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Petes Pleasure

Petes Pleasure

By Shirley - Mar 28, 2009 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 54355 Peter, my brother, and his wife Tina had invited me for the weekend, I drove over late Friday afternoon. Once I had settled in we went for a meal at a local pub, then Pete stopped off at a local Private Shop and hired a couple of DVDs and we carried on home afterwards.
Back at the house we showered first, then changed, Tina and me into a shift with nothing underneath and Pete into a dressing gown. Then back downstairs where Pete poured a large drink each and we sat down to enjoy the DVDs. Obviously they were porn, which is what I had anticipated when I was invited. The first one was of one woman with two men, they did all the usual things, shown in great detail. Before it had been on very long I noticed Pete gently caressing his cock followed soon after by Tina putting her hand up her shift and playing with her clit. I was getting aroused too, so I followed suit.
Long before the DVD finished, Tina was panting and saying to Pete, 'Come on, Pete, I need your cock up me!' Pete didn't need a second invitation and pulled her down on the towels she had thoughtfully provided to protect the carpet. As Tina spread her legs Pete knelt between them and began kissing and tonguing her clit, 'Oh, yes! Come on darling I'm nearly cumming!' Pete kept at it until she came noisily, then he lifted up and, covering her, pushed his cock in her. In doing so he had revealed her cunt, she was wide open and oozing juice, I knew what she tasted like and longed to suck at her sopping cleft. Pete started off fucking hard, urged on by Tina until he had to slow down, then he settled to a rhythmic thrusting.
He lasted a good fifteen minutes before gasping, 'I'm cumming, sweetheart!' One hard thrust, a withdrawal and he was shooting his spunk deep inside her cunt as she shuddered into another orgasm. After they'd recovered Tina said, 'It's Shirley's turn now, darling. I know she's your sister, but I also know that it wouldn't be the first time!' A Pete rolled off I knelt over him and sucked his limp cock into my mouth remembering what we'd been like when we were kids.
I was 20 at the time and one Saturday when, for some reason our parents had gone off somewhere for the day, Pete came into my room. He said, 'Look at this, Sis!', and dropped his pyjama trousers to reveal that he had an erection. He's only fourteen months younger than me and we were very close. I wasn't a virgin and I said, 'That looks nice Pete.' He replied, 'Have a feel and could you show me your fanny?' I wrapped my fingers round the shaft of his cock and said, 'Why not?' I took the hem of my nightie in two hands and whipped it off over my head. Pete stared but I said, 'You won't see much unless I get on the bed and open my legs.' 'Go on then, ' he panted.
I let him feel me while I wanked his cock, I felt excited although he was only a young boy and I'd already had a man's cock up me. 'Come on then, ' I said, 'you can put it in if you like!' He could hardly wait and, as I showed him how to do it, pushed it in. I told him to fuck, he was very uncertain at first but soon got the hang of it and peformed quite well. As soon as I had felt him quickening and his breath shortening I bucked him off and he shot spunk all over me! He was so proud and I had enjoyed it, so we did it a couple more times that day. We fucked frequently after that and this is what Tina knew. She was the same age as me and we had grown up together, we had both been extremely curious about sex and developed early too. It was a recipe for experimentation and because of that we both got fucked by a man we knew, no doubt these days he would be called a paedophile, but we liked what he did and went back for more.
I sucked hard on his cock and used my tongue as well and it wasn't long before Pete got hard again, then he laughed and said, 'Just like old times, isn't it?' He mounted me and I felt the knob of his cock nudging between the lips of my fanny, I put my hand down and adjusted the position so that he was able to push up inside me. He fucked me for a long time before filling me with his lovely spunk. I held him tight for a minute or two, then kissed him and let him roll off. Despite the DVD still running he dozed off straightaway.
Tina came and cuddled up to me, 'Remember when we used to play cunt with each other?' I laughed, 'Yeah it was great, so exciting, specially after we'd been fucked!' She wriggled down the bed and I immediately felt her soft lips on my cunt. She soon had me open again and began sucking all the cunt juice and spunk out of me as well as teasing my clit. It must have taken all of thirty seconds for me to cum! Afterwards I returned the pleasure and greedily sucked my brother's spunk out of her, as well as her juice of course. We played around with each other for a long time, cumming and cumming, before Pete fucked us both again.
That set the pattern for the weekend, which I thoroughly enjoyed as I was without a partner at that time and had been yearning for a good fucking for some time. I went home on the Sunday night well satisfied and well intent on finding a source of regular sex.

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