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Why are some porn sites free and some need subscriptions?

Why are some porn sites free and some need subscriptions?

Ever wonder why when looking for porn online there is some sites that have a bunch of videos all for free and then there are the sites that need subscriptions? Well you may think, well one of these webmasters is dumb and the other knows what hes doing.Well I am here to inform you that, that could not be further from the truth.These webmasters both know what they are doing, they are just using different business strategies.Ones using a membership strategy, and the other is using a commission strategy.You see they both realize that they can make money off porn.We have to understand that as time moves on, everything evolves and people start to become smarter and more innovative.The default strategy for porn sites is usually having a subscription you pay for monthly to see the content on the site.Entrepreneurs are known for innovation and founders of new ideas.The commission strategy is a new way to approach having a porn website. A membership strategy is the ideal strategy for a porn site or most sites.It consists of a service you provide and in turn get paid monthly to allow access.This is the usual strategy carried out in the internet porn industry. What the company or entrepreneur does, is produce porn videos or makes a deal with a porn production company and posts all the content on their site. They might use a niche like, Asian, ebony, or milf and have content of that type only.People find there site and if they like the content, subscribes for access to the site.This is an effective but expensive strategy in a world of growing competition. For example Vivid Entertainment makes sex tapes and takes after a membership strategy.They are known best for Kendra Wilkinsons sex tape. ."Kendra Wilkinson exposed". A commission strategy is a newer and cheaper strategy that entrepreneurs' are starting to implement much more often.You see with a free porn site all you really have to do is pay for the domain name and hosting services.These webmasters allow people to upload there own porn videos like a sharing service.They can also been hackers that know how to download databases of porn and do not need to spend a dime on their content.Put a couple of highly converting ads on your site and offer cheap services like live webcam to add to the free videos. In turn these guys are making much more than a membership strategy can because to support a domain and host service, it can be as cheap as $50 a month.Using the example that I used earlier for Vivid Entertainment, they could have also made a site, and started a marketing campaign to watch Kendra Wilkinson's sextape.On the site they could have put affiliate ads and also made some money.What I mean is that both strategies have their ups and downs, here the membership strategy is better because people are going to want to see Kendra Wilkinson, not someone else. In conclusion both strategies are known to be successful. Commission strategies can be cheap but you may only attract site viewers to your free content. Membership strategies are paid to have their content viewed, but now days your content has to be superb since there is a bunch of free sites to look at.They can also be expensive.Both strategies are worth trying and known successes, Good Luck!
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