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San Salvador City Article

Sharing My Wife - A True Story

Sharing My Wife - A True Story

By Peter - Aug 15, 2006 - From group-sex- stories. Group sex stories - Views - 86170 I do not know exactly when, I changed. I used to be the Very, Very Jealous kind of bloke, heaven help anyone who looked at my wife, let alone dare ask her to dance!
But somehow suddenly I changed. I remember when, where we once living, the people next door- who had two children, one hot summers afternoon, our kids and theirs were having a ‘ water fight’, and my wife then joined in, as did the husband next door. It was not long before my wife’s top was soaked, and boy oh boy- talk about wet tee shirt…you could see right through this top now- and, of course it had to be the day that my wife was wearing a virtual see through bra, as well
Let me say- one of my wife’s best features is her boobs- big without being overly so… and of course with the wet water- her nipples were well erect. The guy next door’s eyes were popping out… I could see his expression change, the lust in his face was easy to see.
My wife though had not seen this, when I told her she thought it was a joke. But when I said, I was sure from his expression that he suddenly fancied her, and then to her shock- I said it would be great if she could encourage him- and somehow bring him in- so I could see him, actually fuck her.!!! She queried this, and when I said- no that that is what I would love to see- she got quite keen on this too.Months went by- until then, he came and asked if my wife would mind baby sitting their two kids- later that evening- they were going to a wedding, and after the reception was going to go on quite late, so they were going to bring back the kids at 5pm, and then return to the reception.
My wife of course said that she would not mind doing so. And of course, they came back, both he and his wife, and my wife duly went over to their house to baby-sit, and they both went off.I was sitting in our lounge, reading a Wilbur Smith book, when at about 9pm I heard a car pulling up outside the next doors house. I got up walked to the window, and sure enough it was the guy next door, all by himself. I heard him go in, and I moved to the back of our dining room/lounge window, and listening, I could hear talking between him and my wife, and some laughter too.
Now at this stage, I must tell you that when my wife, is kissed passionately, by her neck and ears, and she was getting ‘ turned on’ so to speak, she always gave out a distinctive ‘ giggle’.Well it was not long, till I heard this ‘ giggle’, and I knew what was up. I crept outside, and peered through the brush fence, and could make out him and my wife, standing, and sure enough he was kissing her neck. I heard him suggest, that they go up stairs to the bedroom, and he was slowly leading her by the hand- towards the steps, but my wife stopped and said no…how could she- his wife was a friend of hers, at which point he said- he would not say anything, if my wife did not say anything…and his wife would never have to know. My wife said, she was not too keen to go upstairs to the bedroom, in case the kids should wake- and discover them.
At this point- he slowly walked her over to the end of their lounge/diner- and then I heard the door- that led from this to the kitchen- and then to the bathroom, close. BUT, damn oh Damn- I could not see what was happening. But I heard the distinct sound of a trouser zip going down, and then heard my wife’s soft moans, and his saying- “ that’s it- raise yourself up some- till I can slip it in….ooooh there…damn yes- Cheryl, that’s it “ and then there was silence- followed by some soft’ oohing’ till finally I heard him say” Oh- damn- that was great”, then a few seconds later- he opened the door- leading to the Kitchen- and I could see him walk past- thought to his bathroom area. I walked back to our lounge- I was in one hell of a state- my prick was so hard- and wet!!!I then heard him go out- into his car- and away he went. He and his wife returned at about1am.
After a little while, my wife came in, and went straight to our bathroom. I followed her in, she was on the loo. As I went in, I said- “ Well, anything sexy happen? “ At first, my wife said “ No “, but when I said, what I had heard, she then confessed, that he had pushed up against the door- undone her blouse, and was kissing her boobs, and then went down, and pulled down her knickers, unzipped his trousers, dropped his underpants, and she could feel his hard wet prick, pushing itself into her …that’s when he asked her to raise up a bit- and he then slid his prick deep into her- and fucked her up against the door.Well as you can imagine hearing this got me going again- I pulled my wife up from the loo- where she was sitting having a wee, laid her down on the bathroom floor- and we had the most amazing fuck.!Although I had hoped that- there would follow up further such happenenings- and I was always asking my wife to see if she could- if it happened- bring him in as I so wanted to see her being fucked- it never did happen.We then moved, I lost my job, and my wife went to work- so there was a reversal of roles.She worked as a receptionist. After a while, one day when she came home- she said how one of the reps that called on the business where she worked- was always’ flirting’ with her at the reception desk. I immediately told her to’ encourage this’ , which she did.
One evening on coming home she said that he had asked her if she would meet him at a Motel for an evening meal- which she had said YES. And was meeting him at the Motel and 7 pm. I made sure she had on her most sexy underwear, in case he took a room, wanted his eyes to bulge when he saw her! She went off, and finally returned at about 11pm.!! I said “ WELL????”, and she said that they had had a meal- then he took her to his Caravan, on a Caravan Site. There he was all over her- undressing her, com completely naked, he was feeling her and kissing her- he then got naked, and asked her to wank’ him off- which she did, but thereafter- he was unable to get his prick hard enough again to penetrate her!!!!
Well these type of incidents carried on, for some while- often, if she had a day off, and I was out- on my return she would say that he had called- and again had got her to ‘wank’ him off- but he did manage to get it into her afterwards- saying she was nice and warm- but then his prick went down- and he could not continue.
Well things went on then one day when she had a day off she said he was coming round I said I would go out for a walk down to the park for a couple of hours by which time they should have’ finished’! She said she wanted to go and get a few cokes in so took the car- I locked up, off she went- BUT, I went back into the house. I quickly went about arranging the mirrors in the lounge and hall way- so that, by my peeping over the banister from our bedroom- I could see what ever went on, on the couch in the lounge. I then settled down.Not long after, my wife came back. She had only been back a few minutes when I hear a car pull up. I heard her go to the door- and greeting exchanged- I heard the door close- and then there was a prolonged silence….I can only presume that they were kissing. After a while, I heard talking and then- heard them come up the passage and heard them go into the lounge. There was more silence, and then the distinct sound of a trouser zip going down, I peeped over the banister- BUT damn- he must have been on one of the Armchairs- as they were not in sight.I heard my wife’s giggle’ noise again- and then ruffling of clothes- and then heard him saying “ Oh, Yes….Oh good Girl…..yeah”, this went on for a while- then heard him let out a louder gasp- and knew that he had obviously ‘cum’.
I then heard my wife- say “ Come on now, now its my turn “ then as I was peering over the banister- I suddenly saw her lead him- to the couch- he was com completely naked- and she lay him on the couch- I could already see that his prick was already ‘ floppy’- but none the less, my wife then sat on top of him, and he immediately started to feel and suck her boobs, and I could then see my wife’s hands as she got hold of his prick, and started to move it up her ‘ crack’ trying ever so hard- to get it hard again- but after a few minutes she realised this was futile- and got off- he apologised- and then they were out of sight. BUT as you can imagine- I was in one hell of a mess myself- seeing this going on with my own eyes- my prick was hard as a rock, and wet as hell. After hearing her good bye to him, she trundled up stairs- walked into the bedroom- and nearly fell over with shock, at seeing me lying on the bed- naked as a jaybird- with a massive hard on!When I told her- that I had seen it all- she did not believe me- till peering over for herself and seeing the couch, she then came back and we made passionate love- but she said that he was obviously not worth it- as all he wanted was for her to ‘wank’ him off- but he would never fuck her. I said perhaps by doing that- he could reason to himself- that he was not being unfair to his wife- as he was not ‘fucking’ anyone else. So they stopped seeing each other- and we subsequently moved again!This time, the house next door was vacant. But after a month or two- a family of Portuguese moved in. We all became good friends. After a year or two- the woman next door’s father came over from Portugal- to stay, and work here- and lived with them. My wife was at this stage helping to teach their son English- and also helped out taking him to school. She also often took her father shopping at the local Tosco- some 6 miles away, in the evenings.
It was on coming back from one of these shopping trips, that as she was driving him home- he had laid his and- as if by accident- up against her thigh, and when she did not move or complain- started to slowly rub her thigh! She, being the good girl she is- Immediately- left her left had leave the steering wheel, and pushed up his right leg- getting quite a shock to come across his rigid member, halfway up from his knee ( still within his trousers ) but the shock of finding it that LONG!! He Immediately gave out a groan as she touched it. They continued on home, and she told me the gory details- and as usual we then made love.Things went on- until one day- when the father was alone at the home- the family having gone to Peterborough for the wee-end, when he phoned her, and asked if she could come over.I said “ THIS IS IT”- my wife just laughed and said “ We’ll see “ and off she went. Well she was gone for about 45 mins- I was sitting in the lounge, when she came back in- she walked up the corridor- looked in at me- I said “ WELL???” she just shook her head and walked on into the study. When she came out, and came and stopped in the doorway to the lounge as I said “ What- gone 45 mins..and nothing happened?” She walked slowly over to me- bent down and whispered in my ear “ He Fucked me”, and stood up. I jumped up “ Seriously “ I asked- she smiled and nodded- “ lets go up to bed” I said and we both scurried upstairs.I quickly got naked- my prick already hard as a rock, my wife, took her trainers off, unzipped her jeans and pulled these down, and then pulled her black knickers down…as she did so…my heart leapt…for there on the knickers- was a large dollop of ‘cum’- she lay back across- the bed. I asked-“ go on then- tell what happened” and she said- well I got in- we stood in the corridor for a while- then he looked at me- and inclined his head up the stairs and said “ YES?” and I said “YES”, he took me by the hand and led me up the stairs. Getting to the top, he led me into his bedroom in which there was a double bed, then kneeling down- unlaced my trainers- took them off- unzipped my jeans- pulled these down- I stepped out of them- he then gently pulled my knickers down- and as I stepped out of them said “ aaahhh nice “ as he looked at my fanny, then lay be down across the bed, as he unzipped his trousers, took off his underpants- to reveal- a very LONG, hard, but thin prick, which was wet as hell. He then pulled my legs apart, and slowly eased his prick into my cunt- and then fucked me.”
When he had cum, he thanked me- saying how good it was- then went to the bathroom to wash himself- whilst I dressed- then we walked down the stairs- I left and here I am”. I pulled her legs apart- and looked into her cunt- and the vaginal hole was still open from where, his prick had been- and in it was still a lot of cum- I used my fingers- and brought her to a climax- then I got between her legs, and fucked her too- one hell of a fuck!
From then on for the next 6 months- every time the4 family went away for the week-end- he would phone Saturday and Sunday- and my wife would go over the same thing would happen all over again. BUT not only that- he then asked if she would pick him up from work in the evenings- he would pay her petrol for this- and on the way home every evening- they would stop for a fuck- sometimes down secluded roads- other times in the bushes- wherever they could find a concealed parking place and have a fuck in the car. On other occasions when he had a car- he would if he saw her in our car- flash at her- which was the signal On each occasion- as\she got home- she would just nod at me- head upstairs- and we would have the most amazing fuck again. Unfortunately- he has now returned to Portugal- and we have returned from what was nearly a fuck a day- to a sedate perhaps a fuck every week or 2 weeks!
Damn- I miss those hectic days, and I think my wife does too- as she got real excited- when he texted her to say he was coming back- asking if she would meet him at the airport- but then sadly, it all fell through. He still text’s her- just to say hello or goodnight- and she gets quite excited even at this- he has phoned a few times too- asking if she will come to Portugal for a holiday….yeah can image what a holiday that would be- I would not mind- If I could be there- to benefit from the fucking’ too!! But, as said- do not want her to go- and have to wait for her to come back- as I enjoy the ‘ riding’ after he has been there!!!!
SO- question is- are there any readers- who would like to fuck my wife?
Perhaps we could arrange things- saying were a pal of mine- when in the house- if he and my wife seem to ‘hit it off’ I could always go to the loo- and he could ask her if she would like to come out- and take it from there…BUT the main thing is, that I want to set it up- so that somehow- he could come to the house- where I, again- unknown to the wife, could be hiding, and be able to watch, asthey fuck each other!! So come on must be someone!!! Because I sure do miss those’ fuck a day sessions!!!!!!

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