told him she and I did it. We went further into the woods, deeper into a grassy knoll. I was pulling off her knit ribbed top. I was about to unlatch her bra, but stopped so I could enjoy the wonderful fruits of her labor. She nicely tuned breasts. Not humongous, but big enough. They were just as I had seen them earlier that day when she had on a bikini strutting her figure around the beaches. All the others are envious. Its obvious. Wholesome, round, and defiantly fit tits captured in one heartless bra after another and anything she put on is designed to tantalize someones desires including me. She smiled and she smiled and she continued to smile as I gazed at her and her boobs and her incredibly youthful looking sexy body.
She patiently waited as I adored her tits. She smiles the whole time as I let myself be mesmerized by them. There was nothing which in my opinion could be compared to hers. No, nothing at all and to add to her adorable twin peaks, she still had a noticeable set of hips plus one wild ass to die for. No shit.
As her eyes pierced me, she whispered You know now I want you dont you. And I see it in your face you want me too so are you going to forget about my two daughters and do the real thing honey Are we going to make love to one another tonight I do not care if you picture yourself making love to Teri or even Michelle because Im the one who has you now. Right here, right now honey and we will always have this forever. You will find you will want me almost anytime you desire. And we are both so lucky. We are both going to be soooo, soooo lucky she said also. Do you know why she asked, that delicious desirable smile appearing before me. Because some night, and she was still whispering in that seductive tone, out of the blue I am going to drive up and visit. I am going to come to see you and of course my daughter. You will come to my hotel room. You and I will make love. And it will be the most passionate love you will ever experience too.
We stared at each other. I was dumbfounded but excited as hell. Her voice was sweet. It was sultry and slightly raspy in that sexy sort of manner. My cock was now overheated. It felt stranger then ever. And she must have timed this right because her hand suddenly swooped down and rubbed its stiffness. Oh god, so many emotions, sensations coursed through me. She felt my pounding, thundering hardness and she was the one who murmured various sweet sounds. Her eyes had closed. When they did that was when she took off my t-shirt. She removed my bathing suit and she took off her shorts and we stood virtually naked.
And then she grabbed me. She kissed and tongued me feverishly. I went wild on her. I took her down. I put her down and I mounted her. I ran my hands through this womans hair as if she was my newest girlfriend and we were meant to be with each other for life. We kissed until we determined whether or not we were right for one another.
We were, I determined because it never stopped.
She pulled harder against her almost naked warm flesh. I could feel it. She pulled at me harder. We kissed more fervently. And shed pull at me and pull at me until we werent able to come any closer.
By this time, we were rolling across the small meadow. From me being on top to her being the one on top and we rolled over and over and over constantly as we kissed and kissed like two all knowing teenage kids. And then it started back the other way, our bodies, and lips never parting once. Incredible, amazing is all I can say.
Her boobs, those juicy, medium sized, but succulent treats felt so great against me. I wanted to start on them. I had to tell her too. But I couldnt stop kissing this woman. Her daughters, my friends, who are equally as gorgeous as her had never come into my thoughts. This woman, she had more experience then those two put together. Was I going to say no that I want to suck your boobs Hell no, I wasnt going to stop what we were doing.
My cock was throbbing painfully, but it was enchanting to her. My cock, the raging lunatic that it appeared to be, lay naked and pressed between our open bodies. And as we continued to kiss ardently and out of control, I could feel her wanting it more and more. I could feel her pushing her body against mine as she thrust hers closer to my raging hard cock.
For some reason I pulled up. I was smiling, breathing hard. She gave me that why would you stop kissing me look. It was in her eyes and I was ready with an answer. Because its time I said. That was all that was necessary to say. As if I was some kind of metaphysical sex genius was all that was needed to say so that was what I told her, but she grabbed my head and thrust it in to her boobs.
She made me kiss and do whatever I felt like doing. So I did it. I didnt have a choice. But I didnt care. I loved her matured tits and she loved that I was kissing and sucking and even licking them as passionately as we had been kissing. I sucked them relentlessly. And suddenly there were cries of sexual glory rising from her lungs, her lips. She was getting louder and louder.
And I said Shhhhhh Dont be so loud.
Why everyones probably going to know by the morning anyway.
What the hell did she mean by that Was she some kind of slut junky who needed sex from every guy in the county I had no idea. I looked at her, wondering what she meant.
They all or most know I came here to talk to you about my daughters she admitted. I asked what about her daughters. Later, she told meLets go to my cabin. You head that way. Ill head this way. Ill meet you there in two minutes.
I ran. She walked briskly. I was naked. She was partly naked. Her cabin was all the way at the other end of the camp, on the beach. We could make love in it. Then we could talk about her daughters. Nothing slowed her down. She was on me instantaneously. She wanted sex and she wanted it terribly but she wanted it with me and only me.
We started in again, passionately like before. Hands wildly tussling with each others wavy locks; we both had wavy hairhers of course was long and sexy, mind shorter, but we kissed as ardently, as feverishly as we had back in that grassy knoll. I couldnt believe myself. I couldnt believe she wanted me this much.
Here I was in her bed, hers and her husbands bed, and having great sex or about to. Is there anything better in life Maybe, maybe not I thought later on. Who knows, but here she was, here I was and out almost naked bodies were crawling and curling and dancing all over each other. It was amazing.
My cock, it finally disappeared. It found The Land of Euphoria. Yes, The Land of Euphoria her vast wasteland of glorious swelling and hot inner desires designed to finish me and my young desires off but in ways I had never experienced before. If you havent been done by this woman then you dont know real sex I always believed. She and I, I thought, were like peas and carrots, she told me.
And as my cock circulated inside her, as we lay pretty much motionless feeling one anothers prestigious packages, she asked me something. Have you ever thought or have you ever licked in between the cheeks of a woman honey She smiled. She winked so subtly it was frightening. But I fell for it. I said no. Do I for me she said. Do it now. Kiss my ass, my cheeks, and then lick inside and in between my sexy and lovely ass cheeks sweetheart. Its a thrill.
My body was buzzing all over, everywhere. My heart which was already throbbing went into overdrive. Kiss her ass Kiss her butt Kiss betweenno lick between her ass cheeks Is that what she told me to do Yes she did and she rolled over. God, the contours and the curvature of her figure. Man, how the small of her back splays as it hits her ass shapely fit matured ass. It was amazing. There was nothing holding me back. MY throbbing cock would have to wait while I kissed and I kissed and I went on to kiss her ass more and more, but she loved every second of it. She did. Then I carefully split them. I looked between them. This for some odd reason somehow did not seem odd. I went in. And I started licking and licking the insides of her ass cheeks.
Fucking A, talk about erogenous and erotic action. I was ready to cum on the woman and I was ready to cum on my friends mother right then and there. I did not care where. I wanted to be with her. I wanted to be on her, in her, and anywhere I could be if there was something we could do one on one, I wanted to do that with.
And oddly, she felt the same.
Make love to me now she finally said quietly. I am ready, but we are not done, yet.
Again I went inside her. My stiff throbbing cock, deep inside her, deep inside her amazing wonderful and oddly shaved pussy was like nothing else in this world. I watched her sprite tits dance and hop as if doing the jig. They were fun to watch. Their nipples were hard. She occasionally lean over and rub them against my lips as my cock needled its way around the warm wet soul of her cunt.
Her face must have made a million different expressive reactions. That only made me hornier. Shed smile. Shed wince painfully. Shed make exhausting cries for more, then less, but then more of me and my soulful cock. Shed thank me as I fertilized her pussy. But oddly I thanked her too and wed look into each others eyes and smile. Out bodies shook as if in some form of an earthquake; the two of us making love was special to me and it was even more special to her.
I did her proud she had said. I did her really, really proud she kept telling me as she lathered my ego up while still holding me close. I had brought her to orgasm twice. Strike on for the old college try she joked. We laid there, her fingernails delicately scrolling across my stomach then my chest. I loved that. Do that some more. Suck my pectorals I wanted to say, but lying intimately after having sex with her felt too great.
She was turned sideways and her sumptuous breasts dangled and held their own against me as she looked towards me. I love that smile. It makes me want to have sex with her over and over and over and all the time. Every time I see her I want something intimate, something personal, and something away from all others involving our clothes off.
I told her that too. She kissed my lips and giggled, like a girl. She told to come by and do it with her anytime I please. I guaranteed it I told her. She knew I meant it. We snuggled closer. Her fingernails strolled down closer to my dick. They walked along it. They trailed across my soft limp shaft. She told me she loves my limpness especially. I didnt know why. She told me she thinks about it and often. She said if she could have it her way, she drag me out to the large lake there at that resort and do me in the lake at night. I liked that. She made me a little horny by saying that.
She tells me she loves giving blow jobs. She loves swallowing cum or used to love doing it. But she said she has not done that in years and she said she meant a long, long time. It has been a decade for her. I offered to donate to the cause and she giggled like her daughters again. She turns me on. That smile and those eyes and her contagious persona all made me want her right away.
But she and I were spent. Give us two hours and wed be ready to make love again, but it would be almost 4 in the morning. It was time to get out of there.
Unusual cries of lust and fulfillment like that are going to carry everywhere you turn. It will echo in this country. People will know. People will talk. I dont care she says. Lets have wondrous fucking sex with one another. And do not, I repeat, do not lose touch with meplease she begged.
I would not and I did not. And she came to see her daughter here at college. Then I came for her, in her mouth, and she swallowed every last drop every time I came for her.
Wow, she really does like swallowing cum. She really likes giving blow jobs. And wow, she is good at itno incredibly good at it. What an awesome woman she is. She loves me too.

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